Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhimbai says has any Aayi ever left their kids till date that she will do it today. She breathes her last. Ram ji is stunned into silence for a second. He calls out to her. Kids shout Aayi but Bhimbai is no more. Meera closes her eyes. Everyone breaks down. Sakpal family is distraught. Bhima tries to wake up Bhimbai but in vain. Mangesh witnesses it and runs to inform Dhansukhlal. They go to give the news to Maharaj with Pundit ji. Maharaj laughs at the incident. A family breaks apart when a mother of young kid dies. We must use this opportunity to good use. This is a gift from God! They wont be able to stand back ever again!

Villagers and Puranjan reach as well. Puranjan tells Bhima to be strong. Who will handle the family if you will fall weak? Everyone has to go one day. Bhima denies. You don’t know her well. She pretends to sleep when she gets upset with me. He tells his Aayi that he has given up. You can open your eyes now. He cries. Meera tells him to understand. She has left us and wont come back ever. He says everyone is lying. Our Aayi cannot leave us.

Guru ji reaches there. Ram ji tells Puranjan to make preps for last rites. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh come there with their allies. Dhansukhlal expresses his fake condolences to Ram ji. You may be dying because of your own mistakes but we do have humanity. We came to give our condolences. Ram ji says we don’t need it. We know your true intentions. Dhansukhlal says wearing this unfirom wont change anything. You have been punished by God yet you wont stop your drama. Mangesh tells him to let it be. Let’s leave. Ram ji tells Puranjan to make preps for the last rites. Puranjan nods.

Next morning, a few ladies, Meera and Ganga dress up Bhimbai as a married woman. They tie her body with ropes to the bier. Puranjan asks Ram ji, Anand and Bala to lift the bier. Bhima refuses to let Bhimbai go anywhere. It is ok if she wont say anything. She can atleast stay here this way. Guru ji reasons that ever test has a result. This is the result of your aayi test. We will also get this result eventually as this is the hard truth of life. Meera requests Bhima to let his Aayi go in peace. A villager adds that Bhimbai will undertake the last journey (as a soul) sadly if he will continue crying this way. Ram ji sits next to Bhima. Your Aayi is free from this world now. She is going to start another journey. We cannot be an obstacle in someone’s journey. Don’t stop her. Bhima asks him what if he feels like seeing his Aayi. Ram ji advises him to look inside himself. She will be there. You will be able to see her and she will be with you all the time. She hasn’t died. She has become a martyr. Bhima lets go of his Baba’s hand in shock.

Ram ji tells Puranjan it’s time to do her last rites. They begin to go but villagers refuse to let them burn Bhimbai’s dead body in their village. Puranjan says you say as if no woman from our community has been buried in this village till date. Mangesh insists that they wont let anyone do the last rites of Bhimbai in this village. Bhimbai is the wife of Ram ji and Bhima’s mother. She has always supported them in standing against us. We wont let it happen here! Villagers from lower community take it as a challenge and so do the upper community ones. A duel is about to ensue but Guru ji interrupts them. Ram ji we don’t want to get into a fight today. Come along and tell a place where I can perform my wife’s last rites if that’s what you want. If you are unable to understand where your town ends then you can walk with us for your entire life. I will carry my wife’s dead body till eternity. Maharaj tells him to calm down. He next tells Dhansukhlal to send them outside the town. Don’t bother someone so much. Pundit ji says this place is not good for you. Maharaj says someone has died here. He turns to Ram ji. I will do a shanti puja for her soul’s peace. Bhima refuses his offer. She was distressed when she was alive and that was because of you only. We don’t want your prayers. He holds his Baba’s hand and they head out of town. Dhansukhlal tells them to do it outside town.

Bhima kisses his mother’s forehead as they put the bier on the logs.


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