Ek Hasina Thi 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga seeing the live video at Ganguly’s house. She sees him with a girl Nandini. Ganguly asks Nandini to correct the mistakes she made in the file and come with him to rectify it. Nandini says I came to meet Sagarika. He says she won’t go anywhere. Sagarika asks Nandini to go and work. Nandini comes to Ganguly and he holds her hand closing the door. Nandini asks if Sagarika comes here then. Nandini asks till when will this happen. He blackmails her. Durga says Ganguly tried this with Payal too, as he is powerful, he is teacher and is doing such a bad thing. She says get ready, its time to do your scoring. She says vice chancellor……….

Dev comes and sees Sakshi meditating. He smiles and comes to her. He says its very strange, you are becoming graceful and beautiful with age. She thanks him and asks what do you mean, am I old, or was not graceful before. He says no, I mean to say you are really beautiful. She says you became clever after going America. She says I wanted to tell you something. She says we got a project from American corporation, it’s a big project and I want you to handle this project, its good both brothers are architects. Dev says I don’t want to go back to America, I want to stay here, I need time to decide.

He says thanks for the offer. She asks will you think about your life or someone else’s. Dev says its clear that my life is linked to hers, so its same thing. He leaves. Suchitra comes there and says I will come with my children. Sakshi asks Suchitra why is Dev wanting to stay in Kolkata. Suchitra says yes, I told him to do what he wants. She leaves. Dev comes to a cake shop and asks the man to make a special cake and gives the description. He thinks about Payal’s cake combination.

The man says is this recipe a hit. We got the same cake order, see the sake is being delivered now. Dev thinks who will like such cake. Dev asks who ordered it. The man says they asked us to write Payal on the cake. Dev is shocked. The cake goes for delivery. Dev asks for address. Dev says its same Payal whose birthday I want to celebrate. The man checks the address and says its pick up, maybe she came to take it. Dev says Payal and Nitya and smiles. He goes out and sees the cake being delivered to Durga. He is shocked and says Durga? Payal?

Dev follows Durga and says how can Durga know Payal’s choice. He says sorry Durga, I have to know this and come after you. Durga talks to Dayal and says I took the cake, its funny but Payal likes this combinbation. Durga sees Dev following him. She says why is he following me, I can’t let him know where I m going, what to do now. She says I will keep my car on side. She stops the car. Dev also stops. She says why is he stopping here. Dev says is Payal around here. Durga says is this coincidence, but I m not interested.

Dev gets out of the car and walks towards her car. Durga sees him in the mirror and gets tensed. She leaves in hurry. Dev follows her again. She says I m saved today and sees him following again. Dev asks why is she running from me, or does she drive like this, I m sure she is avoiding me. The traffic police stops Dev and he misses Durga’s car. He keeps following seeing her car. She tries to hide. Dev looks for her. Durga says she has to be alert from Dev too.

Durga comes with the cake to Dayal. She says I will tell you everything later. Dayal keeps a party for Payal in the hospital. He asks her to go and bring Payal. He says it’s a secret for Payal. She brings Payal. Payal is really glad seeing the party decorations. Durga wishes her happy birthday. Dayal and everyone sing the birthday song. Paual smiles. Payal holds Durga’s hand and says its my birthday today, is this for me? Durga says yes, did you like this. Dayal and Durga cry. The doctor says Payal also kept a surprise for you today. Payal stands up from her wheel chair. Dayal and Durga are happily shocked.

Dayal says bravo, this is excellent. Everyone clap. The doctor says its because of your love, else I felt our try will fail as she was in depression, I felt she does not want to live, but you have given her love and she is trying to get well now. She is responding to people positively. Dev finds about Durga on net and says there is no info about her. He says who are you, why do I feel you are connected to Payal. He says what is it you are hiding from me, what?

Dev asks Shaurya for Durga’s number. Shaurya challenges him for squash and says I will give it if you win. Dev agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. awsome mast hats off to this serial

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  4. Dev and Durga rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dev and durga rocks

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    shourya has a tough competitor nw.

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