Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Avantika scolds Pankhuri & asks Pankhuri has she told Aditya about all of this? & Pankhuri nods a ‘no’ so Avantika gets even more angry & asks “I don’t believe this, how could you do this to me & Aditya & what was the need to do it?

Pankhuri cries & answers that “i did this for our family, Nanaji & especially to prove everybody the false accusations which were put on Aditya were wrong & till when Rubal & Latika are around Nanaji, there will be no ends to Nanaji’s problem & if I, will stay with Nanaji I’ll be able to save Nanaji from Rubal & Latika’s cheap intentions & may be I could even prove Aditya’s innocence, i am sorry.

Avantika shouts at Pankhuri that ‘its enough Pankhuri you don’t need to give anymore explanation coz before taking such a step you didn’t even bother to discuss or tell us & now tell me from when all of this is happening?

Pankhuri cries & answers that “mom i am doing all this from the day i told you that i have got a new job & I’ll come home early”.

Scene 2

Harish & Aditya are waiting outside & Harish asks Aditya that what is cooking between mother in-law & daughter in-law??

Aditya tells Harish that “not to worry i will call both mom & Pankhuri”& goes inside the function hall.

scene 3

Pankhuri tells that “mom if i had told you about the Job you would have never allowed me to go”.
Avantika scolds that ofcourse i would have never allowed you if you already knew even then why did you take such a big decision all alone & listen Pankhuri even i cares about dad & my family & want to prove Aditya’s innocence but that doesn’t mean I’ll take a decision or steps without thinking about it so abruptly”.

Aditya is on his way to call both Avantika & Pankhuri.

Avantika tells Pankhuri that “I have told you even earlier that there’s a minor difference in foolishness & goodness.

Aditya is reaching close & Avantika tells Pankhuri that “what you are doing Pankhuri is sheer foolishness.

Pankhuri tries to explain but Avantika refuse to listen & says “‘no, when you knew very well how low level Rubal & Latika can stoop down even then you decides to go there to work?”

Pankhuri replies “I know that i have done wrong coz i did not tell you about my decision but believe me I, did not intend to hurt either of you but now after going ahead so far she can’t revert back & i know its risky but she’ll manage but if i never had done all of this then today i would not be able to what i did today”.

Avantika was about to say something but just then Aditya comes & sees Pankhuri crying & asks “mom, what’s happening Pankhuri crying?”.

Avantika asks Aditya does he know what has Pankhuri done? so Aditya says “no” then Avantika says “oh so even you don’t know about it but do not worry I’ll tell you & you Pankhuri you took such a huge decision & never told anyone”.

Aditya asks Avantika what are you saying mom i am unable to understand.

Avantika says “Pankhuri has done so much for our family & especially has done so much for Harish & didn’t tell us so i am upset, i got angry & scolded her so she started crying”.

Aditya consoles Pankhuri saying that “mom is appreciating you & you are crying” & wipes her tears.

Aditya tells Avantika & Pankhuri that they making dad wait outside & that they should leave as its getting late.

Avantika says yes its getting too late but one last thing & asks Pankhuri that didn’t she tell Aditya that she has taken back her old job.

Aditya asks shes taken back her old job why didn’t she like her new job?

Avantika answer on Pankhuri’s behalf that “like or dislike was not Pankhuri’s reason to leave the new job but she left it coz she felt she should not leave her job incomplete & accept new one”.

Aditya tries cheering Pankhuri that it was such a small matter & asks Pankhuri to look at her own face coz its so sad & she still is scared of mom right its just little issue why to be so sad & anyway it is just a job & tell her that dad is waiting & before he gets worried so lets make a move & asks Avantika to hurry up so she goes behind him & Pankhuri standing there crying.

Scene 3

Preeti bua tells Nanaji that there is a meeting @ 7 am with hospital association coming up so she’ll have to stay back in Mumbai.

Sheila is going in hurry & Preeti calls her & asks her “bhabhi you were clicking so many picture at the award function” so Sheila says she was not but the photographer was insisting on clicking her picture.

Preeti bua does leg pulling & asks oh is it so?? Sheila is even more embarrassed when Kaira comments on her that “oh God heights of wannabeies” & goes while Preeti & Nanaji smile.

Preeti tells Nanaji that “dad the best moment of the award function was when Rubal g
presented the award to Harish & it was a perfect family moment”.

Rubal is so furious but doesn’t react & Preeti suggested Rubal to get his picture presenting award to Harish & hang it up on his wall so everyday he’ll see the picture & get reminded of the moment”.

Rubal answers very funny & storm away & Sheila goes behind him.

Nanaji tells Anuj that he did not go to cool off his son Rubal’s anger & if still he’s not realise his mistake then its not your fault but mine when in childhood i should have taught you.

Scene 4

Avantika is thinking silently about Pankhuri’s decision & Harish senses that Avantika is worried & asks her what is she thinking about? Avantika replies she was thinking about why we sometimes in the process of doing something right end up doing something wrong?

