Ek Hasina Thi 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga asking Sakshi to sign on the resignation letter and passing taunts on her. Rajnath smiles and gives the pen to Sakshi. Sakshi signs the papers. Rajnath leaves. Durga thanks Sakshi. Sakshi says you are forgetting Durga, Dev has to be free and out of jail to help you in this project. Durga says yes, he will be free, once Raima is out of coma, there is no evidence against Dev, money can be spent and planning can be done, and similarly, it can be done to bring out Dev, only Raima’s death can shut his way out, but this won’t happen, I m sure of it. She touches her feet surprising her. She says my dad always asks me to take elder’s blessings and I always follow what he says. She smiles and leaves.

Rajnath hammers his head in the room and scolds Sakshi for losing the project, Dev and I were equal share holders, and today Dev is stronger than me, as Durga got 10 % shares more, he can take over the company and we will be his slaves. She says why are you saying me. He says what was the need to make Durga marry Dev, if she was Shaurya’s wife, this would have not happened. She says then Shaurya would have not been here, do you think Durga is innocent, she has motives, are you blind. He says we have hit on our feet by bringing her here, she is our enemy. He says if Dev gets free, then……. He says listen to me, you are in this place till I m head of Goenka group, the day I fall, you will fall along. He leaves. She thinks Rajnath said it right, if he loses, I will also lose, I will benefit if Rajnath is head, and Dev should be in jail.

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Its morning, Dev thinks about Durga and Nitya. Mathur talks to his jail inmates. They say lets kill Dev. Mathur says no, he is not like other Goenkas. He thinks about Rajnath and Dev’s words. He says now I understand why Rajnath came to meet me, he came to provoke me against Dev, he played a good game saying Dev is his son, I think he wants me to keep Dev here and rotten him here, else kill him. Durga follows Sakshi is going to hospital. Durga informs Dayal. Dayal says we have to trap Sakshi and save Raima too. Sakshi goes inside the hospital. Durga parks her car far and goes after her.

She sees the camera feeds and says why did Sakshi not go on Raima’s ward till now. She hides and says where is she. Durga gives update to Dayal and he comes to her. He asks did anything happen. She says Sakshi is here, but not in Raima’s ward. He says relax, she will come. They hide seeing Sakshi come there. Sakshi talks to the guard and goes inside the ward. Durga and Dayal see the video feed. Sakshi thinks Durga is saying Raima will come to senses and save Dev, will you do this Raima with your best friend. She thinks Durga thinks Raima has to die if I have to win. Durga and Dayal look on.

She thinks my problems will end if I kill you, Durga is right. She holds the oxygen mask. Durga says Sakshi will remove it. Dayal says I m ready, let her. Sakshi thinks Raima needs help to be alive, she is hurt, so sad. She covers her properly and starts acting. Durga says whats going on in her mind. Dayal says she is unpredictable, relax, be alert. Sakshi sees the same time in the clock which has the hidden camera. Durga says she is going to the clock, it has spy camera in it. Sakshi takes the clock and sees it. Durga is shocked. Sakshi thinks Raima was my best friend and did not understand me, so she lagged behind. She sees the time change. She thinks of doctor’s words that Raima does not have improvement, and her condition is becoming more bad, her coma reviving chances are very less, Rajnath also comes here to ask about her, I understand you are connected to her, I m trying my best. She thinks she gave the medicine to nurse to keep Raima in same state, as her condition should be same.

She thinks Raima helped me in giving wrong medicine to Payal, today its my turn to return the favor. Take rest now, I will make sure you just rest, I will give such medication that you will be alive and stay comatose. She thinks Dear Rajnath can worry and try, you will always be in coma, poor Raj comes here to meet you with hope, that you will open eyes, but I won’t let this happen, I will keep you alive and see Raj die every moment. Do you know Durga thinks you will prove Dev innocent, poor girl, she does not know you won’t get up, even if you open eyes, I will kill you, just relax, bye Raima.

She talks to guard and leaves. Durga and Dayal look on. Dayal says Sakshi may have known the hidden camera, so she has not done anything. Durga says no, else she would have removed it. I think Sakshi knows Raima is not a threat for her and can’t help Dev, I m responsible for all this. Rajnath meets Vasu. Vasu says he got a man to do their work. The jailer walks in. Rajnath sees him. Vasu says come, sit. Rajnath says thanks for giving time. The jalier says you called me and I came.

Rajnath says so you were not taking my call. He says Mathur did not do my work. He says Dev has good power, I have seen him that day. Rajnath says I m not here to hear Dev’s praise, listen to me, Dev should not come out alive from jail. The jailer says it will be done, he will kill Dev, its guarantee. Rajnath gives him money and says don’t worry, Dev can’t see tomorrow. The prisoner in jail sees Dev and makes him fall to start a fight He gets a knife and people start laughing on him. Dev gets up. The man starts the fight and the jailer signs the constable not to go. Dev fights with the man, and his goons also beat him. They hold Dev and the man walks to him.

The man beat up Dev and want to kill him. He takes out the knife and is about to stab him, while Dev is getting unconscious type being beaten up a lot.

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  1. why was this episode so tragic.. poor dev.. how will he come out now 🙁

  2. Maybe mathur will come to save him as he believes that dev is against the goenkas

  3. Poor dev

  4. Not fair…durga do something pls..

  5. raima wake up

  6. I think mathur will definitely help dev to take revenge from goenkas

  7. really love this serial… always comes up with a great twist

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