Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 96

The episode starts with Riddhima trying to explain to Vansh her pain and her refuse to go to any place now.

It was very noticeable on her face her pain and worry.
She has totally given up due to the pain.
Riddhima: Vansh, I really don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t want to see anyone while being in this state. I don’t want to make anyone see my weakness. What is that place and who are those people that you want me to meet and you are sticking on it that much??? Tell me.
Vansh has putted his hand near Riddhima’s lips in a calming way.

Vansh: Shh! Calm down please. Why you are owing that so much tension?! I’m here so you don’t have to worry that much. Trust me you will enjoy a lot at this place and your point of view about so many things will be changed.
Riddhima: But Vansh I really don’t want to go there especially that I’m not aware of whom I will meet and where will be that place.
Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a caring way.

Vansh: Do you trust me Riddhima?
Riddhima: What question you are asking it to me Vansh?!!! Of course I trust you even more than my own self.
Vansh: So come with me and don’t ask so many questions. When we will reach there, you will understand everything. So let’s go now and not waste time as the place isn’t that near. So we have to reach fast and return before it could be very late.
Riddhima has given up to convince Vansh to not go to this place.
He was insisting very much.
So his insisting has made her accept that.
As actually she also got excited to know where is this place and whom she will meet there.
So she has went with Vansh to enter his car and start driving to this place.
At the same time, Ragini was being at the washroom vomiting and not being in that good health.
Angre has rushed to her after she has gotten out from the washroom.
He was being very worried about her seeing her in this state.
Angre: What has happened to you Ragini???? Why you are looking that pale?? Along with that I was hearing you vomiting!!! Are you fine???? Shall I call the doctor?????
Ragini has made Angre sit.
Then she has seated on his lap.
Ragini: Relax baby everything is fine. You don’t have to worry that much.
Angre: Ragini, are you got mad?!!!!! How you are saying that everything is fine and I don’t have to worry while just from a minute you were vomiting very badly and you are looking very pale along with that you aren’t eating well and you are always feel dizzy. So how you want me to not worry?!!!! I have the right to worry about my wife and my everything so please make me call the doctor.
He was going to get out from his place to call the doctor, but then Ragini has stopped him.
She has putted his hand above her tummy.
Ragini: Please baby tell your papa that he needs to take memory pills because he starts forgetting so many stuff nowadays. Tell your papa that you are the one who is making momma be in this state as I think that he didn’t has seen any pregnant woman before. Please baby tell your papa that what is happening to momma is really normal on pregnancy.
Angre: But you are so pale Ragini. I’m so worried. This can’t be from pregnancy and I also know that my baby will never disturb his mother that much, right baby?
He has said those words while he was looking at Ragini’s tummy as if he is really talking to the baby.
Ragini has smiled seeing Angre doing that.
Then she has kissed him in his cheek in a cute way.
Ragini: Aww! How I’m having a very sweet and innocent husband?! Who even doesn’t know that in pregnancy everything is possible especially when it comes to his child as of course his child will be like him and he will keep disturbing me always.
Angre has looked at Ragini in an irritated way.
Angre: Oh really?! So now I’m the one who is disturbing you a lot?!!!
Ragini has looked at him in a challenging way.
Ragini: Of course. Who could disturb me and annoy me more than you Mr. Angre?!
Angre: Really?!
Ragini: Really!
Angre( in a challenging tone): Let me show you how is the disturbance and annoy with its form.
Angre starts titillate Ragini.
She was smiling and laughing and trying to make him stop.
Ragini: Angre, stop please.
Angre: I will not stop it. So you could know what Angre could do to annoy his wife with.
He kept titillate her and she kept laughing.
Then both of them start laughing so loudly and enjoy their time.
Angre: Now mission is completed.
Ragini( speculating): Mission?? What mission?
Angre: The mission of pleasing the wife and making her smile so this pale face could vanish forever.
She has smiled.
She was being very happy seeing Angre caring that much about her.
She has came closer to him.
Then she has hugged him a very tight hug.
Ragini: I love you Angre. I love you so much. God bless you to me. I will always be blessed that I have a husband like you. I wish that our baby could be like you. He/she will be very lucky to be like you. Actually, our child will be already lucky because you are the father of this child.
Angre has smiled.
Then he has kissed Ragini’s tummy.
Angre: I would be very grateful and happy if our child got to be like you Ragini. Because I will be blessed for having two forms of my lovely and cute princess. I love you so much Ragini.
They have hugged each other more and more tightly.
Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima have reached to the place that Vansh was wanting them to reach to it.
Riddhima was looking at Vansh in an speculating way.

Riddhima: Still you will not tell me Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania what is that place that you have gotten me to it? Do you are kidnapping me or something?!!
Vansh has smiled from Riddhima’s cute and childish attitude.

Vansh: I don’t need to kidnap you sweetheart as you aren’t allowed to go anywhere far away from me because our destiny is just connected to each other so you will not be able to get away from me.
Riddhima has smiled a cute smile.

Riddhima: How sweet?! But yeah still your sweet words and flirts will not make me stop asking you what is that place? I need to know.
He has got out from the car.
Then he has lifted her to get her also out of the car.

