Madhubala 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan says – Zindagi dubara mauka deti hai.. Sultan nahi..!

Dips comes to her room n sees Sikky sulking n not eating! Dips asks him to eat.. but he says..why she cares? coz she does not..! He fires Dips n says he saw it all..! Dips says..RK was not feeling well .. n Sikky says.. so he will give jhappi to Sikkys wife?

Sikky tells Dips that.. biwi RK ki .. jhappi RK ki … why is Dips getting worried ?? Dips says she had relation with RK ..but she is Sikkys wife now..! Sikky tells her to look at the mirror.. n remind herself that..! Dips says..she knows n Sikky walks off n Dips hell! Radha overhears!

Madhu is leaving the chawl n sees Paddo-Trish on the way..! Paddo asks her if she should cook for her or she wont return at night? Trish tries to calm her.. but Paddo fumes n walks off..!

A guy clicks Madhus pics from far. n thereafter another informs his accomplice to follow Madhu..!

Radha asks Dips about food . and comments about Sikky-Dips relation weakening! Dips laufs it off..! Radha says. dun believe so! Sikky comes as well..! Sikky asks Dips if he can tell Radha the truth.. but lies thereafter..saying it was about breakfast…! Dips asks Sikky if she should thank him? Sikky says.. not yet..!

Madhu notices the guy tailing her..!

The heroine is rehearsing her lines.. ‘Zara der hai aneme ..hatkadi pehna dun, tumhe kya kaid karun.. (Madhu helps to complete the line) main to khud hi giraftar hun tere ishq me’! She is drooling on RK Madhu says.. he is superb.. no one knows.when he is living n when acting a part..!

RK about to walk to Madhu but called for shot..! Madhus cell rings n its Aryan..! RK fumes seeing Madhu smile..!

Aryan talks of eating methi .. n then doing weight lifting..! He asks when they will meet she can beat him..! RK walks up to Madhu ..snatches her cell n says.. dare to call between RKs shot.. else he wont let him speak a bit..! RK breaks Madhus cell..!

Sultan walks into Aryans room n Aryan is panting n crying n says guy on phone said..he wont let Aryan walk ever! Sultan asks Aryan he weak? He says no.! Sultan asks who was on phone.. Aryan says RK!

Part 2

RK says. dare anyone talk on phone between shot.. ! Madhu was rehearsal .. RK says..dun care..! He tells her ..he will buy a new one for her!

RK says..PACK UP! Madhu fumes n walks off..! She notices the cyclist guy following her again..!

Part 3

She realises there are more ppl following her ..! She ducks n hides n watches the men talk with each other..! She sprays pepper spray on the guys n asks who they are?

They say …they are keeping an eye on her..on behalf of RK!

Precap —- RK-Madhu are at the mansion.. ! RK tells Madhu that there is nothing between them. .other than poison.. else it would become a Zanjeer.. to stop her from going to strangers.. n spending HER NIGHTS with them! Radha slaps RK!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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