Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Ganesh and kartikaye conversation. Ganesh ji says, its really difficult to stop kumari as she is going near to her aim. Her parents doesnt know that kumari is face of adi shakti. Narayan gives clue to Ganesh ji and ganesh ji says, i know mama ji, i got your clue. Kumari mother says to menawati, she is silent after war. If banasur will come with more force then what happen. Narayan says, are you doubting your daughter. Ganesh ji says, i trust on kumari, she is able to save all of us. Narayan says, so many question arising in her heart. TOmorrow, her training will again start.
Banasur comes with asur. Banasur says to himself, if mata parvati has taken birth in this place then i will get my aim. Kumari staring coconut and says, i am feeling that it is somebody’s eyes. I dont know when will i get my answer. Menawati says, i am really tensed about kumari. Narayan says, i know she is still small and she is not getting answer. kartikaye says, what will happen with banasur. Narayan says, it’s end time of banasur and we are getting ready for it. Kumari mother says to her, guruji is waiting for you. Kumari says, i want to stay alone for sometime. THen she goes into forest. Narad ji says, it is not good for kumari to confronts banasur. Devi laxmi says, doesnt we help her. Bhram dev says, we can but it is not the right time. But you have to play an important role in kumari’s life. Villagers run here and there. Kartikaye says, will fight with banasur. I already fight with him. Narayan says, no kartikaye. you should try to keep away to kumari’s parents from whole matter and nandi, you go and keep calm to kumari. Banasur will know early about his death. Banasur calls adi shakti, come in front of me otherwise i will damage this place. Kumari hear all this. Bhootnath arise in front of banasur and beat him. Kumari gets angry and she feels about kaali mata. Kumari create kaali mata’s portrait on tree. Nandi says to himself, mata has designed herself photo. Narayan, kartikaye and ganesh ji also comes into their real face. Banasur says, i will assure everyone that no one can kill me. I will return back and kumari will also cannot kill me.
Kumari goes out from forest. Nandi pray from narayan, please help kumari to keep calm. Kumari comes and ask from narayan, please guide me or trained me. What will i do. Narayan says, you must dance. Kumari says, but i want to trained in war. Narayan says, i have given you option but if you want to learn then ok. Narayan brings a stick and says, can you cut it in two pieces. Kumari unable to cut the stick. Narayan says, person becomes weak in anger.
How will i take win against others. so you should calm down yourself. Kumari ask, then what will i do for it. Narayan says, i have already given answer for it. Narayan introdues mata laxmi as hari priya. mata laxmi says, your dance calm down to mahadev so many time and now you also calm down.

Precap:- Kumari dance and feels mahadev is dancing with her. Mata says to menawati, i felt somebody is dancing with me.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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