Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th April 2013 Written Update

SB is worried for Jeevika and ask VirMan about her, Maanvi couldn’t get in contact with Jeevika, Virat and Maanvi leave to police station to see if Jeevika went to meet Viren. VirMan in their car, Maanvi shares her confusions with Virat and tells there is some hidden conspiracy in the plot and why would jiju lie, she says di is right and jiju has been framed.. Virat says about the CD, both are confused about it Virat says first they will search for Jeevika and later on investigate on the conspiracy

@ Police station – VirMan meet Viren, who is worried for Jeevika, he tells them that Jeevika went to Sambhav’s house, VirMan are shocked .. Viren vents that Jeevika went to investigate and explore Sambhav’s house and tells them to go soon as he doesn’t trust sambhav.. VirMan rush out

@Sambhav’s house – he is working on laptop, Jeevika sneaks through the window, her mobile rings, she panics and hides, Sambhav wonders whose mobile ring it is and later shrugs it off, he takes his laptop bag, turns off the light and leaves in his car.. Jeevika sneaks into his house from the window, She finds a flash light and decides to search for evidence, she doesn’t find anything in living room, she goes inside .. Sambhav in his car realizes that he left his phone behind and turns around to go home, Jeevika walks into the other room to search, but in vain, Sambhav reaches home, he walks in and turns on the light in the living room, Jeevika is scanning through some papers in the other room.. Sambhav doesn’t find his phone in the living room, decides to check in his bedroom… Jeevika gets hold of a file and goes through the pages to find a clue .

Sambhav is walking towards his room, A hand is laid on Jeevika’s shoulder, Jeevika is shocked and later sighs to see VirMan, who tell her about Sambhav being in the living, she is shocked… they hear sambhav’s footsteps approaching … and hide behind the curtains.. Sambhav is looking for his phone in the dark, his mobile rings which was on the table near the curtains where the trio are hiding … he takes the call and lashes at the other person and tells the person not to call him ever and they would meet tomorrow @ 8 p.m. and leaves..

Jeevika asks them if Viren told them about her being here.. Virat and Maanvi confront Jeevika for coming all alone.. and what would have happened if sambhav had seen her..Virat says they all are worried for Viren but Jeevika shouldn’t risk her life.. Jeevika is scanning the room with the flash light and notices 2 pairs of ladies’ sandals which are of same style and shape, Virat says they are different sizes.. Jeevika says one girl cannot wear two different sizes of sandals one which is size 6 and other size 9 … Maanvi says Jeevika is right that Sambhav is playing a foul play .. Jeevika asks Maanvi if she is realizing it now… they decide to leave before Sambhav comes again …

SB tells sundar to move the couches as they have to perform puja tomorrow, SB and V-mom miss Viren, VirMan and Jeevika are back, SB asks them where are they coming from.. Virat says they went to meet bhain in PS.. SB asks Maanvi to help in the pooja preparation, Jeevika also offers to help as she believes that with god’s blessings Virenji will be out.. V mom tells Jeevika to have the same belief and trust ..everything will be fine..

@next morning, Dadaji prays to let the truth win, SB prays for Viren followed by V mom who asks god to do justice with viren. Jeevika is doing the aarti she closes and thinks her prayers are incomplete without Viren, a hand holds the pooja thaal, Viren is next to her.. they do the aarti together, Jeevika closes her eyes and she realizes Viren is not with her..

Jeevika prays to god to help her in proving Viren’s innocence.. Maanvi holds J’s hand over the aarthi ki thaal, Virat holds on the other side, the trio does the aarti together.. Maanvi tells Jeevika that they both are with her in this mission and will help her in getting Viren out .. Jeevika and Maanvi hug the family is happy

Precap: Jeevika promotes India’s dancing super star which starts tomorrow at 9 pm

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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