Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
In red suit you’re blossoming like a red flower, says arshad. Vidhi is taken aback. Jeevika invites him in Arshad glances vidhi who remembers her husband’s words you’ll soon find me in front of you. Jeevika introduces him to vidhi and says i told you about him.he is aclose friend of Viren. I sent you those flowers. Vidhi can imagine the face of Arshad calling her and scaring her. Arshad moves toward vidhi saying your mood says you didn’t like the present. Jeevika says look vidhi how good Arshad is. When i told him you don’t wanna marry arshad says, i get what i want. He sings i won’t leave you sweet heart. Jeevika says vidhi don’t get angry of him he’s so nice. in fact i think you both should spend some time together.

Vidhi is reluctant but jeevika leaves her alone in room with him.

Scene 2
Manvi nags what is this virat? Why aren’t you giving time. He asks how are you and our baby? Kicking or not? She says it would take a little long. Manvi says how is your trip? He says too hectic she says wow i wish i were there with you. Dabo comes saying look manvi di what photo i found. Manvi says i’m talking to virat don’t disturb me and shoves him out. she closes the door. Virat asks what happened? She says he was showing some old photo. I spend whole day missing you, says virat. Manvi says mine too. I love you virat he says i love you too.

Scene 3
Arshad says looking at your hubby after a long time doesn’t even make you happy? Look i said i’ll leave you alone her. How you thought you’ll get this money all alone? I have right on all your belongings. And on this money too. Don’t act smart or i will kill this child now. He holds her hand so tight saying oh you have grown wings in just a few days. She says viren is such a big lawyer he won’t leave you. When a married woman becomes surrogate her husband needs to sign a paper not to have right on the child. But you didn’t tell them. now i can even claim the child mine.

Scene 4
Manvi is in hospital. she asks doctor where is monty uncle? He says he has not come. She calls him but his phone is off. She finds a letter monty has written her in which he has written that you story gave me courage. I’m going to my family today. Manvi wishes his family pardons him.

Scene 5
Door knocks, beeji opens and its monty. He comes in. Everyone is bewildered. Monty remembers what beeji said to him not to come back here again . Beeji asks what are you doing here? He says i am here after along struggle. She asks but who are you ? He says don’t do this with me beeji. She says i’m not your beeji. Bari beeji interrupts just listen what he has to say. She says did he listen when he was leaving his wife and two girls. He made his daughters orphans. He never thought of us, why should we?
Beeji asks him to leave. He says please forgive me beeji. She says alright i will forgive you just return the childhood of my daughters just give us our tears our time bace. I’ll forgive you. Get out now.
Leave before manvi comes back. He is leaving, suddenly manvi comes in. She says wow uncle you ? Everyone is so dazed. How did you come to know this is my house? She says uncle this is my beeji. Everything i bring you is made by her.
He remembers when she said to him that our beeji made the same food. She says to everyone this is my monty uncle. How you knew about my house? He says i didn’t know you are mahesh’s daughter. Me and mahesh were friends so i thought to meet his family. She says wow this mind blowing coincidence. It deserves a hug that i never get to my dad.

Precap: Manvi asks Mahesh i forgot you had to meet your family did they forgive you ? He says no, but im still so happy. I met my daughter and she is exactly like you


Update Credit to: Atiba

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