Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st April 2013 Written Update

Kadambari chachi regrets missing the reunion of virat and viren. Manvi says You missed a great scene and that it ‘ll never repeat as she guarantees that they’ll never fight again. Kadambari chachi reminds manvi of her dish. And she goes to check it. Jeevika gets a call from beeji. She makes sure that they reached safely and disconnects the call. Virat and viren enters. They talk about random stuffs. Vanshika tells chachi that they’ll go to a temple. Manvi comes there and says it’s a great idea. Chachi says today manvi’s curry ‘ll burn. Jeevika asks manvi to chit chat and she’ll do the rest. Manvi says she’ll do it by herself and jeevika need not take the credit by just doing the finishing touch. And she leaves.

In virman’s room, virat asks manvi why is she not getting ready. Manvi asks virat whether he forgot about his promise. He’ll pamper her everyday. Virat asks for a reason. Manvi says she’s lazy to come till the mirror. So he asks him to take her in his arms. Virat says she must be an excuse champion in her college. Virat takes her in her arms and tries to put her down purposely. They have a fun time.

In virika’s room, jeevika asks viren why is he not getting ready. He replies he doesn’t take 2 hours like you ladies. I get ready in two minutes. He goes to jeevika and tries to romance with her. He hugs her from back. He says we’ll go somewhere to hang out. She says they are going to temple. He says somewhere else. She asks him to stop romancing with her today. Manvi comes there and sees them together. They feel shy. She says it’s k and says she came to call them. Just then viren gets a phone call asking him to come for a meeting. Viren excuses himself to go for meeting. Jeevika is sad. But manvi says If He doesn’t reach on time she’ll not give him food for two days. Viren says it’s a hard punishment so he’ll come directly to temple and ‘ll reach on time. He leaves.

At hrishikesh, sweety greets two people and take them to her room. Beeji sees her and follows her. In her room, she shows them a photo of a dressing table at vadheras and asks them to make an exact replica. They say it’s expensive. But she says it’s ok. But beeji cuts in and says they don’t need it and ask them to leave. She tells to sweety that, they can’t do whatever vadheras do. They cannot be compared. Sweety is annoyed. But says sorry. Beeji leaves. On seeing dabbu she tells him to control sweety. And ask her to stay in his limits.

Everyone from vadhera family are at the temple. Pooja starts and vanshika thanks god for the reunion of the brothers. Jeevika goes out to look for viren. Vanshika says he’ll come soon. Manvi goes and bets with jeevika that viren’s job is quite hectic. He won’t reach on time. But virat comes there and says he’ll reach on time. Jeevika also says he promised her. So he’ll reach on time. Manvi bets with both of them.

Viren is in his car and wonders how to reach on time. I promised jeevika but the meeting went on till late. His bluetooth headset falls down and he tries to take it while driving. But he’s not able to. He bends down and tries to take it. But he sees a girl coming in his way and stops the car immediately. He gets out to go check the girl. But he can’t find her. But he sees blood and goes in search of the girl.

Virman and jeevika are waiting for viren. Virat gets a call and he goes to attend it. Jeevika asks manvi whether she’s going to lose 10k or 20k today. Viren ‘ll reach here in ten minutes. The sisters have fun.

Viren follows the girl and enters a jungle. The girl is running and viren is following her. He sees blood on the ground and follows that. Viren reaches a hill top and sees the girl trying to jump from there. He jumps and get hold of her hand. His phone falls down. The girl tries to leave her hand but viren pulls her up. She acts restless and ask to leave her. Finally viren slaps her and she faints. Viren tries to wake her up. But she isn’t waking up. He takes her phone and call in the last dialled number. He tells the guy about the girl and says he’s near Manali highway and asks him to come there. He tries to call jeevika but his phone is switched off.

In the temple, jeevika is worried for viren. She tries to call him, but her call doesn’t get connected. His phone is switched off. Virat comes there. Virat calls at viren’s office and comes to know that viren left before an hour. Both are worried.

Viren tries to wake the girl, but she doesn’t wake up. A guy reaches there and both are shocked to see each other.

Precap: in virika’s room, they are discussing about the girl and her husband. The guy is viren’s friend and he doesn’t know that his wife was attempting suicide. Jeevika tells him that he should share it with his friend. Viren says he gave his visiting card and decides m call him. But jeevika asks him to go meet him. Viren says ok.

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