Sasural Simar Ka 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kapil tastes the dish of Jahnvi and Simar. He says the second task is that you have to do the dishes in 5 minutes and have to serve them. Roli says there is no dish washing soap here. Kapil says yes thats the part of task. You have to d it with something else. The servant comes with one packet. He says both sisters will fight for the same packet and whoever takes it, it will be his.
Roli says jeju. Simar looks on the other side. Roli takes the packet. Mausi ji says why is this bua ji so happy.
Kapil says there is a request you should tell this to my grandmom too.

Scene 2
A man looks at roli’s picture. Juwala comes to him. Birju says i think baba wanna watch tv. He turns on the tv for him. Juwala says baba looks happy. On tv bahu no 1 is airing. Juwala says what is this now ?

Scene 3
kapil says i am so happy after enjoying this pulao. He starts throwing away the things. Kapil says isn’t want kids do ? For you its a task. His servant comes. there is no electriccity at your place and you have to clean all this mess.
One of you has to bind a cloth on eyes. Simar says i will bind and from the other team its bhagti.

Scene 4
Baba is watching the tv. Roli comes on tv. He shuts she is the ne. Juwala is shocked she says roli. Juwala says s that’s roli because of whom this happened to baba.
Juwala says birju do something.

Scene 5
Jahnvi is telling simar where to move. Simar is acring as she directs but bhagti is not listening to roli. She finally hits something and jhanvi wins this ne as well. Rli says I told you that not move in that direction. You didn’t listened to me.

Servant raju comes with a rope. He says this is the rope that you have to hold. What you have to do is to decorate your part. Whoever decorates their part will win.
Simar and jhanvi and roli bhagti start decorating it. Jhanvi and simar complete it first. Kapil says you will be happy to find that this wasn’t a task at all. The task is that you have to hold it and pull it. Siamr wonders how will jhanvi do it. She is pregnant. Simar says I will play this round alone. Simar is trying to pull the rope but she loses it. Kapil syas here we have the score of both teams.

Precap-Jahnvi and simar are dancing. Everyone enjoys it. Then bhagti and roli dance. Kapil says so the bahu no 1 is..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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