Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sandesh beats Rani.

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Mangesh warned Sethji not to go near his family. Sethji left. Mangesh wanted to save his family, Maharaj was cunning man he will infuriate the villagers against him and his family, they will burn his house. Mangesh left to help his family, Bhim Rao and Anand weren’t allowed to follow him. they left to seek solution from Guruji.

A villagers threw a shoe at Sandesh asking to have it fixed. Sandesh questioned him to which the man replied that he cannot decorate it in a tray and present it to him. Sandesh told the man that he only looks after the accounts, he called Anand. Bhim Rao and Anand crossing by stopped to answer his call. Anand told him that he was going to Guruji. Sandesh said that Anand won’t become a Viceroy, who will work at his place? Anand grilled over the way Sandesh talked to him. Bhim Rao asked Anand to do his work, he will visit Guruji himself. Anand starting working, the man has a complaint regarding Sandesh’s behavior. Sandesh eyed him in fury. The man insulted him for looking directly at his face. Anand asked to let the matter go.

Bala wanted to question Rani again, he will wait till she cooks.

Rani brought the food, Sandesh trashed her for being late. She asked him not to stress, she was only a few minutes late. Rani left. Anand asked Sandesh to eat his meal. The man commented on the lower caste for letting their wives mistreat them, he would have straightened his wife if she behaved this way. Anand asked the man not to quiver in husband – wife relation, treating his wife as an animal only makes him a lesser human being. Anand gave him the shoe. The man gave Sandesh the money with some advice to treat women just like a shoe, not to place them over the head. Anand refuted taunting him to pray Devi ma but treating his own Devi as an animal. The man left. Sandesh asked him not to worry, this men have a very small outlook on life Sandesh left. Anand asked him to apologize to Rani as well, she must have felt bad.

Sandesh picked a stick he wanted to teach her a lesson.

Bhim Rao wen to Guruji. He told him that he was clueless on how to help Mangesh. He cannot take Rami’s advice in this as well since he was against helping Mangesh. Guruji asked that for how long Bhim Rao studied in the last two days. Bhim Rao replied none. Guruji said that Bhim Rao values education the most, yet he is parting ways from it, slowly he will lose his interest in it.

Sandesh came out with the stick saying that this would have straighten Rani.

Anand asked if Sandesh was forgiven, he mocked him for not being forgiven since he wasn’t happy. Sandesh asked him to keep quiet.

Bala saw Sandesh eating, he went to meet Rani.

Rani was aching in pain, Bala saw the marks. He inquired, asked her if Sandesh beat her up. Rani remained silent; he was leaving to question Sandesh. Rani stopped him. Bala took her hand, she twitched in agony. Bala applied medicine on her wounds. Rani asked him to leave, he swears her not to talk. After applying the medicine Rani questioned Bala why he didn’t take her hand when they first met at least she wouldn’t be living with the someone who beats her.

Bhim Rao didn’t understand what Guruji was saying. Guruji said that helping someone was not wrong but supporting someone’s every decision while ignoring your studies was. Bhim Rao questioned that Guruji thought him to help others under all circumstances. Guruji told Bhim Rao about the farmer who works day and night for himself, despite wanting to help the farmer he does because that man can do that himself , he was capable of doing that just like Mangesh is. Bhim Rao should let Mangesh handle this himself. Bhim Rao should focus on his studies, build his future, strengthen himself. Bhim Rao agreed. Guruji wanted him to learn the art of analyzing.
Bala wanted to spend his life with Rani, he was stopped as Rani was married to someone, and she cannot forget this. Bala asked what the purpose was if those two people weren’t happy, Rani asked him to leave. Bala said that Rani was not like rest of the women otherwise she wouldn’t have loved him despite being arrived. He said that it doesn’t matter if her second=d chance at life didn’t turn out how she expected it to be. He held her hands and said that she was the only one strong enough to give herself a third chance. Bala left.

Maharaj was reading a paper Mahesh brought him. Pandit asked what he was reading. Maharaj replied that it’s a list of all those people who own expensive lands like Mangesh. Mahesh said that he will threaten all those people, he will get his share while Maharaj will get the lands. Sethji informed that Mangesh along with his family left Satara. Sethji and Pandit worried that it might influence the followers Maharaj was at ease, he asked them to spread the news that God came in Mangesh’s dream last night willing to punish him for going against him and Maharaj, he was asked to leave otherwise worse could happen.

Meera requests Annand to do some grocery, Jijabai and Ramji would be arriving soon. Sandesh referred To Jijabai as Ramji’s second wife who left on Bhim Rao birthday. He questioned that despite being the stepmother why they were preparing so much on her return. Bhim Rao replied that being Ramji second wife it as her right. Anand left to buy the items. Sandesh asked Bhim Rao to sew the shoe, it was an urgent delivery. Bhim Rao remembered taking an oath to never work in the shoe shop.

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