Dil Dosti Dance 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th April 2014 Written Update

Swayam and Ruhi were in the library. Swayam says I hope Sharon is fine wherever she is. Ruhi tells him to go as she has some books to issue.

Ruhi gives poison to Sharon
She goes to the place where Sharon was; opens the door, sees Sharon lying on the floor. She picks up her mobile phone and put it in her purse. Then she takes out a bottle of poison from her purse. Swayam was following her and he comes in. She was shocked to see him. She says to him that I love you very much Swayam. Sharon was coming in our way so I had to do this. Do you love me? Swayam says no. Ruhi gets angry and holds Sharon’s mouth in her hand. Swayam immediately says Yes, I love you and I know she was coming in our way. Meanwhile, he dials Rey’s number from his cell phone. She says that Swayam should understand that Sharon has to be removed from their way. Swayam disagrees; she again holds Sharon’s mouth. He says Yes, I love you very much Ruhi. Come to me please. Ruhi says are you serious Swayam? She was about to come to him, then turns and pour the bottle in Sharon’s mouth. Swayam gets rid of her. Ruhi shouts so it was all fake? Swayam shouts back at her ‘So what did you think, that I love you?’ He sits nears Sharon and tries to get her in conscious.

Ruhi picks up a nearby lying steel rod and goes forward to hit Swayam and Sharon with it. Rey gets hold of her from the back. Kriya tries to get Sharon conscious when Swayam tells her she made her drink full bottle of poison. He runs out picking Sharon. Ruhi shouts from back that till you get her to hospital she will already be dead. Kriya slaps her. VP and doctor arrive there, they administer Ruhi a sedative while she laughed saying Swayam was only hers.

Swayam was taking Sharon in taxi, he stammered as he said I love you Sharon, you’re important to me, we’ve got a lot to fight about yet, I am sorry I didn’t listen to you about Ruhi. Please open your eyes.
Rey and Kriya were going in Rey’s car. Kriya says she doesn’t understand why she did such a thing. Rey tells her to inform everyone. She calls Simmi and tells her Sharon was in City Central hospital. Simmi ask what happened to her. She says she will tell them when they come. Rey hits a cycle-man, apologizes him and they rush towards the hospital.

Swayam takes Sharon to hospital, lays her on stretcher. Rey and Kriya also arrive. He tells doctor that someone gave her poison. Dr. takes her to operation theatre. They give her cure.

Swayam was standing in the corridor crying. Kriya tries to console him. Rey also tries to make him relax. Swayam says I was the one judging Sharon and trusting Ruhi. I left her alone when she needed me. I am responsible for her. Rey says at times it happens that we don’t understand ourselves, but when a person goes away from us we find out how important he was for us. Swayam cries ‘How did I judge her?’ Kriya and Rey look at each other for what he had just said.

Simmi comes running in the dancing hall and tells everyone that Sharon was in hospital. They ask what happened to her. She says she doesn’t know much; just that she is un-conscious and is in ICU. Bharat asks did she have an accident. Nil asks did Ruhi did something t her? Simmi says they don’t have time to speculate. They must hurry.

Swayam consider himself responsible for Sharon’s condition.
Swayam was watching Sharon from the door glass. He was saying ‘Please forgive me, give me one chance, I will make it alright again’ Kriya heads towards him but Rey stops her. Doctor comes out and asks are you people with Sharon. They come forward. He tells them that the poison has spread in the whole body, they have tried to remove it to the maximum extent but she is still unconscious and they are waiting. They should pray for her to recover. As the doctor leaves, Kriya says I don’t believe Ruhi gave her poison. Everyone in the group was in the corridor. They shout ‘Poison!’ and runs forward yelling. Rey reminds them it is hospital. Simmi asks where Ruhi is. VP sir arrives at the back and says ‘she is in the mental hospital’ He comes to Swayam and says I am sorry. I gave you and Sharon her responsibility but forgot to tell you that she is bipolar and gets uncontrollable at times when she gets anxiety attacks. Swayam moves towards the door glass and sees Sharon. Episode ends.

PRECAP: They were standing at the bed-side of the hospital bed. Sharon was breathing hard, her heart-beat going down. Swayam was holding her hand shouting her name. The heart-beat goes nil and the doctor removes her oxygen mask.

Update Credit to: Niki

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