Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th March 2013 Written Update

Manvi says. If i don’t talk then i’ll become more sick. Already my hand is fractured. It’s difficult to keep this sling in place and roam about. She moves her hand and cries in pain. Jeevika gets tensed and is about to hold manvi’s hand. Manvi feels something and stares at her. Jeevika takes her hand back and look away. Manvi leave from there lost in thoughts.

Manvi is in her bed. Dhannù brings food for manvi. And takes a spoon of food and gives to her. Manvi tries to lift the veil. But dhannù stops her. Manvi says she can’t put up with this suspense anymore. So please lift your veil and let me see your face. I wanna know how the person who takes so much care of me looks like. But dhannù says a strict no and manvi has to finally obey her. Manvi takes the food and says she’ll have it by herself and asks dhannù to complete her other works. Dhannù starts cleaning manvi’s room. Manvi tastes the food and she again feels something. Dhannù is standing on a furniture and is dusting. Manvi sees that the furniture is not stable. She asks dhannù to be careful. But by then dhannù slips from the furniture and falls. Manvi holds her. Dhannù’s veil goes away. And jeevika is tensed. Manvi is hugging her and jeevika feels happy. She hugs her back. But then somehow jeevika manages to put her veil back and fold her hands and Say sorry to manvi. Manvi says it’s k. By then a servant from vadhera house comes there and tells manvi that viren is calling dhannù. Manvi asks dhannù to go and complete jeeju’s works and come after that. She leaves with the servant. Manvi is left in thoughts. She says to herself. What’s this puzzle about dhannù. Her food tastes like jeevika di. When she touches me, i have the same feeling when di touches me. Is my doubt correct? I have to find out.

Viren is sitting on a couch. Dhannù comes there. Viren asks her not to feel shy and come inside. She comes inside. Viren asks her to tell the truth. He’s a lawyer, so he’ll anyways find out. Why did she enter his wife’s room. Was she planning to steal the bracelet. Dhannù shows actions and says no. Viren asks whether she’s dumb and she nods. Viren says sorry and goes to her. He says sunder told that girls in the village look really pretty. That’s why they always hide their face with veil. So you show me your face. I won’t tell anyone. Jeevika is shocked to hear that. She says no. But viren insists. Dhannù points her finger towards his marriage photo. Viren says. Oh. You must be thinking what my wife ‘ll think. Don’t worry. She’s poor thing. Jeevika is more shocked to hear that. She says no. But viren insists. Dhannù points her finger towards his marriage photo. Viren says. Oh. You must be thinking what my wife ‘ll think. Don’t worry. She’s poor thing. Jeevika is more shocked to hear that. Viren says she wouldn’t even come to know. There’s a different spark in village girls that cannot be found in city girls. Show me your face right. Noone ‘ll know. Jeevika feels disgusted and tries to leave. Viren holds her and says how long ‘ll you hide your face from me. ‘Ll surely see one or other day. Jeevika leaves from there.

At hrishikesh, in the hall madan chachù, beeji, pinky chachi dabbu and sweety are talking. madan chachù says that the matter is really serious. Nobody ever thought that problems ‘ll crop up between viren and virat. But we can’t do anything either. How can we interfere in their family matters. Beeji says,
‘m more tensed about jeevika and manvi. They had never stayed away from each other since childhood. They were married to the same house and now this distance. How ‘ll my children cope up with this. Sweety shows actions to dabbu and smiles sweetly at him. He finally asks chachù. PapA, what are we going to do with the 25 lakh rupees i won. Beeji and chachù shuts him up and scolds him for bringing up this during sensitive situations like this. Sweety starts making faces and leaves from there. Dabbu excuses himself and leaves behind sweety. All are upset thinking about the problems at chandigarh.

