Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with SRK asking the contestants whether they watched the promo keenly. He adds that the next question is from that & asks the name of the bridge & where is it? which was shown in that promo. Emily & Ashutosh thinks while sandy looks at Suraj & remembers his words of correcting everything & hits the buzzer with confidence. Everyone other than Bhabo feels happy. Suraj shows a sigh of relief. SRK is surprised. He asks her the answer. Sandy tells that it is in Goa & its name is Dhoodh sagar . SRK tells that she would get 20 points. After pausing for a while SRK tells that She is right & is equal to Ashutosh now. SRK praises sandy.

Next question.What is Satyavathi’s first son name??

Sandy presses the buzzer &

tells chitrangadh before SRK asks her the answer. SRK asks her whether she did the right thing in haste. If she is wrong her journey will end there itself. He gives her 5 secs time. Sandy says that she is having full confidence. SRK tells that her confidence is right. Congratulates her. Suraj chotu chaturi chavi claps for her.

SRK tells ashu that this chutki bar sindoor girl is tough competition for him. Asks him to be careful

Third question world Education day

Before sandy could press ashu presses the buzzer. He answers 8th september.. He is right. Meena claps for him Bhabo feels better. Sandy & Ashu are at same scores.

Only one question left…
Sandy- ashu 40-40

RP watch out carefully…

SRK tells that In which city th last mahakumbh of 20th century held??

Ashu & sandy presses at the same time. SRK wonders who does that. In crowd chavi chotu & chaturi tells that sandy does that. but some ppl say that it is Ashu… SRK goes for technical help & . SurYa tensed. Suraj prays to god as it is the last chance for her dream to come true.
SRK gets the answwer that Ashu did that. Surya get shocked including RP members.

Ashu tells that it is Ujjain… Sandy is elated… SRK asks whether it is right & ashu nods. but SRK tells that it is wrong. Everyone is happy for sandy now incl Emily…

SRK passes the question to sandy & tells that it is the gift of god so that she can become SBC. Meena prays for her defeat. Sandy remembers suraj’s words that he will set right & concentrate on competition.. Sandy tells that it is Haridwar.

SRK asks her whether she said it with confidence & sure about the same. Sandy nods with confidence.

Break: SRK tells Sandy that her answer … (Meanwhile Bhabasa Suraj Chavi all look very tensed)

SRK tells Sandy that her answer … (Meanwhile Bhabasa Suraj Chavi all look very tensed)SRK tells that she is 100% right. Everyone give her standing ovation. Emily is elated. Suraj & babasa hug. Surya share an eyelock. Chaturi chotu chavi are happy. SRK wishes her. he tells that if there is confidence one will reach the destination no matter how many times they fall. Bhabo is not happy. Babasa tells that they would celebrate Sandy’s b day happily now. Asks bhabo to make kheer & asks her to participate in the family’s happiness. BhaSan have eyelock

SRK congratulates Sandy as she won with 20 points & calls RP on stage. He greets everyone. Mohit gives a tough look to Emily. SRK asks Suraj about his feelings. Suraj with tears tells that he has no words. SRK tells that no need to explain as his tears said it all. He asks babasa. Babasa tells that sandy got his fruit for her hard work & praises Suraj for his support & adds that he is feeling proud of his son & DIL. Prays that let them light up the pride of RP forever. SRK next turns towards Bhabo. SRK tells her that sandy proved how a bazigarni would be & has become SBC. Bhabo nods. SRK asks her to whom these praises should go??? SRK tells that it should go to Suraj becoz he encouraged sandy to achieve ths when she was void of confidence.


SRK tells bhabo that he has learnt that bhabo would make good ladoos & wishes that she makes some today & give it to sandy for her b day. Bhabo tells that she will as it is the day on which sandy’s dream coming true & RP will celebrate big time. Suraj Babasa worried with her stern voice… Meena brags SRK’s hands & introduces herself. SRK mocks her sayng that the family is colourful & also her saree. SRK gives sandy the prixe xheque & trophy. Everyone happy. SRK tells Surya that they should live together like this supporting each other as they can overcome any storm… SRK tells that he would come next time to have some sweets of Suraj. SRK leaves… Suraj looks at the trophy & then Sandy. Sandy holds the trophy with happiness. Diya BG…

Precap: Suraj asks bhabo whether she is happy. Bhabo asks him what is it to him whether she is happy or not … Suraj tells that it does make diff to him.. Bhabo tells that he must be feeling pity on her today… as till yesterday he knew that she never likes her DIL going one step ahead of sons…….


Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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