Ek Hasina Thi 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga and Akash talking about Rajnath meeting Sakshi out of city to get the tape. They go to the place to get the tape. Rajnath sees Sakshi and guides her where to keep the tape, and the tea vendor will give her the video clip. Sakshi asks how can she believe him. He says do as I say, you don’t want any option. Durga and Akash hide and see them. Sakshi puts the tape and leaves. Rajnath says thanks Sakshi and goes to take the tape. Rajnath laughs seeing the tape and says now I m free. Sakshi aims gun at him, and Rajnath gets stunned. She asks is he happy meeting her now. Rajnath is shocked and asks what is she doing here. She says she is having fun. She asks her to take the tape back. She says what will I do, I don’t like to watch cartoon films.

She says she doubted him thinking Akram Khan won’t need the proof against Rajnath. She says how can he do this with Shaurya, he is his father, and then he is getting Kangana married to that rapist, the moment you have sent me this video clip, I tried to find out, and came to know Agnihotri is missing, I knew you have killed him to get the video clip, are you not ashamed to put Shaurya’s life at stake, the rape footage was proof against Shaurya, everything would have ended. Durga tells Akash that she have that video clip to Agnihotri. Rajnath says he did this being helpless. Sakshi says poor Rajnath Goenka was helpless to do this, what happened.

Rajnath says you made me stand at this point, did you not R…. She says you mean Raima, you came to know that I tried to kill Raima, when I got to know about your affair, seriously, Raima…. Is this your choice, I mean, she is no competition for me at all. Rajnath says if she was not a competition for her, what was the need to kill her. Sakshi says person gets blind in love, you are the living proof for it, and even your GF is a fool, I showed her a gun, and she told everything, how you both loved each other, and you made her helpless to become my best friend to reach that tape, for which you became my servant. She says you forgot, Rahmat Khan paid a big price for this tape and I can’t let you get the tape so easily. Akash and Durga hear them.

Sakshi says I m sorry, you and Raima can get along in next birth, you have to be my slave in this birth. Durga tells Akash that the tape is about the article between Rajnath and Arnav’s differences, she got married to Rajnath by using their fight, now the time has come, the real Akram Khan should call Sakshi. Rajnath thinks Sakshi can do anything now, its good to compromise with her now. Rajnath folds hands and apologizes to her. He says he did a big mistake. Akash calls Sakshi and asks how are you Ammi. She asks who is it. He says real Akram Rahmat Khan.

Rajnath asks what happened. Sakshi asks what joke is this. Akram says he does not joke, her liar husband has joked, you want to know how did I come suddenly, I was always with you, you did not identify me. He says I m not liar like Rajnath, you did not believe your son is alive, but I m alive. She asks what does he want. He says I want you, I want you to come back to my world, you will accept me like your elder son. She says this can’t happen. He says why, you can kill Abbu and me. Then why can’t this, you will do this. He says you blackmailed Rajnath by that tape and Rajnath married you. She asks how does he know. He says he knows everything, by his Abbu’s old articles. She says she will give him money. He says he is not a cheap man, he wants just her, and he is coming to take her.

Rajnath asks Sakshi what happened. Sakshi says she has to leave and shoots on the car tyres. She asks Rajnath to walk and go. Akash says we have GPS in Sakshi’s car and we have to follow her. Sakshi is on the way and thinks Akram can be a big problem, I have to check is the tape safe there or not. She sees is anyone following her. Dev thinks about Shaurya’s connection in Dayal’s murder and says no, this can’t happen, Shaurya can’t even walk. He thinks something.

Dev asks Shaurya to confess that he did Payal’s rape and makes him angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. can anything else be better than this.. its just awesome! great episode

    1. U r ri8…. no othr serial is best than EHT….. i am just luvin it….. wid a bit of sadness tht its gonna End… 🙁

  2. Anothr twist…….Wow…..

  3. Wat a nice episode!!!
    jst loved it
    akash u rocked 2day cmplty

  4. Still the claimax scene had not come.I hope dis show extends for few of these days.luv u devga

  5. Sakshi Goenka u wil be ruined soon!!!
    jst waiting 2 see ahead:-)

  6. Supb…no words to express ds super show

  7. EHT my one of best showwww. wellllllll love u akash and devga

  8. man, what an amazing show. I cannot miss tonight’s episode.

  9. amazing show love it

  10. great job AKASH.Keep it.sakshi you are so intelligent.

    1. great job akash.kee it up. Sakshi you are so intelligent.

  11. super eposide and great story.will miss the show.

  12. Suprb epi devdur Rock..

  13. I think shayad ab shaurya k munh se sach nikal jaye

  14. i love 2 watch this serial

  15. Wow wow wow

  16. Rellyyy hot episode.am waiting 4 tommorow episode

  17. The series is one of the best serial. I just love to watch it. Sakshi n durga u guys are awesome.
    Plz don’t stop it.

  18. thousands lakhs of wows for this serial.

  19. suprb ….. i love EHT

  20. Why doesn’t someone take a gun and shoot Shaurya???
    Great job Akash/Akram…

  21. Akram/Akash performance is superb
    nice serial

  22. Let Dev handle Shaurya alone…. Akash & durga will take care of Sakshi…..

  23. Call it a Murder mystery or a Love thriller – EHT will get heads up on every aspect… Such a Brilliant serial with heartthrob dialogues, the most excellent serial I have seen till date…. So get glued to your seats to enjoy the last few thrills of the outstanding show, EHT

  24. Wow. Akram/Akash super

  25. Fantastic serial. One of its kind. Suspense tricka acting preformance looks jwelley dress etc superb…..m
    will miss the serial but jope the director comes out with other story in a very short time

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