Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st March 2013 Written Update

Viren asks virat to stop his nonsense. Favour, alms. ? Whatever i do for you is my responsibility and my rights. I’ve full rights to help my brother. Tomorrow if ‘m in any situation like this, if you help me i’ld say you definitely have the rights to do it. But virat retorts him that, yes you ‘ll become the ideal brother by doing all this. But what ‘ll people say pointing at me. Look at virat vadhera. He’s nothing without his brother. How ‘ll i feel when people say this. And you are doing all this not for me. But for yourself. So that people call you great. Manvi interrupts in between. What are you saying to jeeju. But virat replies when i had asked bhabhi to stay out of this, then it’s applicable to you too. Stay out of it. But vanshika stops him. He can asks the sisters to stay out of it. But how ‘ll he ask her to stay out. Just try to calm. When he can’t hear anything against his brother from someone else then how can he say stuffs like this about him. He was just trying to help you. He is your brother. But virat replies. Mom i wanted to do something on my own. Ask Manvi, i was really happy about the contract. Because i thought i got it because of my hardwork and talent. I thought it was because of my work i got the contract. But i was wrong. It was a favour. If it was just helping then why did he hide from him. He very well know that if i knew i got the contract because of him, then i ‘ll not sign it. Viren stops him. If you want to say something then you could have said it privately to me. Not like this in front of everyone, creating a scene. We are brothers. You could have just came to me. Virat replies that i’m not like you. Whatever i do, i do in front of everyone. And whatever i say it in front of everyone. I don’t like doing stuffs behind the backs of people. Dadaji asks him to stop. You are making allegations one after another without considering anything. Manvi says let’s leave from here. And holds virat’s hand. Virat stares at her badly and she leaves his hand. Manvi steps back. Viren says. Just stop this nonsense. I just did one thing and you are calling that a guilt. And making me your enemy. Jeevika interrupts him. And asks him to calm down. But he stops her. How much More should he calm down. Today what i did, i became his enemy. What all did i do for you. Always thought about you first. Placed you first and took decisions. Always your welfare and wellbeing was my priority. And today. Virat asks him not to do emotional drama. Truth finally came out. You are enumerating all what you had done for me till date. I don’t need an addition to it. So tomorrow if i become successful, i don want you to tell people that, look at virat. Today whatever he’s, it’s all because of me. Dadaji asks him to stop his nonsense. Virat says today i ‘m not gonna stop. Even if god asks me to stop, i ‘ ld not. What do you know. You are blindfolded. For you only one of your grandsons is great. Makes you feel proud. The other one is useless. But dadaji interrupts. You are blindfolded. Not me. What all did viren do for you. Instead of being thankful to him, you are making him your enemy. Virat says this is what i don’t want. Whatever i do i wanna do it myself. With my talent and hardwork. Not with anyone else’s favour or recommendation. when the person near him doesn’t wish for that. But i ‘ll do it. To all of you i’m a useless person. But today i had taken a decision. I’m leaving this home. All are shell shocked. Vanshika comes there cups his face and says. You’ll leave the home for this small issue. You’ll leave your mom and go. virat replies that yes. I don’t wanna live here where there ‘s no respect for me. I’ll complete my dreams by myself. If i stay here, me and my dreams ‘ll die. Dadaji stops him. What are you saying. You’ll leave your home, your loved ones and go. Virat replies he doesn’t want to live a life full of favours. Viren asks him to leave. He pushes him outside. If you feel all the people here wishes your bad and doesn’t care for you then please leave. Virat replies yes i’m leaving. I’m not any kid. I know what ‘m doing. I’ll stay away from this home and complete my dreams on my own. Viren replies it’s not so easy. Go out . You’ll realise the difficulties of the world. Everything ‘ld be difficult. But virat replies. It’s k. But it’ll be better than life here. Within one month i’ll settle down and also earn one lakh rupees. Viren says today you are irritated of this vadhera home’s name. But for last so many years, this place completed all your requirements. Was with you always. The world knows you by that name. To gain new name and fame he doesn’t have to leave his old one. Virat says he doesn’t want your advise. I can do my stuffs on my own. You wish that i always stay under your wings. Walk holding your fingers. But i’ll never let that wish come true. I’ll do everything on my own. Manvi asks him to be quiet for the sake of god. But virat replies. I’ve done what i should. Now you ‘ve to decide. Whether you’ll come with me or stay here. Once you come with me you can never come back to this house. Jeevika asks viren to stop virat. He doesn’t move. Virat leaves. Manvi looks at everyone helpless. And leaves behind him. Vanshika asks dadaji to stop virat. He is leaving. She ‘s crying . Dadaji consoles her. Viren leaves. Jeevika goes behind him.

Virat is packing his stuffs. Manvi comes there and takes his bag away. I know you don’t want help. You are egoistic. But consider jeeju’s. He was helping you out being your brother, your wellwisher. But virat replies. I don’t want anyone ‘s help. I ‘m a matured person of 28 years old. I’ll do whatever i want on my own without anyone’s help or support. Manvi asks you’ll go
away from your family. Everyone? Is nt that being kiddish.

On the other side jeevika asks viren to stop virat. But he says virat s being kiddish. Jeevika pleads to him not to take virat’s words seriously as he was angry. Viren replies if virat feels he has to go away to make his identity then he won’t stop him. Let him go.

Virat says yes to make my identity i ‘ve to do this. Manvi says. Then stay back for one day. Virat replies that he stay back even for a single moment. But manvi says i gotto do my packing. I can’t
come out like this. Virat says he wants to do everything by himself. Manvi replies that they got married. So whatever is his choice that ‘s her fate. We ‘ll ve to travel together in life. They move out of their room. Jeevika is waiting outside. She pleads to him not to leave. Virat is about to talk. But he sees viren behind her. Jeevika looks at virat pleadingly. But virat walks away with his bag. He passes by viren. But the brothers don’t look at each other and walk in opposite directions. The two sisters start to cry and hug each other. But when virat looks at Manvi, she leaves jeevika. But jeevika holds her hand. Phoolom ka taron ka . . played in the background. They remember their childhood moment when jeevika promised manvi that she’ll never leave her. Duo looks sadly at each other. But manvi leaves her hand and goes with virat. Jeevika is left alone crying.

Precap: jeevika gives manvi the holy ganga water she had given her before. When i started my new life you gave me this saying i’ll need our parents’ blessings. Today you are starting a new life. So you’ll need this. Duo hugs crying.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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