Jodha Akbar 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Resham says to Jalal that i have proved my loyalty to Maham, i knew that i wont be able to do it alone so i met Sharif’s father and made plan, and succeeded in it, i will not regret to be killed, i am regretting that i am caught, Todar comes and says we have got a letter from Resham’s room which was sent to Maan singh, this proves he is innocent, also we got some opium boxes from her room, Jalal says this means she was the one who tried to give opium to Salim and alleged Salima, he ask soldiers to take her to jail and day after tomorrow, she will killed by canon ball, Reshma is taken away, ruks thinks that why Jalal didn’t kill her right now, what if she tells anyone thst it was not her but me who gave opium to Salim, if Jalal gets to know that then i will be problem, her last day of life can destroy my life, Jalal ask to free Salima and Maan, we have done ahuge mistake.
Jodha hugs Salima and says i am sorry for doubting you, Salima says no you are a mother first, when it comes to her child then she can doubt anyone, its good that all is fine, Jalal says i am embarrassed, Salima says don’t be, you had done what was right, all proofs were against me so you had to take action against me but it was effort that the truth came out, Hamida says its proved today that Salima is pride of Mughal, Hamida says i am sorry, Salima says don’t say this, she hugs Hamida, Salima looks at sad Rahim, Rahim says i wont ask forgiveness as i am liable to get punishment for being rude to you, Salima hugs him and says i am not angry on you but proud on you that you were loyal to Jalal and agreed to his decision, Jodha says i dont understand one thing that if you didn’t give opium to Salim then why did he point at you? Ruks comes and ays maybe he was mistaken like me, i doubted Salima first so Salim must thought the same, she comes to Salima and ask her to beat her, Salima ask what are you saying, Ruks says i am your sinner, i doubted my sister, kill me, what could i have done, i love Salim a lot so i couldn’t understand you, Salima says forgive me too, i doubted you too, actually it was resham’s plan that Jalal’s close one starts fighting, leave it, you forgive me, i forgive you, Ruks thanks her and they hug, ruks smirks, Ruks says i cant believe that Resham is such a big betrayer, he was with me and was giving opium to Salim but you did right, he deserve to be killed, Jodha nods in yes.

Scene 2
Ruks is making Paan, she is little tensed and says that thank god all went against Rehsma, thank god i listened to Todar and Jalal’s talk, flashback shows, todar asking Jalal that what Sharif’s father is doing with him? Jalal tells him that he attacked Salim and someone has heaped him in attack,, Todar ask who? Jalal says its resham Khan, ruks listens this, Jalal says resham made plan with him, he ask Todar to check Resham’s room, ruks thinks that today this secret went out then my opium secret can come out too so why should i not blame Resham for opium too, she will get punishment in any case, she goes to put Opium in resham’s room, flashback ends. Rusk says i cant believe that Reshma planned all this, i was just giving opium to Salim but Resham made attack on Salim, but in all i got reward, but i don’t understand one thing why Reshma didn’t object on Opium allegation? will she say my name after sometime? till she is alive, she is threat to me, i have to do something.

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Scene 3
Jalal comes and hugs Maan, he says i did a huge mistake, i should have trusted you, Maan says no you had proofs against me, it was your effort that i am proved innocent, i knew that you will find truth when you came to meet me, flashback shows that Jalal coming to Maan in house arrest, Maan ask you here? Jalal says i have come to meet my special friend, Maan says i am happy to know that i am still your friend, Jalal says you should know that by seeing that i didn’t punish you but only put you in house arrest, i think that someone is planning things, Maan says i think same, Salima was trapped too, Jalal says what if you were in my place? Maan says i would have decided on seeing proofs but would have thought about planning of others, Jalal ask him to tell what happened that night, Maan tells him, flashback ends, Maan says to Jalal that i am thankful to you that you proved me innocent, Jalal says Jodha deserve this thanks, she was firm that you are innocent, she left her Marium Zamani position for you and i was rude to her, Maan says she cant be angry with you for much time, she loves you and respect you more than that, Jalal says its time to bring Maan back in court with pride and honour.
in court, all are called, Hamida ask Salim why Jalal called us all, Salima says don’t know, Jalal comes there, all greets him, Jalal ask to call maan, Maan signh comes there, and folds his hands infront of Jalal, Jalal stops him from folding hands and says its a sin to doubt your loyal person and i did that, you were loyal to me for so many years and i doubted you, i am embarrassed, now i want you to take your position back, become my social minister again, Maan accepts his positon back, Jalal makes him wear turban, all smile, Jalal ask jodha to come infront of him, Jodha come to him, Jalal looks at her sadly, Jodha is not looking at him, Jalal says you have given heir to Mughals, nobody can snatch Marium Zamani position, not even you, i was stuck in poor situation that time so i ask you accept Marium Zamani position again, i am giving you this stamp through which you can take actions and can announce any order, you can change my orders, this power was with only Marium Makani but now you have it too, Jodha smiles, Jalal says i request you to take position back, Jodha says your order my command, i wanna say sorry to you as i have hurt you, Jalal says you do wrong things but intentions are never wrong, Jalal makes her Marium Zamani crown, all smile, ruks burns inn jealousy and thinks that if Jalal and jodha become one then its against me and also Resham’s problem is killing me, what if she opens her mouth, i have to do something.

PRECAP- Jodha comes in Jail, she slaps Resham, Ruks is there too, Jodha says to Resham that its enough, i used to forgive every betrayer fo good of Mughal sultanat but not anymore, today a mother is standing infront of you, and i wont let you harm my child, Ruks is shocked to see Jodha’s furious side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Awesome eip!!

  4. I see your fate, hollow queen Ruks! You’re running out of time…….

  5. Jodha in anger woooo waiting to see her

  6. Ruks is getting more desperate!! She will never be happy as long as Jodha is MUZ & Salim is alive. Ruks will choke in wickedness & constant plotting of evil!

  7. Ab jald se jald ruks ki parda fas hojaye bas TRP no.1 pe ajayegi

  8. Now Resham will be blamed for the opium and Ruks will continue in her wicked & dastardly acts!!

  9. Good jo rukaiya tu to gayi kamse ab to teri band bajne wali hai issi din ka to mujhe beshabri se entezaar tha….! Kitna bhagegi bhagle par kuch he dino me tu pakdi janewali hai ab bachke kaha jayegi saali kutti kahikeeeeee……

  10. Maar maar ke aur daar daar ke jee le jara tere kismat me mahal ke sukoon kuch hi pal ke liye baaki hai rukaiya begum aaj to samagh le ki saguni bai ki bhabishyawani mai kar rahi hoon

  11. jodha rukaiya ko maarna jaaye resham sab ko sach bata na hi hoga

  12. please let jalal find out that it was ruks who was giving salim the opium and not reshma. ruks is toooooooooooooo evil and she is doing toooooooooooooo many things and getting away with it it is about time that she is caught red handed with the opium box putting it in salims food and salim himself he knows that it is ruks putting the opium in his food yet he point at salima what is going on with him I want that when the catch ruks let jodha be the one to administer the punishment to her. ruks is tooooooooooo evil she does not deserve to be a mother or to be called mother

  13. I am sorry my comment went by mistake to aur pyaar ho gaha

  14. ruk will again plot, this time she escaped due to resham, but one day kind jodha will again save her utilising the power of MUZ.

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