Vansh: You will know everything now sweetheart. So be patient Riddhu.
He starts walking towards a small house in a small town while he was lifting Riddhima.

Then he has called a name of a person.
So just two seconds has passed and the person has opened the door.
The person: Welcome Mr. Vansh. We are so happy that you have got the chance to visit our house after this much time that has passed. Please get in. We were waiting for you since you have called me and told me that you will come.
Riddhima wasn’t understanding that warm greetings from that person who is from her point of view is a stranger and she didn’t has met him before.
They have entered the house while Vansh was still lifting Riddhima.
The house from inside was like its look from outside.

It was a simple house that gives a huge sign of how simple the owners of this house are.
Vansh has made Riddhima sit on a nearby chair.
Vansh: First let me introduce you both to each other. This beautiful woman is Riddhima my wife and this brilliant guy is Sameer.
Sameer: Hello Riddhima bhabi nice to meet you. Vansh bhai has told me a lot about you, but I didn’t got the chance to meet you. I’m happy to meet you today.
Riddhima: Nice to meet you too.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in a questioning way.

She still wasn’t able to understand who is that man and why they have came to his house.
Sammer: I will go to call my wife and my children to welcome you both. Give me some minutes. Be comfortable bhai and bhabi it is your both house.
After Sammer has left, Riddhima’s questions starts and it didn’t got ended.
Riddhima: Vansh, who is that guy??? And what is the connection that it is between you both and why he is calling you bhai and calling me bhabi?? Why we are being at his house now? Why you didn’t have told me about him before? What…
Vansh: Relax Riddhima. Just give me the chance to answer just one question of those endless questions.
He has came closer to her and he has putted his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

Vansh: This man was a very old employee at my company. He was being very dedicate in his work. He was being very very professional and I was relying on him in so many stuff in my work. He was always making me so proud of him and his work. He has made my company succeed a lot in making amazing parties.
Riddhima: So what has happened next? And why you are saying that he was??? What has happened to him????
Vansh: He has got into an accident same to what we have suffered from it and he has also lost his legs.
Riddhima: What????
Vansh: Yes Riddhima he has lost his both legs.
Riddhima: But Vansh how???? He is walking and standing normally!!!
Vansh: And this what I made you come to see it. He is walking and standing like before because he is using artificial legs. Those aren’t his real legs.
Riddhima: But how Vansh???! How this could be possible???! How he could use it as a real leg????! It isn’t an easy thing. I have tried it so much.
Vansh: Who tells you that it wasn’t also easy on him??? It was also difficult on him by the way, but he didn’t gave up. He kept trying. I was supporting him and I didn’t left him. I was doing my best to not make him feel that he has lost this huge loss. He was brave. He didn’t has gave up to try once, twice and triple. He was doing that for his wife and children. He wasn’t wanting them to pain. His life didn’t got ended Riddhima. It had just started.
Riddhima: How??
Vansh: After the accident, he has resigned. I have tried to make him understand that what has happened to him will not differ in his work, but he wasn’t wanting to feel my pity and sympathy so he decided to resign.
Riddhima: So that means that he has given up?
Vansh: Never. He didn’t has given up ever. He was very brave and he is still like that.
Riddhima: What he has done?
Vansh: He has worked a fixing electricity man.
Riddhima: What????! How???! It is a profession that needs standing and walking a lot. How he has done that by using those artificial legs?
Vansh: His faith Riddhima. His courage. He didn’t got afraid. He didn’t has given up so that’s why he has chosen such a challenging profession in contrast with his state. So that’s why I have made you come here to visit him to see how he didn’t has given up. To see that still you could live your life with the artificial legs. It will never be the end of the life Riddhima. You have to always try. Never give up.
Vansh’s words have given Riddhima a very huge strength.
Seeing Sameer and his state has made her win against all her fears.
She got more strong when she has met Sameer’s family.
When she has seen him and how he is living his life normally, she got the faith to keep fighting.
This visit that Vansh has prepared it has made Riddhima never think about giving up again.
3 months have passed.
During those 3 months, Vansh was doing his best to help Riddhima.
He wasn’t leaving her at all.
He was supporting her so much.
He was wanting her to be strong and never make her feel that she is alone.
During those 3 months, Riddhima was doing her best and fighting so much.
She was trying to not give up ever.
She was still being prepared to use the artificial legs.
It isn’t working perfectly, but she is still trying.
They are keeping trying and Vansh is making Riddhima don’t give up.
During those 3 months, Ragini and Angre were enjoying a lot while their baby being growing inside Ragini’s tummy.
They were enjoying this new journey.
Also during those 3 months, Ishani and Kabir along with Vyom and Sejal were enjoying their love story a lot.
Everything was getting into a nice step during those 3 months.
At late night, Vansh has waked up and he didn’t has found Riddhima beside him.
He has panicked.
So he has rushed from his place to search about her.
Then he has found her at the terrace sleeping tiredly while the artificial legs were behind her.

Vansh to himself: Oh! Interesting, very interesting! So my brave girl was trying and practicing with the artificial legs till that late time!! Wow! Not bad Riddhima not bad. So proud of you sweetheart.
Precap: Riddhima got succeeded in standing and walking a little bit with the artificial legs.

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