Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhansukhlal performs Dhruv’s last rites

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Ram ji says you wont be able to cause any harm to my family even if you all team up. He thumps his stick firmly in the ground and then heads home with his family.

Paresh asks Dhansukhlal, Mangesh and Pundit ji what they will do now. Pundit ji says Dhruv is dead for Seth ji and the entire village. His last rites must be performed to make it clear to the world that he has nothing to do with Seth ji and his assets. Seth ji will be the owner of his property till he lives and later on, the property will go to the temple / trust. Dhansukhlal asks Pundit ji if he has lost his mind. I said all that to threaten Dhruv. He is still my kid. Paresh says it is the right time to show that nothing is greater than traditions. Make preps for your son’s last rites. Villagers second him. Why are you keeping any aspirations from a son who has chosen the wrong path? Mangesh too tells him to agree. Pundit ji takes Mangesh aside. They leave. Paresh tells Dhansukhlal to change his mentality while he still has time. I don’t think you or Ram ji’s family is at the same position right now. Crowd only creates divide / loneliness. Dhansukhlal tells him to leave him alone. Paresh goes.

Dhruv stops outside Sakpal house. Manjula, Meera and Ganga are pleased to see Sakpal ji. Ram ji tells Dhruv he must not come inside. Dhruv says I get scared when I roam around at night alone. Sometimes it is rain, at other times it is the jungle or else it is loneliness that scares me. I dint come till today as I still shared a relation with those people. I am no more a part of their society anymore. Please allow me. Bhima seconds him. We are the ones who are rebuffed by that society. Dhruv is also one of them now. Ram ji reasons that Dhruv will lose his identity the moment he will step inside. How will he live his life without an identity? Let him stay outside so he still has a possibility of meeting his Baba. Dhansukhlal can be good or bad but he is a father after all. Dhruv gets sad.

Dhansukhlal cries thinking about his son. He murmurs his name sadly.

Ram ji hugs Manjula. Dhruv is still standing at the threshold. Ram ji looks at his wife. It means Manjula isn’t married yet. Bhimbai says your 3 sons are responsible for it. Ram ji says I thought she got married already. I was worried thinking what will happen to Bhima. I knew that he will be home by now but I was worried thinking about how your relation will be with Bhima. Bhima says Aayi did scold me and locked me in a room for days. I stepped out afterwards. Everything is fine now. His mother nods sweetly. Everything is fine. She tries to control herself. Someone spread a rumour that you committed suicide as Manjula’s wedding was called off. Meera tells the rest of the story. Bhima says we were hell scared when we ran towards that secluded house. They tell him everything (in mute). Ram ji says so much happened when I was away. He calls Bhima a strong son of a strong father. Why are you crying? I wont die easily. Bhima says I know nothing. Don’t leave us ever! He hugs his Baba. Everyone gets emotional.

Ram ji says I wont leave you ever. Always remember one thing. It is one thing to be emotional but one must be strong from inside. Life is to be lived by a person alone. Meera says he is too young to understand that. Ram ji says he will grow up with my ideology. I should meet Bhaskar as whatever happened wasn’t right.

It starts raining and they hear chants of a similar kind that are performed when one dies. They see Dhansukhlal holding a pot of water walking in front of the villagers who are carrying an empty stretcher on their shoulders. Pundit ji stops them right outside Sakpal House. It will shame them on what they have done. Bhima walks towards them. Bhimbai tries to stop him but Ram ji tells her to let him try. It is only he who can do something.

Bhima requests the villagers not to do this. He is my friend. How will he feel? You have ousted him from your society but why do this? Pundit ji says why will be feel bad when he does not believe in our traditions. This is happening because of you only. Watch it and be happy. Bhima says I don’t believe in all this but my friend does. He is attached to all this. I am saying this for his sake only.

Dhruv tells Bhima to let them do whatever they want to. Come with me. Dhansukhlal requests Dhruv to stop. Please agree for that puja. We will go home together then. Dhruv tells him not to worry. Be happy that I am going to be with Aayi. The same thing happened when she had passed away. The ritual is simply being repeated here for me. Bhima tells him not to say anything. Dhruv says you know how much I like being close to my Aayi. Let them do my shraad. Maybe I will be closer to my Aayi this way.

Pundit ji asks Dhansukhlal to come. Dhansukhlal keeps the pot down in front of the arrangements. Bhima asks Dhruv to come but he sits down right in front of Dhansukhlal. Sakpal family looks on as Pundit ji performs the rituals. They keep wooden logs over the empty stretcher and cover it with a white cloth. Dhansukhlal finally walks around the bare stretcher holding the pot and then breaks the pot on the ground shocking Sakpal family. Paresh looks on from far.

Precap: Dhansukhlal sets fire to the stretcher. Dhruv announces that their Dhruv died here today and a new Dhruv has been born today. I will have a new name from today – Dhruv Sakpal!

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