Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Manvi hugs Mahesh, they are both in tears. Manvi apologizes that i asked you to leave. Please vow me that you won’t ever leave me alone. Mahesh vows that he will always stay by their side. I waited for 0 years to call you papa. Mahesh says i won’t even fear death now.My life looks like completed.

Scene 2
manvi calls jeevika. Jeevika asks where is she calling from? Manvi says i am going to tell you something. Jeevika says i’ll call you later. Manvi says what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you. Jeevika says i even asked viren in front of god but he didn’t answer. He is hiding something from me. Manvi says i’m coming to chandigarh jeevika says don’t come here. Manvi suggests why don’t you ask vidhi? She says the person i loved the most can’t even answer me how can i trust a third person. Manvi says please di don’t doubt viren he’s the most trustworthy person on this planet.

Scene 3
mahesh asks manvi if jeevika is in some trouble? She says no papa everything is fine. Swamni and vanshika are giving remedy to vanshika. Viren comes and asks how is your foot mom. Vidhi comes in too. Viren asks her to sit on a sofa and sits beside shishank himself. Swamni asks viren. Swamni asks why are the two friends sitting so quiet today ? Looks like he old friendship has turned into hatred. Shishank says actually its my birthday tomorrow and he wants to give a party but i said that would take a lot of money. I will also invite the guests. I invite you all to my birthday party in your own house sponsored by y dearest friend Viren.

Scene 4
Everybody uis worried about manvi and she comes in. Everyone gets dazed when they find Mahsesh standing on their doorsteps. Beeji asks what is he doing here? Why have you brought him here. Manvi says beeji your son has com back aren’t you happy looking at him ? Can’t we forget what happened and just live happily? Manvi takes him in. Beeji says my daughter in law, think about her. What will she feel ? I won’t let this happen to my daughter in law. Beeji shuts manvi too. Beeji says i can not forget the pain i felt when i lost my daughter in law. Ask him to leave. Manvi begs beeji, mahesh says she s not wrong. Her anger is justified. You have forgiven me and thats enough for me. I can not change what happened. He is leaving. Manvi stops him holding his hand. Manvi says he will stay either or i will go along him. Beeji says i won’t let you do this for a man because of whom you lost your mom. Manvi says she would have done the same if she were her. You always said that she love my dad till the last moment. She must be proud of me for making the reunion of our family. Bari beeji seconds that. She asks beeji to forgive him as he is her son and so doesn pinki. Beeji sternly says no. I will never ever forgive me. Manvi says okay i will leave this house and i will never come back . Beeji says yes you are after all mahesh’s daughter just because of your own wish you will leave this house. Do whatever you want but don’t ever think that i will forgive him. Manvi aks Mahesh not to worry. Beeji will be okay. Pinki brings the arthi to welcome him back. He goes and hugs bari beeji. He says i am sorry bari beeji. Bari beeji says after a long time our son has come back it is the happy moment. She hugs him

Scene 5
Viren is so worried about the party plan shishank made himself. He throws away the vase which hurts jeevika. He makes her sit and gets the first aid box to dress up her wound. He asks is it painful? Jeevika says but less than the one you are giving me. I know its not like you are happy concealing something from me you are suffocating internally. Viran says what are you talking about jeevika ? I am okay. Jeevika says just look into my eyes and tell me you are not hiding anything. It hurts a lot to see you like this. If you don’t find me worth sharing then i won’t force you. I will second you in whatever decision you take

Precap-Manvi is making onion bread for mahesh when beeji tell her that he doesn’t like one of the ingredient in it. She says when you know all of his choices then why you don’y make him your self. Mahesh comes in asking what is she making? Manvi tells her that onion bread he says that are my favorite but the way beeji makes them nobody else can. Beeji leaves.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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