Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank thinks he can do anything for Gunjan. The crowd bucks him up, while Adi watches. Mayank thinks about Gunjan running to Adi, saying that she loves him a lot. Upon reaching 105, Mayank is tired and thinks that he had resolved to keep fighting. He fell down the rock, and loses. Gunjan sits to him, watches his bruise and says they will go to the doctor. She scolds him for being a hero. He says she must be happy, as he couldn’t break Adi’s record. Gunjan asks him not to be mad, as she cares for him. He looks at her.
The auto driver takes Rachna to a deserted place, and says he can’t go further, she must go by foot. She was afraid; still she steps out of the auto-rickshaw. She comes to a grand, old house, opens the gate and enters. She was about to ring the bell, when a female voice calls her inside. The veiled lady takes her in, Rachna hears a child’s voice, then a man scolding him; a man calming the man down while he scolds Lalit too. The boy insists that he has to go to his mother. Rachna goes inside, her dupatta stuck into a bolt, and she gets afraid.
The door opens, the man scolded Lucky for eating up the food, Rachna was shocked to see him. The man had his back at her, and beat him when Rachna holds his hand. She comes to face him. He is shocked to see her face, while she asks what is he doing? He throws the stick with a jerk, with which Rachna also goes to the back. Lucky hugs her as maa. Lalit explains that she is the designer, and will restyle the house. The man calls Rachna to get lost, right now. She asks what? He says how dare she came back to this house? She wonders, and asks what he is saying, she has come here for the first time and he has dared to behave like this to a child. The man shouts at her to be quiet. Lucky hugs Rachna, but the man takes him away from her. He asks the servant to take him away. He tells Rachna that has she sold all her fear and respect. Did she think about returning home this way? Lalit takes the man to a side, he politely asks Rachna to go away as he will call her later. Rachna is about to run, the man shouts that she must never dare to show them her face again as this is his house.

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Rachna rushes out of the house, and runs away. She gets Shayl’s call, who asks where is she. Rachna was afraid, and stammers while telling her that she is in her way back. Shayl asks what has happened. But Rachna says it is nothing, she is fine. She runs out of the gate.
The performance for the play begins. Mayank and Gunjan’s family sit there. Shayl wonders why Rachna didn’t come yet. Gunjan comes calling Romeo, the narrator tells the story. Juliet’s brother kills Romeo, and Juliet eats poison to reach Romeo.
Mayank lies dead as Romeo. Juliet says that no one can take love from them, as their love doesn’t need their breathes. She takes his face with hands and dies along him. Everyone claps.
The dance performance now begin, Mayank and Gunjan dance together in intimacy. Rachna comes to the performance. Shayl asks her why she got late. Rachna says she went to the work where she got a bit late. Rachna says she was at work and doesn’t think being able to do it. She gets a call. Shayl says who is it. She says she doesn’t know, and goes to answer the call.
The dance performance continues. Gunjan gets a flashback about the past. Romeo and Juliet are set apart. Gunjan gets the flashback from the past, they hug each other. Mayank tells Gunjan that she is alright. The men again set Romeo and Juliet apart. After the performance, Mayank comes to Gunjan and says he has to say something to her. She was smiling. She asks him for one second, takes her hand from his and goes to Adi. He says Hey Gorgeous! There must be a party. She was fancied by his appreciation. He says she was superb, and holds hand. She shakes it and says thank you. Mayank thinks he isn’t among the one to accept defeat, and will wait for his wife.

PRECAP: Gunjan tells Mayank on phone that she wants to get lost in someone’s love. Adi jumps in her terrace, she is shocked to see him. Adi asks Gunjan for a date, Gunjan calls aloud Date? Mayank says yes, in happiness. They both plan for separate dates.

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