Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th April 2013 Written Update

Media people are questioning Jeevika. She gets angry and shouts at them that he husband didn’t kill anyone. Manvi tries to move them away. All family members see that. Dadaji asks Inder to bring them in. He moves the video people away and brings them in. They keep shooting questions at her. Dadaji asks where’s Viren. Manvi replies that he’s in jail. All are shocked. Bua asks Inder to call inspector and check. Vanshika says she wants to go see Viren now. Jeevika looks shattered. All are upset.

At the police station, Sambhav tells the inspector that he wants to talk to Viren. Inspector asks him to talk and to control his anger. Sambhav tells he knows Viren is innocent. But Viren replies he’s responsible for Riya’s murder. But Sambhav replies Riya was attempting suicide now and then. He knew Riya ‘ll end like this and someone would end up like Viren. I thought it’ll be me. You always helped us. Don’t worry. I’ll find some way out. And save you from this. Trust me.

At hrishikesh, Sweety come shouting. She tells everyone that Viren got arrested for a murder case. All are shocked. Beeji doesn’t believe her and gets angry on her. She asks to switch on the tv. And the news is shown. All are upset. Beeji tries to call in landphone. But phone is not working. Chachu says he’ll call Manvi.

The entire Vadheras reach the police station. Vanshika Asks for Viren. Viren is shown inside the cell. All are emotional on seeing him. Dadaji says that case is registered. So inspector can’t do anything. Viren replies he deserves punishment. Vanshika saya he can’t hurt anyone. Then how ‘ll he murder someone. Swamini bua says she’s with him. Jeevika is crying. Chachu talks about bail.Virat comes and says he tried a lot. But it’s not possible. Chachu goes and tells inspector that Viren is a famous lawyer. He can’t kill anyone.He asks to leave Viren now and he’ll apply for bail tomorrow. But inspector replies that Viren gave his statement. That he committed the murder. So they can’t do anything. Chachu replies he did that under emotional stress. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Swamini Bua says that she’s sure that Viren didn’t do anything. Inspector asks for proof. And they are quiet. Inspector replies he understands their feelings. But laws can’t be changed. Jeevika pleads to Viren to take back his statement. But he says he committed the mistake and he won’t do that. That’s against the law. And ask them not to help him in this. She’s crying badly. He’s facing the wall and not looking at them. Inspector says visiting time over. And ask them to leave. Jeevika is not ready to. But Manvi asks her to be strong and forcefully take her out. Jeevika looks at Viren and cries. When they leave, Viren looks at them. Virat goes to Viren and tells him. A few months back I was inside the jail. And you saved me. I promise you that I’ll bring you out. Virat leaves.

Jeevika is lying on Manvi’s lap and crying. Manvi asks her to be strong and not break down. She asks Jeevika to sleep.

Manvi reaches her room. Virat asks about Jeevika. She replies she slept. Manvi starts to cry. Virat asks her to be strong. They have to support the family. Manvi says she thought after holi everything became alright. But again issues. They didn’t do anything to anyone but they always have trouble. Virat consoles her and says like good days bad days also end. They’ll save Viren. But Manvi asks how is it possible after what they saw and Viren’s statement. A servant comes and tells him that Dadaji is calling them.

Vanshika is upset and Swamini bua is consoling her. Virman arrives. Dadaji says he’s going to fight Viren’s case. And asks them to tell what they saw. Virat replies he has to tell more things. Ma already knows about it. Manvi tells them all what she saw. Starting from seeing Viren and Riya at the restaurant. Bua and Vanshika asks them to stop her nonsense. But she replies she can’t be mistaken every time. And the other day Viren lied to her when he was at flower shop. If you people took me seriously other day, then they wouldn’t have had to see this day. Inder Chachu asks whether she’s trying to say that Viren had an affair. Manvi replies she said what she saw. They can understand from that. Jeevika angrily slaps her and Manvi is shocked.

Precap: Manvi is crying and pleading to Jeevika. I have no life without you. Jeevika asks her to stop her emotional blackmail. She doesn’t want to talk with someone who looks at her husband with doubts. She asks Manvi to leave and turn to other side. Manvi is crying badly.

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