Harish says first of all tell me what’s the criteria of right & wrong all our lifes we keep deciding what’s wrong & what’s right & we live under that fear & its not nessacary whats wrong for her might not be wrong for others, Avantika asks but wrong is wrong how it can be justified? so Harish asks Avantika why is she really thinking about so Avantika says nothing serious but he knows she thinks about random stuffs so not & excuses herself & says she’ll just be back.

Scene 5

Pankhuri is making her bed & Avantika comes to Pankhuri’s room & gives a gift packet & says that this is the same gift which Aditya sent her to her sets.

Pankhuri feels guilty as Avantika looks furiously & leaves & she is sad seeing Avantika’s anger.

Scene 6

Rubal talks to Latika that today the way he got humiliated he’ll never forget & Latika says shes pretty sure Pankhuri is behind it.

Sheila says for the first time Latika is right & shes really shocked by Pankhuri’s plans that very smartly she called us for the award ceremony & made Rubal present the award to Harish & she never let her know that even Kumars are attending the award ceremony too.

Latika says why would she tell us all that coz she knew very well that if we knew we would never attend the award ceremony.

Sheila says this what shes too saying that Pankhuri is very capable to harm us & intact is harming them & anyway daddy ji is blinded by Pankhuri’s goodness.

Anuj asks Sheila to stop its enough & how can she talk about her dad like that & how much ever mistakes she commited inspite of that daddy has forgiven her & continued giving her same respect & status & her lifes agenda is to back bite huddled dad.

Sheila replies atleast there is some agenda in her life unlike him coz of that her children would not have struggled for little little things today or she would talk disrespectfully to him.

Anuj asks Sheila to talk respectfully to him infront of their son & daughter in-law if there is some respect left for him.

Rubal asks Anuj why is he taking so much of tension & Latika knows how much respect she should give to whom & he must have got used to it by now coz in this house every one talks this way including Kaira who’s always treated him badly.

Kaira is walking pass by & stops Rubal saying “one minute Rubal how i talk to my dad is a matter between me & dad & by the way she’s never spoke to dad disrespectfully & if asking a share in property is disrespectful so then Rubal we know what intentions we have behind getting the share & storm away.

Latika tells Sheila that shes sure mother inlaw you did not notice what i noticed Avantika was talking to Pankhuri alone & discussed about Pankhuri’s job & she could not listen the entire conversation but whatever she heard it seemed like Avantika has suspicion over Pankhuri & intact she thinks Avantika has come to know about Pankhuri Job in dewan mansion as a caretaker.

Sheila says then it must be interesting coz Avantika won’t ever allow her daughter inlaw to come to job @ dewan mansion & Pankhuri wont be able to stop herself from coming here.

Scene 7

Aditya is working on his laptop & is surprised looking at Pankhuri who’s wearing red anar kali suit & he compliments & then asks after all whos choice is it?? proudly coz he gifted Pankhuri the dress & she should have told him about her job change so he must have sent it old sets & says but its okay now say thanks & now say sorry so Pankhuri asks why sorry?? coz in between them there’s no formality of saying thanks but she said sorry immediately why what’s wrong with her?

Pankhuri smiles & Aditya says how much compliments he wanted to give he’s done with it so if she permitts can he get back to his work.

Pankhuri nods.

Scene 8

Next morning Pankhuri is tensed & thinks what does she do weather to go to dewan mansion or not?

Avantika comes & stands behind & sees Pankhuri tensed & asks is she not going to go to dewan mansion.

Pankhuri is quiet & doesn’t face Avantika with fear & looking her reflection on the mirror.

Scene 9

Sheila shouts & calls Pankhuri & Anuj is watching the drama & Latika comes out of her room & asks “mother in law where is Pankhuri?” & Rubal too comes out & asks “Pankhuri is my breakfast ready make it fast i m getting late?”.

Sheila & Latika are waiting for Pankhuri & Rubal asks “mom what’s the matter?.

Kaira comes downstaircase talking over phone & Sheila jumps infront of Kaira & asks her “who’s she talking over the phone?”.

Kaira asks what does she means who? so Sheila asks “is it a boyfriend or a girlfriend?”.

Kaira repiles its a boy & goes away & Sheila needed an explaination.

Latika asks Sheila she thinks maybe Avantika stopped Pankhuri that’s why she has not come so Sheila says maybe shes right or else Pankhuri comes late not possible & there should be a reason & Nanaji comes out & asks why hasn’t Pankhuri come home yet?

Scene 10

Avantika comes & shocks all of them except Nanaji whos pleasantly surprised.

Nanaji asks Avantika has she come alone Harish did not come.

Avantika replies no but the person she was waiting shes brought that person & calls out Pankhuri’s name & Latika & Sheila are expecting some drama.

Avantika asks why are they shocked coz Pankhuri has reported late coz every time she reported on time & declare to Nanaji that she knows that Pankhuri is doing a caretakers job in dewan mansion & Sheila, Rubal & Latika are happy.


Update Credit to: abd_20

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