Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Manvi cleaning the outhouse, when she pushes the guitar accidentally. Virat instantly takes it and asks Manvi to clean carefully. Manvi sees Virat hanging the guitar over the wall and she takes it away claiming that it is a gift from Viren Jiju, and since they are not talking to him anymore, they should return this too. Virat doesn’t agree and takes the guitar back. Manvi takes it from and keep saying that they can’t keep anything that would remind them of Viren Jiju. Virat once again doesn’t agree to give away the guitar, saying that returning a gift doesn’t look good.

Manvi finally tells him that she was only testing him, and she would never do such a thing. She tells him that deep within, he still has the brotherly love for Viren. Virat denies and says if that’s the case, then she can go and return the guitar. He leaves and Manvi smiles saying that the love between them is still there.

At night. both Jeevika and Manvi are feeling uneasy and can’t sleep. Both get up and go and stand near the window. Jeevika is looking at the outhouse and crying that VirMan might still be awake cleaning and wishes that she could help them in any way. Manvi appears on the outhouse window and both sister look at each other and cry. They signal each other to smile, yet keep crying. Virat calls out to Manvi to come sleep and she sadly leaves after waving at Jeevika. Viren too, calls Jeevika saying it’s pretty late and she goes to sleep as well. (Sad version playing in BG)

Next morning Jeevika tells the milkman to give 1litre milk in the outhouse, and she would pay for it. As she leaves to go inside, Swamini Bua is there, and she explains to Jeevika that Virat wouldn’t like what she is doing. Jeevika agrees but cries that both VirMan need milk for their tea and coffee, how can she not do this little much for them? Swamini consoles Jeevika and leaves.

Back in the outhouse, Virat wakes and asks Manvi to make coffee. Manvi keeps looking at him without an answer. After a while Virat realizes they have no food stuff at home. The bell rings and Manvi sees that it’s the milkman. He informs them that Jeevika has sent him here. Virat too comes there and tells the milkman that he need not come here, and he can tell Jeevika that they refused.
Manvi is sad while Virat says that he would go buy something from outside.

At the Vadhera Mansion, Dadaji, Vanshikaa, Swamini do not have breakfast, as they keep looking at the empty chairs of Virat and Manvi. Shlok comes in later and demands breakfast. As Jeevika serves him, Viren comes and he too denies for breakfast looking at Virat’s chair. Shlok notices this gesture and asks Jeevika if VirMan would have eaten breakfast? Jeevika looks on sadly. He says that if they haven’t, how can he eat? He leaves for school, Jeevika is teary-eyed.

Later, Virat returns with a few things, he helps Manvi make breakfast- she cuts tomatoes and cucumber, while he butters the bread and pours juice for both. They sit together on the floor and share their morning sandwich happily. Virat then says that he is leaving for work and Manvi should rest. He leaves and she goes to clean the kitchen but someone rings the bell. It’s Jeevika!

Manvi is overjoyed to see Jeevika and they share a happy hug. She invites her in and Jeevika hands some good breakfast to Manvi, but Manvi says that she prepared sandwiches and her and Virat ate well. Manvi also gives Jeevika a bite of it, and Jeevika is emotional to see Manvi becoming so mature. Manvi asks for a rating of her food, and Jeevika gives a 10/10.

Then Manvi tries the food brought by Jeevika and she loves the taste. After a while, Jeevika and Manvi are outside the outhouse door. Jeevika tells Manvi that if she ever needs anything, she should not hesitate to ask her. Manvi nods and they hug, but Virat calls out to Jeevika Bhabhi saying that if she genuinely cares for them, then she should stay away from them.

Jeevika is about to leave when she sees Viren standing there. He tells Jeevika that she should not visit such people’s places who have no feelings and only like insulting others. Virat tells Manvi that they too don’t like people who like to favor others and then show off about it. Viren drags Jeevika out saying they shouldn’t go to such insulting places and Virat too drags Manvi inside the house. Episode ends on both sisters looking at each other and going in different directions.

Precap – Same as the New Promo: Manvi lights the matchstick and the kitchen catches fire. She calls out for help! On the other side Jeevika is folding clothes and gets a feeling that something bad is happening with Manvi (but she hasn’t heard Manvi’s scream)

Update Credit to: Predator

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