Ek Hasina Thi 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sakshi giving the hair sample to the doctor. She says no one should know about his test and thinks the result will make her win. She thanks Dayal for benefitting her after his death. Durga cries seeing Dayal. Dayal’s last rites are done. Sakshi and Rajnath see Basu and Karan coming. The pandit asks Dev to lit fire. Dev asks Durga to do the last rites as its her right. Akash stands far and looks on. Durga thinks about Dayal and cries. She thinks he has given her life and she will in fail in the war for which she prepared her, and her victory will be her tribute to him. She ignites fire. Akash promises Dayal that he will get justice and will not let anything happen to Durga in this war. Sakshi turns and Akash hides.

Rajnath asks what is she doing. Sakshi says I felt someone is staring me. He says yes, everyone is staring at us. Sakshi is stunned seeing Shaurya come there. Rajnath asks her to control Shaurya, he should not make a scene here. She asks Shaurya what is he doing here. He says he was not bored in his room, so came here to enjoy. She says behave yourself. Shaurya goes to Durga and gives condolences. Durga gets angry and Dev holds her to stop. Rajnath and Sakshi greet Durga and leave. Durga wipes her tears and thinks they all came here for fake concern, to make fun of us, but she promises they will die soon. Maa durga……………plays………………

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Durga comes home. The bank manager meets Durga and says he came to give her keys of Dayal’s locker by the given instructions. She says Baba did not tell me about this locker, what does it has. He says I don’t know. Sakshi says it will be his blessings and love. He says whenever you come to branch, I will personally take you to the locker. He leaves. Durga gets a call and leaves. Sakshi thinks what will Durga do without her support system, once the DNA report comes and then see how I settle scores. Karan gets a safety thread from the pandit to get rid of Divya’s ghost. Kangana comes to meet him. She asks how can he make her wait at the café for so long.

The pandit leaves. She asks whats all this, is he fine. He thinks how to tell her about Divya’s ghost and says he is fine. He gives excuses. He says we are getting engaged now and can meet at home. She says yes, even her Guru ji told this. She tells about her bad dream, and seeing Divya. Karan is shocked. Kangana smiles and scares him more. She says Guru ji gave me this red thread and said it will effect soon if my mum ties it. He asks really, it means if I get this tied my mum, it will be good. She says yes and smiles. She asks him to keep the thread. He says he has to go for some work and leaves. She says Karan is finished.

Kangana follows Karan to know his mum’s address. She says she left her counselor job after the rape case and no one knows about her. She says she will give good news to Durga. Akash and Durga talk and say Shaurya is behind Dayal’s death. He asks why was Dayal calling me. She tells about someone blackmailing Sakshi as Akram Khan and Rajnath finding some tape in Sakshi’s room. She says Baba was calling you to ask if you were calling Sakshi. He says he did not call her, there is someone who knows he is alive. She says there is some connection with her past. He says he can find it and asks her to come. Dev comes to meet Durga and sees her leaving with Akash.

Karan comes to meet Anuradha. Kangana reaches too and thinks so Karan’s mum stays here. She sees Karan and Anuradha together. She takes her pic and smiles. Akash shows a article with Rajnath accused in murder case. She is shocked. He says the day this article was published, Arnav Goenka dead after two weeks of it. She says we have to find the tape and Dev should know this. Akash says Rajnath is involved in this and maybe they can find some clue at Raima’s house.

Akash and Durga find some clue at Raima’s house. Rajnath comes there. They are shocked to see Rajnath blackmailing Sakshi as Akram Khan. Durga’s phone falls and Rajnath gets alert.

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  1. eht is a superb , thrilling nd a very gud entertainer. D character Durga is an inspirational one. I wish d team a very gud luck and keep goin guys…….l

  2. plz don’t end this show:(((

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