Madhubala 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks if Radha wants her to accept all this? Radha says a woman cant see a woman like this

Radha says.. if RK is her son.. Madhu is her daughter n says.. a woman wont stop Madhu from leaving! Servant refuses to open the door but Radha fires him n he relents..!

As Madhu starts to step out RK calls out … KAMAL hai..its proved that Radha is RKs mom n he din get her from some Kumbh Mela.. a mom in law is sending off her own daughter in law!

Radha says.. if a son forgets his duty towards his wife.. a mom in law has to become a mom!

RK says.. Biwi.. Tussi ja rahi.. ho .. Tussi na jao! He says..if she leaves.. he will cut his wrist..! Radha is shocked! RK says.. two of the most precious women standing who gave life.. another wants to take! RK says.. Balihari hun biwi tumhara.. Maiya deo bataye!

RK says.. decision is Madhus! BG- Tu hi mahi mera… and Madhu comes to Rishbala room n recollects past..!

She opens the cupboard …sees her green dupatta…BG- Hum the dewane! RK comes n says.. ITS HERS which helped him pass his time in her memory! Madhu fumes .. n RK says.. relax .n says.. he knows she loves him .. ONLY HIM .. else if someone else was there..she would have left!

Madhu says.. that she trusted the one..who shouldnt be trusted.. she should have been just as big a jerk.. liar… DHOKEBAZ like him! RK repeats the lines… U LOVE ME.. ONLY ME!

RK asks Madhu to answer .. n asks why she cant answer n she says.. THERE IS A LIMIT ..! RK insists… Madhu says…who is he to ask her such things? Finally she screams… I LOVE U .. only U …have n still love only U!!! BG-Jane ye kaisa hai pyaar! Madhu says.. to love someone ..there should be something alive .. but he has killed everything.. inside her.. n so she cant love anyone ever!

RK is delighted Madhu is disgusted!

Part 2

Dips tries to overhear Rishbala ! RK is trying to feed Madhu .. but she refuses to eat! n as she is leaning on the door.. RK opens n she falls

RK says.. if u keep will u keep fighting? He talks of her being Mr. India.. n he being Seema ji!

Dips is leaning on the door n RK opens it n she falls! RK taunts… ‘Ye haddiyo ki plate darwaze pe kya kar rahi thi’! How Sweet.. the family bonding.. Dips is like dosa FLAT on the floor!

RK tells Madhu ..she has.. anger. .attitude.. but he still has HIS MOTHER!

Part 3

RK tells Radha ..her DIL Madhu is not eating

Radha asks Madhu the matter n sympathises… RK says.. what is the matter..all is well!

Radha asks RK to keep mum n RK shushes himself.. saying RK ko sirf RK ki maa chup kara sakti hai!

Precap — Sultan enters RK mansion …its dark n there is no electricity! Madhu is scared.. Sultan opens his lighter.. n Madhu looks at Sultan n Sultan at Madhu..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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