Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh they have waited long enough. We must go home now. The game is up! Dhruv calls him Seth ji. Look behind you. People from our community are coming. Everyone smiles except Dhansukhlal and Mangesh as few villagers come there. Mangesh calls them traitors.

Villagers tell Bhima they support him and think of him as their leader. It would have been wrong if we hadn’t come here. Bhims asks about the kids but they tell him that they cannot send their kids to study. Bhima asks for reason. Ram ji explains that they are in heavy debt. Their generations spend their lives paying off their debts and interests. It is a never struggle for them! Dhansukhlal says he knows the reality well. He understood the real factor in no time. Mangesh says the decision is in our favour now. We should rest. These people wont be able to pay the interests ever. How will they send their kids to school? It will happen only when they will come to school. Dhansukhlal asks everyone to leave. This isn’t a theatre. Dramas don’t happen in school. They leave.

Bhima, Anand and Dhruv head back home. Guru ji asks Ram ji what they should do now. Ram ji says knowledge loses out to money often. Guru ji rues that this is the sad reality of life. Don’t know how many generations and years will it take to fix things.

Bhimbai requests Meera to talk some sense to her brother and nephew. Meera says they are doing what they think is right. No one can stop them. Bhimbai says it is better that I leave the house then. Meera tells her to go. This is what everyone in this house does. Ganga tells her what Bhima is trying to do isn’t easy. It will be a very long battle. Bhima is really young right now. People from our community will come forward to support him but it is very difficult. What if that does not happen? Bhima is my brother but I wish no one comes there. He should just come home. Bhimbai says this father-son duo wants to fight every battle. Don’t know what will be the outcome of this.

Dhruv tells Bhima there will be a way out for sure. Bhima says I cannot repay everyone’s debt. No one will come to study until that happens. How will we win this battle then? Bala and Anand remind him that their Bhima never gives up so easily.

Madhvi tells her sister that Bhima always supports what’s right and always encourages me to study. He is always right. Her sister says what will happen to him if the villagers will take a stand against him. Madhvi says I will pray for him. I like it very much when he wins as he fights for the right reason. I feel as if I have won too. Whatever he says will be a boon for us eventually. Her sister agrees. I got married at the age when I was supposed to play with dolls. I was never allowed to study. This is wrong but who speaks against it? Madhvi says Baba dint let me talk but Bhima will raise his voice. Her sister says even I have tied rakhi to him now. If Bhima wins then it will be our victory too. Madhvi nods happily.

Bhimbai suggests going to some other town. Bhima will study there. Ram ji says till when it will continue. We wont go anywhere. He is fighting to stay here but you talk about leaving! Ganga tries to say something but Ram ji stops her. All those who want to advice running away can simply leave. Manjula suggests him to check with the kids / families living in the towns near them. Those kids wouldn’t be allowed to study as well. Bhima says Didi is right. Ram ji says there would be a Seth in that village too. They too would be going through something similar.

Dhruv says things could have worked out in favour if there was a way to ignite the same fire in others too. Bhima picks up a piece of burning log. Bhimbai’s eyes widen in shock. Bhima says now there will be fire in everyone’s heart. He heads out. Bhimbai requests her husband to stop him but he tells her to stay calm. He must have thought of something. She is freaking out but he assures her that Bhima wont do anything wrong. I will stop him if he does something wrong. Trust me. Let’s see what he is up to.

Bhima throws the log in front of the school. He brings another piece to keep the fire going. His brothers and Dhruv keep more pieces of wood next to it. Ram ji, Bhimbai and Ganga reach there just then. Bhima says this fire will be here only. We will go to all the nearby villagers. We will tell them not to send their kids to the school if they cannot but they should put 2 logs each in this fire. The reason to keep it going is to keep the hope of our community alive. I know that no one will let it douse. Ram ji pats at his head sweetly.

Next morning, Dhruv keeps the fire going. Kids come to school. They ask Dhruv why he is lighting fire here. Holika is not today! Dhruv tells them to go inside. This is where the pride of your family will burn! They get angry but Dhruv suggests them to go inside and study. Bhima and his family members continue talking to people from their community.

Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal about the fire set up by Bhima outside school. Dhansukhlal says let’s go and douse it now.

Dhansukhlal reaches school with his gang. They question Dhruv about the fire. He tells him about Bhima’s intention behind it and they decide to pour water on it to douse it. Guru ji steps between Mangesh and the fire just in time. They mock him but he tells him that this is a fire of hope lit by a student. This is his vow which no one can douse till the time his Guru is there but you guys don’t care about the Guru, his student or the relation of this Guru and student. Bhima says they also couldn’t understand that Guru ji’s clothes might dry but their society and people like them will have to pay the price of this action one day. He asks Guru ji to go home and change his clothes. Guru ji reminds of his words when he got drenched the other day. Even I will go home in these clothes today so the world can see how much they respect a Guru. This society was taught to respect Gods and Guru’s equally but Guru’s are simply being mocked here. Dhansukhlal claps. You two share an amazing bond. You both lecture all the time one by one. Mangesh seconds him. There are just 3 of them and so many of us here. Do you think you 3 can stop us? He tells other villagers to douse the fire. Ram ji shouts at them to stop. Villagers back off unhappily.


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