Ek Hasina Thi 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sakshi waiting for doctor’s call and wishing to tackle Durga. She gets his call and comes to know the DNA did not match, and it means Durga is not Dayal’s daughter. She ends the call and is happy. She misses Raima and says I wish I did not shoot you, as you were part of my secret sharing, it would be fun to share this news. Akash tells Durga that he has fixed GPS in Sakshi’s car and cameras at that place, we are ready. She says great. She sees Shaurya and ends the call. Shaurya greets her and asks how is she. Durga asks what is she doing here.

Shaurya says sorry to come without knocking, I want to know did you get Baba’s murderer. She says I will get him, he is close, don’t worry. He says how should I not worry and gets the wheelchair towards her. He says he loves her. She says shut up. He says a call and says sorry, imp call. He says what nonsense, Dev is dead, when. Durga shouts no and cries. Shaurya says you idiot, is there just one Dev in Kolkata. Durga asks what happened to Dev. Shaurya says its some other Dev, he scared me, I should warn Dev, as accidents are happening much. He leaves.

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Durga thinks he came to threaten her about Dev and prays for Dev. Sakshi says if she is not Dayal’s daughter, then who is she, Shekhar was right, Durga is just a lookalike. She recalls what Shekhar said. She says Durga met with an accident, in which she survived, why did Dayal bring her look alike, did his daughter die, and if she is not real Durga, then why did he give his property to her name. She asks where does Nitya fit in this, what is it what I m not able to see, and thinks. She says she will get answers when she gets Nitya. She thinks she needs to lay new trap, Durga is weak after Dayal’s death, first she should deal with Akram Khan, then she will see Durga.

Kangana brings Durga to Anuradha’s home. Anuradha asks Kangana why did she come here. Durga says she came to take blessings as she is getting engaged to Karan. Anuradha turns and asks her to go. Durga says fine, but before that she has to say something, she knows why she left counselor position and left her family, why she gives free education to children. Anuradha says she does not know. Durga says she did a sin which ruined a girl’s life and her family. Anuradha cries. Durga tells about what happened with Payal. She shows Payal’s ill state video to Anuradha. Anuradha thinks how Sakshi manipulated her to save their sons. Sakshi promised that she will help Mitra family and convinced her.

Durga asks Anuradha to rectify the mistake she did, she has the chance now. She says you can save Kangana today, Karan does not love Kangana, he has fooled her like other girls. She says this marriage is for political benefit and asks her to save Kangana. She asks Anuradha to think. Anuradha stops them and says she can’t let Kangana’s life ruin. They smile. Kangana hugs her. Durga thanks her. Anuradha asks what she has to do. Shaurya plays at home, and Dev comes. Shaurya talks to him, both passes some taunts. Shaurya says I m praising you and you are showing bad manners. He says you have right now, as you became chairman. Dev asks how is he at home. Shaurya says this house is mine, I came as I wished to come, I was missing you all.

Shaurya prays for Dayal’s soul peace and asks Dev not to worry, if he was not on romantic dinner, even then this would have happened, its their fate. Dev is shocked and realizes Shaurya spoke about his dinner date. Shaurya says wherever Dev and Durga would have been, Dayal would be dead, and now their turn will be soon. Dev goes to Suchitra. He asks her did she tell anyone about dinner plan. She says no, and tells him everything how she got an invitation. Dev gets shocked and thinks was it a setup of Dayal’s murder.

Durga and Akash stand at the place to get the tape. Sakshi puts the tape and leaves. Rajnath takes the take and Akash aims gun at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is simply wow!!

    1. heyyyyyyy i agryy with uuu

  2. i hope akash get to knw about shaurya standing so they can even be more careful

  3. well done i just love the suspense but i am happy that eht is ending soon so that we all can see sashis deafeted face

  4. This is too good!!

  5. V also Wish 2 watch durga in chudidhars,western outfit 2 in whch she lks fantabulous

  6. the serial meri bhabhi that came befor eht also finished fast.. that was also a nice one

    1. Very interesting with suspence, like it.

  7. wow! everything is happening so fast. thanx 4 d update

  8. dalvir bains

    thanx fr update yr

  9. Supb…awsome

  10. oh shaurya i jst hate you like hell

  11. wow just amazing wrk durga and akash….. just luv EHT….. miss u soooo much EHT…….. EHT is best than othr boring dramas as this is totaly different and wonderful story Line….. bt its too early for such gud serial to End.. :'(

  12. Such an excellent story… we miss u soon …

    Only 10 days to go… EHT will end… 🙁

  13. Gud work shauria but ur game will end soon n end up in prison with ur mom

  14. i’ll cry on ending.. I feel like somebody is leaving me in a very bad state of missing.

  15. miss this serial forever. need a season 2 for ek hasina thi

  16. i love everyone in the serial.. Even the negative roles too.. Because they also made the serial reach top such as shaurya,sakshi and raj. Love you all. Miss you ever.

  17. shall i get the written update for private investigator? Please please.

  18. Superb acting by Durga and all as we get close to the finish. Honestly do many stories could. Have been told and all the baddies taken care of properly. Not fair. Apparently the new serial replacing EHT is really awful. (Re: India forums). Let’s boycott star plus!

  19. I just want devga to unite.

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