Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2013 Written Update

Well, the episode starts off with Kinjal, Raashi and Urmilaa in their home. Kinjal says whether Raashi has been thrown out of Modi home, to which Raashi says she has come to spend time in her maternal home and would not go to Kumbh, Allahabad. Again Kinjal is nonplussed and has a suspicious look. She asks Raashi whether she fought with Jigar. Now Raashi is taken aback and asks Kinjal to shut up. Urmilaa too offers a lame excuse that Raashi is pregnant and wants to spend time with her mother and also that it is Raashi’s home and Raashi can stay as long as she wants. This conversation happened both in the hall and then in the bedroom while Raashi unpacks her bags.

Kinjal wonders that something is really amiss.

In the morning Raashi is talking to Jigar and explaining to Jigar that she will not come or go with the family to the Kumbh, Allahabad. Her excuse is the recurring ankle sprain. Jigar is worried and wants to get a doctor. In true Raashi style gets Jigar off the doctor matter and gets him off to the office.

Scene shifts to Modi home, Baa’s room. Gopi and Baa in conversation. Baa having a little dress in her hand and says that she sewed the dress herself for little Kinjal. When Little Kinjal wore it for the first time, she turned over on to her stomach. Baa also shows a wooden chest which is open. Gopi tells Baa that Meera has not turned over and it is four months old. Baa calms her down, says all in good time those things will take place.

Hetal and Kokila come over and Baa informs them of Gopi’s fears and anxieties. Also there is a light hearted talk of Jigar being more active child than Ahem. Kokila and Hetal play with Meera with Kokila being happy with the fact that Meera is responsive to her and does not cry at her touch and is comfortable in Kokila’s presence.

After few more small talk of this and that all leave the room in two batches, Hetal – Kokila ; Baa – Gopi. When the leave they conveniently fail to notice Baby Meera turning over and slowly falling into the open Wooden Chest.

In the hall the four women gather and discuss about old clothes and Kokila says few could be kept for Raashi’s baby. They then realize no one is with Meera.

Gopi goes upstairs and sees that the baby is not in the place where they had left. Rests of the ladies come over. They search for Meera all over the house, but not the place where Meera is sleeping in the wooden chest. Ahem, Jigar are informed. Hell breaks loose, tension rises.

Gopi does a sobbing tear filled prayer to Lord Krishna. Ahem arrives with Gopi call. Gopi runs to Ahem. He tries to calm Gopi. Jigar informs police. Jigar gets Raashi’s call and she is informed too.

The Family is assembled in Baa’s room. Raashi too arrives and does her usual playful monkey act, to catch Meera’s attention. Meera wakes up.But no one notice.

It’s the turn of Kokila to pray. After a while she senses something at her toe and feet. She sees watery substance and she looks in the direction of the wooden chest to see Meera. Everybody is happy. Kokila says Meera was here all the time and had call of the nature two – three times.

Gopi goes to get change of baby clothes.

Finally after changing the clothes to fresh and warm ones, the Baby turns over once again, Gopi is happy and they realize the occurrence previously took place and how Meera had fallen into the Wooden Chest with old clothes.

Jigar remembers Raashi’s so called sprain, inquires, Raashi says she is better. So Jigar says that meant Raashi is coming / going with them to Allahabad. A Piqued Raashi says yes.

And Episode Ends on Raashi’s piqued face ! ! !


Update Credit to: Manzz

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