Ek Hasina Thi 3rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 3rd May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 3rd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sakshi coming to meet Jatin. He is surprised to see her. She says I will take only few hours to take away everything from you, if I decide to ruin you for Raima’s sake, she is my best friend, I will use all my contacts to bring you on road. Jatin asks what did I do. Sakshi says make the divorce in Raima’s favor, she should get alimony, else I will do what I said. He breaks a glass and scares him. She says the decision should be made today in the court. Sakshi thinks of Raima’s words. She slaps Jatin and says don’t think to slap Raima again. She asks him not to disclose their meeting to anyone.

Durga and Shaurya are at the eye hospital. She says I asked him many times how he lost his eye soght and he did not tell me anything. Shaurya says let the past be in past, live in your present. He says we are helping him. She says not we, you are helping and I will not forget this. He says I did nothing, you are helping and changing unknown people’s life. The doctor says we can do the surgery now. Shaurya asks him to start it soon. Shaurya says I just want my name to be in them. She says not again. He says why. She says lets have coffee.

Sakshi sees Shaurya’s car on the way to court. She is surprised to see his car outside hospital and calls him. She asks are you ok. He says yes. She asks why did you go to hospital. He says I m doing something you will be proud of, trust me, I can’t tell you anything now. Sakshi says what is this boy upto, I can’t trust anyone. She goes to the hospital. Sakshi asks Raima to control herself. Raima says my business will be ruined if Jatin prolongs this case. She says I can’t lose this case. Sakshi leaves for the court. She says I m coming, nothing will happen,take it easy.

The divorce case starts. Jatin says I decided….. Sakshi comes there and says Raima…..She holds Raima’s hand and smiles. Jatin thinks of the slap and Sakshi’s threatening. Sakshi looks at him. Jatin stops the lawyer and says I will give divorce to Raima. He says I will give whatever Raima wants. He accepts his mistake. Raima smiles. Raima says you are my lucky charm Sakshi, I will start new life, all thanks to you. Sakshi says I m happy for you, you deserve what you got, come we have to celebrate your success.

Raima says your day will be very good today. Raj comes there and asks am I late. Raima thinks what is Raj doing here. Raj asks Raima what happened. Raima says I got divorced and my demands were also fulfilled as Sakshi walked to me. Raj says I came here for Sakshi. He says congrats. Raima says I m very happy, Jatin got scared seeing Sakshi there. Raj says lets go. Sakshi says its my treat. Raj says I have to meet Akash, I will leave. He leaves.

Shaurya is with his friends. They talk that they need a party. Shaurya says I m trying to win Durga’s heart by helping poor people, I m acting like a hero, and everyone loves a hero. He says I dropped her home, the old man’s operation is going on. Akash gives the presentation and Raj claps. Raj says fantastic, but focus on Thakur’s project. Raj comes to know Shaurya gave a cheque to J K hospital. Durga plays thinking of the old man, Dayal talks to her. Durga says Shaurya did not think he is digging his grave. Dayal says Raima is divorced now. He says I don’t know why are we waiting, we have enough evidence to ruin her.

Durga says revenge should be taken on right time. There is something in between their friendship which we have to find out. Sakshi comes to Raj. Raj tells her that Shaurya tell her about Shaurya making someone’s surgery. He laughs. Sakshi says so this was it, he said we will be proud of him. Raj says I m proud of him. Akash comes and says I spoke to Shaurya. Raj says we will go to see that old man, press should know this. Akash says fine. Sakshi says I think someone told Shaurya to do this, but who and why.

Durga tells the old man’s name and Shaurya and Sakshi are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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