Devon ke Dev Mahadev 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahadev says to rohitang that whenever you will reaches towards truth, you run away from truth. Rohitang says, mahadev, rohitang will not come under your conversation. I will definitely destroy you. Rohitang then bring dead body of shankchur. In fort, tulsi gets very tensed and thinks previous remembrance and says, now i will made new mala for swami. Rohitang thinks about his previous remembrance with shankchur. TUlsi gets surprised to see her swami dead body. TUlsi says to rohitang, call the doctor, swami is in dizzy state. THen she calls dwarpal and orders to call doctor. TUlsi says, why are you so emotional, doctor will come and medicate him then he will be well. TUlsi says, my mala is with him. This is the most important war of his life. THen she tells a story to rohitang, once upon a time, maharaj didnt come until his whole force come then he come beside me and gave me golden jewllery. ROhitang says, from now onwards, none of the doctor can medicate him. TUlsi says, i think that you are make fun with me and you are supporting him. ROhitang says loudly, mahadev has killed your husband. TUlsi says, he has weared mala then she didnt find mala and rohitang says, your God bring your mala and then mahadev killed your husband. TUlsi says, Narayan cannot do with my husband and mahadev cannot do wrong. ROhitang says, this is truth. TUlsi says, he cannot loose from anybody. He loose but it was in dream. ROhitang says, this is truth sister and please accept it. TUlsi then remembers rohitang oath and says, you have said me that you will save my husband by anyhow, and i trusted on shivansh and you bring him dead. This is all for you. Swami includes in this war because for you and you cannot save him. ROhitang says, i was unable to save him. He has given me your oath. TUsli says, unless he has given you oath but what about my oath. I have done worship but now i think that i have done some thing wrong. I want to stay alone with my swami. TUlsi then show the broken mala and says, everything broken down with this mala. GO and again assemble this mala so that i can wear this mala to my husband. Mahadev says, shankchur incident end and new incident arise and we both know the truth. We have to fulfil our duties. Narayan says, we will know the future but we cannot comes into nature and we will do our work on time.
TUlsi cries and remove all her jewellery and then remembers rohitang’s conversation and gets angry. TUlsi says, i, shankchur’s wife calling narayan and if he has any kind of hand in my husband murder then please tell me about everything. Narayan arise in front of tulsi.
TUlsi says, i have heard that devotee couldnt say anything when he found his God. I thought that whenever you will meet me then you will give me blessing and look onto nature, YOu and my swami dead body. I have only questions in my mind. Do you realize that you are having hand in my husband? Narayan accept it. TUlsi gives curse to narayan to become stone.

PRecap:- TUlsi worship to God that if her satitva is truth then please give me moksha and she also dead.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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