Ek Hasina Thi 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shaurya asking Pinky to come as he is leaving. Durga thanks Ketki. Ketki says I m sorry, I came to know about Payal and was shocked. She says she was there at that night and tells how Raima spoke to Payal and burnt her clothes. Durga cries. She says Raima and Sakshi were together and they cleared the evidence. She says I did not understand, when I read in paper, then I came to know why she burnt her clothes. I felt sad for her parents death too, I felt like culprit, but I was afraid being poor and can’t go against rich, I thought to apologize to Payal and Durga. Dayal says Lord sees us, and think they have forgiven you, what you did was brave thing. Durga says we should keep Ketki at safe place. He says don’t worry, its my responsibility.

Dev is brought to the jail in prisoner’s clothes. The prisoners see him and laugh. Mathur sees him and says welcome Dev Goenka. Dev says you did not change, Naveen Mathur. Mathur asks how come you are here. Dev says you are still attention seeker, don’t worry, you will get my attention soon. Mathur laughs. He says welcome to hell Dev, enjoy the moment, as you won’t be alive here. Mandar gets Sakshi’s call. He thinks what to tell her, Raima’s maid changed her words, its not my mistake. She calls someone else and asks him to give call to Mandar. She says tell him its call from his home.

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Mandar takes the call and says hitler was calling him. Sakshi scolds him and he gets tensed. He says give me one more chance, I will ask her to change her statement. She says Durga and Dayal will hide the maid, you are useless, I will transfer to make you cry and curse your fate. Shaurya hears Sakshi and says his doubt is getting solid that she is involved in Raima’s case, you are tell me, as I m your son and we are team, we can make the world dance by money, but celebrate with just family, please tell me.

Sakshi asks him to improve his health. He says fine, come on tell me, you will say it soon, Durga is trying to get bail for Dev in one week and he will come back home, that will be very dangerous. She smiles and says go and rest, focus on health, don’t pressure on mind, I can and I will handle this myself. Shaurya says ok mum and shows thumbs up. Bhattacharya tells Durga that Suchitra or you can meet Dev, this is court permission, but food is not allowed. Suchitra says how will he have food there, will he get free in one week. Bhattacharya says we are trying. She asks what can you do, I want my son free. Durga says don’t worry, Dev will be with us, just 6 days more.

Dev is in jail and thinks maybe Lord is showing me way to sign what I m doing is right, my family has erased all evidence and I met Mathur here, he is also a proof, he has saved Shaurya, he can show me the truth, he knows all sins of my family, Mathur will take me to truth now. Sakshi thinks about Durga and thinks sorry Raima, the tape which got me married to Rajnath, that plan came out by Durga, I should thank Durga for this, if Rajnath got that tape, my life would have destroyed, it was tough for me to reach this place, I left many things behind, I have to make sure those things does not come out.

Kangana gets a gift from Karan and sees it. She gets a red dress and letter asking her to accept the gift. She throws it and calls him. Karan thinks she is in his hand again, he has to do this till dad wants. Kangana scolds him and says she won’t keep the dress, and will throw all his gifts. She says she can’t trust a selfish and liar guy like him. He says he can’t see her sad. He apologizes to her. She says I know you don’t care, you are lying. He says meet me once. She refused and ends the call. Vasu hears him and says I m glad that you are linking to Kangana again. Karan says I m hating this, its bad to get the thing I have thrown.

Vasu says you should know how Rajnath said, if I did not support him, he will not support me, I have to kill Dev at any cost, so that Rajnath gets impressed and supports in party campaigning by giving money, and about Kangana, till I come in power, she should not become the reason of our breakup with Goenkas, once get in power, I will ruin Goenkas, so do anything, but make Kangana come back on track. Karan says yes.

Dev and Mathur have an argument in the jail. Mathur says he is not his servant here. Dev taunts him. Mathur speaks ill about Rajnath and says I will ruin all Goenka family members, I will see how Sakshi and Rajnath get you out in one piece. The police man comes and Mathur asks Dev to be alert, as anything can happen. He leaves. Dev thinks Mathur hates my family so much, he can be my friend, I have to make him feel that my fight is against my family.

Sakshi comes to a orphanage and says she wants to see the place once. She sees the piano and thinks all her secrets are in the music notes.

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  1. music and sakshi… everyone is after the goenkas.. looks like its gonna be awesome

  2. now things r a bit interesting but wish could b little faster

  3. Geete Jitendra

    Should be little faster , neither it will be boring.

  4. as everyone has commented, everything should be a bit more fast otherwise th rating will go down again….

  5. Awesome episode but as all said if dey do it litle bit fastr it vl b great.Dev u r jst amazng…

  6. Durga u r playing the role of savitri who will do anything to save dev doing a great job really!And wil be waiting to see ‘the secret of sakshi,piano and orphange 🙂

  7. must b a little bit faster…

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