Ek Hasina Thi 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 18th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sakshi asking Shaurya is he going to meet Durga. Shaurya smiles and apologizes to her about the party. She says it was Durga’s party. He says trust me, everything is under control. He says love you mum and leaves. She smiles. Durga comes to know that Payal is not here and went out. Durga runs to ask the doctor. The doctor says she will be back soon, she went to Victoria ground. Durga is shocked and thinks Shaurya will come there, if he sees Payal, everything will be ruined. She runs to reach there. Durga leaves in her car and Shaurya is reaching there on his bike.

Shaurya reaches there and Payal is shown sitting. Durga too comes there and looks out for Payal. Shaurya sees Payal and walks towards her. Durga sees him and runs to stop him. Shaurya walks past

Payal to buy flowers. Durga gets tensed. Durga comes running and comes in between him and Payal. She says I came running, as I don’t like coming late. He thinks about her as she holds him. She says come there. He gives her roses. She says I hate roses. He says fine, I will buy something else. Durga takes him to have coffee. Durga keeps an eye on Payal.

He says I felt you won’t come, thanks for coming. He says trust me, it was one of my bad day yesterday. Durga thinks of the court case. She thinks it was an trailer yesterday night. She makes him busy in her talk. She says you are making me bored, I m joking. He says have coffee. She sees Payal taken away. Shaurya gets a call and Payal hears his ringtone. She starts shouting and thinking how Shaurya raped her. Durga thinks what happened to her. Shaurya turns to see but can’t see her. Durga thinks please Payal leave from here. Durga cuts the call and says your ringtone is very irritating. Shaurya says sorry its my fav. He says I will go and see why the girl is shouting. She jokes that maybe she did not like the ringtone.

Payal leaves. Durga thinks thyank God she left. He says Durga this city is like you, surprising. She asks do you work, or a tour guide to show the city to girls. He starts flirting with her. She smiles and says thanks for the coffee. He asks where are you going. She says I came to have coffee, I m going, she asks him to meet in evening and leaves. Durga thinks about Payal and cries. She thinks to get justice for Payal and try to keep her away from pains.

Raj comes to meet Chaudhary. They talk about Dayal’s deal. He asks Chaudhary to cancel it. Chaudhary is shocked and asks why, are you drunk in the morning, have water. Raj says you have to make me happy and cancel that deal. Chaudhary laughs and says Sakshi will keep you happy. Chaudhary’s wife comes and greets Raj. She leaves. Raj tells Chaudhary to call Dayal and cancel the deal else your Malaysia’s trip.

Raj shows Chaudhary his pics with a man which will prove he is a gay. He says I can give this to press. Chaudhary is shocked and calls Dayal to cancel the deal. Raj gives him water. Durga hugs Payal and asks the doctor not to send Payal out. The doctor asks what happened. Dayal comes there and asks Durga what happened. The doctor asks why is Durga so worried. Dayal says send Payal to my farm house, its beautiful, she will love it. The doctor leaves. Dayal says the news is good. Raj is doing a deal with us. Raj comes home happily and tells Sakshi that everything is final, the cancer hispital will be joint venture between Dayal and us. Sakshi says cheers to that, I want to head this hospital project.

He asks why, any special reason. She says do I need to tell you the reason. He says fine, I will talk to Dayal. She says yes, you can do that for me. Mathur comes to Raj and gives him the fake reporter’s pics. Raj and Sakshi sees it. Mathur says he is a theatre actor and his performance is tonight. Sakshi asks him to bring him here. Shaurya and Durga are together. He gives her flowers. She asks how do you know I love this flowers. He flirts with her. She says you will never change. She says lets go now. They leave. She asks where are you taking me. He says whats in address. He asks do you have any boyfriend. Why. She says I did not get anyone who would match my requirement list. He says give it to me. She says why, you will win the bet right. Shaurya is shocked. She says it was how much amount’s bet with your friends. Shaurya acts innocent.

Shaurya tells Durga that they got the journalist. Raj and Sakshi are shocked to see a pic..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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