Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajeshwari agrees with Rani’s plan

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Scene 1
Champa throws Rani’s bag in her feet. Rani says what are you doing? Rajeshwari says take your trash from here. You can’t be our servant because we have a lot of them and Veer is going to marry Kiara so you have no right as his wife. Rani says I.. Rajeshwari says can’t say anything? You should be happy I am letting you go without taking revenge for my insult. Or I won’t forgive you even if you beg all your life. Rani says please give me one chance to explain. Rajeshwari sa people like you know how to exploit. I am glad Veer decided to leave you. Get out before I get you kicked out. No one will come to save you this time. Champa drags Rani out and shoves her.

Veer comes and says stop. Rai won’t go anywhere. Veer holds Rani’s hand and takes her inside. Veer says my relationship with Rani will never be over. Rajeshwari says so you aren’t marrying Kiara? Veer says no. What you saw and understood was a lie. Rani is my wife and no one can change that truth. Rajeshwari says what’s the reason for that drama then? Veer tells Rajeshwari everything. He says we did it all for Kiara and Vikram. They married at the temple. Rajeshwari says what.. She sits down. Rajeshwari says Vikram hid it from us? Rani says he couldn’t tell anyone. Circumstances were such that he stayed silent. They don’t accept this marriage. We will make them realize that they want to accept this marriage. Everything will be okay. Rajeshwarisays how? Rani says after they start going away from each other. Rajeshwari says I have to talk to Kiara.

Scene 2
Vikram comes to Kiara. She says are you still under hangover? You almost lost my engagement ring. he says sorry. He says what’s this? She says wedding shopping list. Will you come with me? It’s okay I will go with Veer. Where is he? Vikram says Rani.. Kiara says why is Rani with her? She knows we are getting married. Vikram says why do you get angry all the time? Kiara says I know Rani wants to take Veer from me. Vikram says you’re overreacting. Kiara says you can’t understand how it feels when you love someone and they don’t love you back.

Rajeshwari comes in. Vikram hugs her. He says I missed you a lot. Kiara says I missed you a lot. Now you’re here, everything would be the way it used to be. Rajeshwari says that I need to know the present I need to talk to Kiara. Vikram leaves. Kiara says how is everyone? Veer brought me to Goa. Rajeshwari says what’s the next plan? Kiara says Veer and I will get engaged. I won’t let Rani ruin our special day. Rajeshwari says weren’t you worried when I went to jail? Kiara says jail? Rajeshwari says you lost the memory and I am forgetting. Kiara says yeah I don’t remember anything. Kiara says you and jail? Rajeshwari says very bad. Your acting. I caught you in a moment. Kiara says no.. Rajeshwari says don’t think that I am an idiot. I know you are acting. Do you want to marry Veer? Kiara says yes. Rajeshwari says what about your wedding with Vikram? Do you accept it? Kiara is shocked. Kiara says no. It was a mistake. That wedding means nothing to me.

Scene 3
Rani says I am really worried. Why is Rani sa not out yet? Veer says Rani sa will never be a part of this drama. I am glad this will end. Rajeshwari comes out. Veer says did you speak to her? What did she say? Rajeshwari says I am with Rani in this drama of wedding. Veer says what? It can ruin many things. Rajeshwarisays we have to take a chance to bring them closer. Rani says thank you. Nothing will go wrong. They will accept their relationship.

Kiara says Rani sa got to know. I hope she doesn’t tell anyone that I am acting. Rani says to Veer Rani sa agreed to me. My plan is so good. Rani says for a few more days do this drama. Veer says this is wrong. It isn’t giving me good feelings. My heart is sinking. Rani says you’re a heart surgeon. Get a medicine. Go and spend time with Kiara so Vikram gets jealous. We have to provoke him. Rani says Kiara ji.. Veer had been waiting for you. Go spend time with him. You’re getting married to him. Kiara is shocked. She goes to Veer. Rani gives him a thumbs up. Veer says I feel like someone is taking my ehart away.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajeshwari says Rani you started this game but I will take it to the end. Biru says to Rani I have to talk to you about your MIL. ani says she is with me. Rajeshwari breaks a glass and says Rani’s life will shatter like this glass in the next 48 hours.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ooo interesting episode πŸ€”πŸ€” but Rani sa again being Rani sa πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Seems like both will realise their feelings soon too

    1. Hahahaha indirectly Rani and Veer are realising their feeling for each other too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  2. Tbh this time i feel that rani is acting extremely stupid and annoying in not listening to veer….. Means she is herself asking veer to spend some time with kiara… Means isn’t it just stupidπŸ˜‚…. Just hope that this track would finally make veer realise his love for rani…. And just hope that makers don’t ruin the show by demeaning rani more…

  3. Noor e zainab

    Once marriage is done then this relationship means alot how makers r showing that no value of marriage kaira she is a girl belong to rich family but no value of relation ranisa helping kaira too much .

  4. I am going to go on a rant here, I’ve been watching this show silently but now I feel like I have to say something. I have been watching this show from the beginning, it’s different from other shows, it has a good plot and great actors who portray their characters well. But now I don’t understand where the show is going, why would they make Rani act like this, what Veer said made sense, he is right Kiara isn’t good for his brother, Vikram deserves better than Kiara, (unless writers cause Kiara to change her ways through some serious character development). Also why change the actress for Rani sa? this new actress came with a whole new vibe from the previous Rani sa. She just reset everything. Now it’s back to the old rani sa who hates Rani, while before when she was in jail, she seemed to be changing for the better, caring about everyone in her family and seeing that she was wrong and owning up to it,. I was looking forward to seeing her change but now this new Rani sa just isn’t cutting it for me she approves of what Jai Singh did? ha! smh. I’m not sure if my opinion of her would change later though.

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