Manvi is sitting on the couch and dhannù comes there. Manvi keeps staring at her. Dhannù goes to kitchen to do her works. She’s doing the dishes in the kitchen. When manvi comes there and keeps staring at her. Jeevika wonders what happened and tries to move. Manvi starts taking the washed plates and keeping it on a side. But dhannù stops her and takes the plate back. Manvi says. ‘M not doing the dishes. ‘M just keeping the plates aside. K. ‘M not doing anything. Manvi tells dhannù yesterday Night, after having dinner, virat left his plate in the bedroom itself. Can you please bring it. Dhannù goes to take it. Manvi takes a plate and fills it with water. She looks in it and makes sure she can see her reflection. She keeps it on the floor. Dhannù comes back and says there is nothing there. Manvi says then it must be outside kitchen. Can you please bring it. Dhannù goes to fetch it. Jeevika finds the plate. And sees water in it. She sees her face and says to herself. Oh mannù. Started your detective works. But ‘m your elder sister. And starts moving the water in the plate so that manvi can’t see anything.Manvi is annoyed seeing her plan fail. She asks dhannù to finish off her works soon. Manvi asks her she must be really tired rite. She has to walk so much in the sun to reach here. Dhannù nods. Manvi says. But humans have to work really hard to make money. She again nods. Manvi says. You are really nice. And ‘m also a good malikeen rite. Dhannù again nods. Manvi now asks all what you were saying all this while is a lie right. Jeevika is about to nod, but soon understands manvi’s plans and says no. She leaves and manvi thinks to herself. I’ll have to find a really good plan.

At chandigarh, sweety is scolding dabbu for what happened in the hall. She says i asked to talk to them about your own money. And you couldn’t even do that. Dabbu replies that i asked. Sweety says. Yes. You did a great job by asking. And all of them stopped you from talking. It’s your money. You have rights on it. You can spend it the way you want. Dabbu says. Everyone at home is now tensed about jeevika and manvi. They said right, we ‘ll talk about it later. Sweety says. Always you people are bothered about jeevika and manvi. What’s with them. They got married to vadhera house and are living happily. I was saying for your good only. It’s your money. But like everyone you’ll also take me wrong. And she starts to cry. Dabbu goes to console her and says it’s not like that. He’ll surely talk to them when he gets an opportunity. She stops crying and says this is your last chance. Dabbu says ok. Sweety says she’s really hungry. And to bring some food for her. Dabbu goes to fetch food and sweety says ‘Duffer’.

Dhannù is about to leave and manvi says. Your works are over right. Now you must be leaving. She’s about to leave when manvi stops her and asks her whether she can apply oil on her head. It’s been many days. She is not able to do it. Dhannù happily nods. Manvi says oil is there in that corner. Dhannù goes to fetch it. Manvi sits on the floor and dhannù comes with the oil. Manvi asks her to sit on the couch. But she doesn’t agree. Manvi again says but she says no. Manvi now says in a stern tone and dhannù sits on the couch and start to apply the oil. Manvi tries her level best to move her head back and peep into the veil, but everytime jeevika moves her head and manvi is unsuccessful in her efforts. Manvi says to take her wages after finishing the work. Manvi again tries to peep and Finally, jeevika hits on manvi’s head with her fist. And manvi thinks. Di. How did you think that i wouldn’t recognise when you hit me. Dhannù is my jeevika di itself. She does this always when she applies oil on my hair. Jeevika says it’s over and is about to leave. Manvi asks whether she doesn’t need her wages. She pays dhannù and she’s about to leave when virat comes inside and she collides with him. Virat asks whether he had hurt her. She says no and leaves. Virat tells manvi. Your new maid is strange. When she sees people she acts like they are going to eat her. Manvi asks him not to say anything about her. It’s hard to find someone who takes so much care even If you go around with a torch in the day time. Virat leaves and manvi thinks to herself. Di, To help me you even became a maid. Now i know everything. And you ‘ll remove this veil by yourself. Episode ends on her face.

Precap: manvi is in the market with dhannù. She’s standing in the middle of the road with a vegetable bag and saying to herself. Atleast now please come out of you veil di. A black car is coming towards manvi. Both the sisters are tensed. Jeevika rushes to her and pushes manvi to a side. And both of them fall down. On the road. And jeevika asks manvi whether she’s fine. She nods and asks di. Are you alright.

Update Credit to: desitvbox

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