Choti Sardarni 22nd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher is scared of Vikram

Choti Sardarni 22nd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param is about the take the inhaler. Lalita takes it from him and breaks it. Param says you broke my pump. Lalita recalls Meher and Sarab treating her like family. Param says I am mad. Lalita says God give you a long life. Param says you broke my pump. He says Karan, we won’t talk to her anymore.

Sarab says let’s go Meher. Aditi says please listen. Aditi says my fate is like that. I am sorry. I never will be able to celebrate my birthday with loved ones. Sarab says but you said it’s your anniversary. Vikram says she didn’t want to celebrate like everywhere. She doesn’t want anyone to look at her from sympathy and be with her as a formality. I am sorry Mrs. Gill. I did this joke, please don’t punish someone else due to it. She was very happy about you being here. Aditi says this is my fate. Vikram says I just acted today, your MIL almost killed me. Please forgive me as I forgave her. I deserve it. Meher says happy birthday Aditi. We will do dinner with you. She feels scared of Vikram. Sarab says are you sure? Meher nods. She can’t look at Vikram.

Scene 2
Karan cries. Param says please don’t cry. Good boys don’t cry. Harleen says what happened? Param says Karan is crying. Harleen says let me call Lalita. Param says pick him, his throat would hurt from crying. Harleen says she didn’t drink milk? She looks at the feeder. Param says please warm this milk for him. Param shows him the toys. Robbie says Harleen bua is warming milk for Karan? Harleen says take it to his room. Robbie says I am sleepy. Harleen says come with me.

Lalita texts Aditi. She says I am coming in a while. She comes to the kitchen. Lalita wrote I can’t do this job and this sin. Meher and Sarab are really nice people. Please don’t harm them. I hope you never succeed in your mission. I broke that pump. Sarab says what are you thinking? Meher says I am fine. She saved Karan. We can be here for her birthday.
Vikram hugs Aditi and says happy birthday. He says they both love each other. I look exactly like Manav, that’s also proved. Meher gets disturbed with Manav’s name. Aditi says Manav used to work at a dhaba. I told them you made all the food. He says I won’t forget. I made this food.

Harleen comes with milk. Param says mama always checks if it’s too hot. Robbie comes. Harleen says make him drink. Karan cries. Harleen stops. Robbie says what are you doing? Param will feed him. You’re doing it wrong. Param feeds Karan.

Scene 3
Vikram brings a cake and sings happy birthday to you. Aditi cuts the cake and makes them eat. Vikram comes to Meher with the cake. Meher is scared and awkward. she walks away.

Param says bua Karan pooped. Please clean him. When he grows up I will tell him you cleaned him.

Vikram opens champagne. He gives to Sarab. Sarab says no. Vikram gives it to Meher. Sarab says she doesn’t drink either. Vikram says how will you dance without drinking? Sarab says sorry? Vikram says the birthday party is incomplete without dance. Vikram says cheers for my love Aditi. Vikram walks towards Meher and holds Aditi’s hand. They both dance. Sarab asks Meher if she’s okay? Meher nods. Sarab consoles her and wraps his arm around her shoulder. Vikram and Aditi dance. Sarab gives his coat to Meher and turns off the AC. Meher’s hands are very cold. Sarab says are you okay? Let me get you water. Aditi says I am tired. Meher claps. She is visibly upset. Vikram walks towards Meher and extends his hand. Vikram says will you dance with me? Meher is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Happy that atleast they took the pain of making Lalita a good character…After getting so much love from the family how can Aditi be so mean..?Unbelievable

    1. Revenge makes you the worst human possible as you seek to hurt others instead of rising above the pain!Same applies to Vikram and Aditi


  3. i’m new
    why aditi is taking revange with gill family

    1. Because she has the same dad as Harleen and Sarab but a different mother. She was unaccepted while she was a child into the Gill family.

    2. she is Sarb’s illegitimate sister, Sarbs grandfather would not allow her to meet her and her mom to Sarbs dad, Sarbs grandfather paid Aditis mom by weighing Aditi and paying her money based on her wight , so she wants to extract revenge on Sarb and his family!!!

    3. Coz she considers sarabjit as her hapiness snatcher..she’s his half sis

  4. Wow, what a cute couple. I like the way Sarah was rubbing his wife hand to make it warm. One thing I learn here is that it’s good to be calm. Sarah calmness and goodness helps him to be on top of the situation. And sure he’s going to win this two good for nothing. I seem to not able see why Harleen is angry on Sarabji. One, her mother deserves to be driven away. Why sleeping with a married man and bringing in your child to cause problems to the innocent wife and children. She and her mother doesn’t have the rights they’re trying to get

  5. Aditi thinks: I AM UNACCEPTED time to KILL Param!

    Sarab thinks: Aditi is SO nice!

    Jerk Aditi.

  6. i am a bit relieved at least Lalita saved the kids i think ADity and Wikram might realise one day that they punishing the wrong peoples , Hope so

    1. i hope Aditi does not harm Lalita because she was holding her plan.

  7. in my point of view you turn bad person into a good person by your forgivin and with your good behavior not by taking the revenge ,sorry its my opinion.

    1. Yes..forgiving is best… But one should be aware that he should not be taken as granted after forgiving….

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