Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Chotu completing the prayer and sprinkling water over the ground, until the whole bucket got empty but still the jewellery didn’t come out yet

Sandhya prays to Maa Parvati that the jewellery may come up soon.

Meena is thinking where the jewellery went away.

Chaturi thinks that by now the jewellery should have come up

The people gets restless, and they shouts that no jewellery is going to come out from the ground, and the followers of Swami Ji are inciting the crowd into attacking the Rathis

Chotu now seems to have lost all hopes.

Chavi and Meena now says Sandhya to ask forgiveness from Swami Ji.

Finally, the ground seems to be shaking and slowly the jewellery comes out.

Swami Ji and his followers are now looking for options to flee, and Suraj goes around showing the jewellery of Maa Parvati to everyone.

Swami Ji says these are fake jewellery and the real jewellery he has hidden it in Rathi house.

Everyone is shocked and now asks Sandhya how come such a thing happened

Sandhya says that there is no magic involved, its just the use of science and explains the use of chaana in making the Shiv idol raise up from the ground, and Suraj also now drew up the wet chaana from the ground, and everyone now understand how Swami Ji tricked them and deceived into believing that Lord Shiv appeared in his dreams

In the melee, Swami Ji fled, but the cow blocked his way, and Suraj ran after him and got to him, and again brought him before the crowd for justice.

Sandhya also tells that she told many lies just to make people realize how they were deceived by Swami Ji, and says the coconut breaking wasn’t any signal from Maa Parvati, if we add potassium to any hard substance like coconut, potassium turns it soft and which can be easily broken by hand.

Maa Parvati, and says wax were there in the eyes of Maa Parvati which simply melted on coming in contact with hot fire from the thaali of Aarti.

Dhaisa says many performed aarti but why the wax melted only for Bhabo.

Sandhya says for Bhabo, the follower added some chemical which increased the range of fire and it came close to the eyes of Maa Parvati which resulted in the melting of wax, and that appeared as tears to everyone

Meena beats up the follower who mixed chemical in Aaarti thaali. and Meena asks Sandhya how she came to understand Swami Ji’s trickery, and Sandhya says she got to know of the plot from Brandon’s help and some by sheer luck
Sandhya says about finding sacks of chaana bags from college compound, and says Swami Ji’s real name is Govindaa and says about his desire to construct a Shopping mall instead of temple.

Sandhya explains at length how she got various clues some from Brandon, some by investigating about Swami Ji’s movements and how he used to chat with Brandon after playing his recorded voice, and also says she once called Govindaa to a child to see if Swami Ji responded or not.

Sandhya also tells how she got a rudraksh from Suraj’s pocket, and says the rudraksh has 107 beads instead of 108, and she then verified with Swami Ji’s photo also (which was brought by Suraj) and that pic too showed Swami Ji with 107 beads, and thus explains the whole crowd in detail how the Rathi family were cursed by Swami Ji, and what was his real motives behind all these.

The whole crowd gets angry and shouts slogans against Swami Ji.
Dhaisa and others incite the mob to beat up Swami Ji.
Seeing that, the followers flee from the spot so as to save their own skin
and Suraj is all set to thrash Swami Ji and holds him by his cloth, but Bhabo calls Suraj and asks Suraj to hold on

Precap–> Everyone is returning to Rathi Mansion after accomplishing mission, but Meena reminds Bhabo of her challenge and asks what she will do with the 3 matkas

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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