Ek Hasina Thi 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 16th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shaurya looking at Durga’s photo and says I will make you fall in my trap. He says I m so going to enjoy you. Durga talks to his sketch and says I will end the game you started two years ago. She burns his sketch. Shaurya has a girl sleeping beside him. Its morning, Durga does jogging and thinks about Shaurya. She thinks how Shaurya won the case and his parents were happy. Durga thinks time is with me today. She says memories can be made alive again. Durga comes to Durga Maa and prays. She says Maa the day has come and tells the pandit she will play the shank today. She plays the shank. She seeks Maa’s blessings and says I will end this war till next Durgashtami, else I will sacrifice myself to you. Dayal says you will surely win and does his tilak.

Sakshi scolds Mathur for not telling them about a deal. Rajnath says Chaudhary will smile about his victory in the party and I will have to congratulate him. Sakshi asks him to manipulate things. Rajnath says we want Dr. Dayal and her daughter. Mathur says I will do something and leaves. Durga is at home. Kaka says some people came to meet you. She asks him to go and rest for some days, as he has fever. Sakshi asks about Kangana. The servant says she is with her designer. Sakshi comes to meet Kangana and asks the designer to leave. He says fine, have a great evening, bye.

Kangana comes out and Sakshi pulls her ears seeing her clothes. She says I gave you a dress. Kangana says I have sent it to ashram. Sakshi says see yourself in mirror. She says whats your age, why this fur, it looks cheap. Kangana says I don’t care. Sakshi says you are looking fat. Kangana says I hate you for this mum. Shaurya comes and laughs seeing her. he says mum relax, don’t waste your energy, give her one year, her hormones will setlle and she will listen to you. She says I m her mum, why does she think I m her enemy. He says was I less, anyways I have to get ready for the party. She asks whom do you want to impress, I hope she deserves you. He says I don’t impress, I express. She smiles.

Durga asks the manage to get the arrangements ready and is happy knowing Shaurya is coming. She sees Goenka’s driver with flowers who tells her Shaurya has sent her this. He sends a lovely note along with the flowers and calls her. Durga smiles as he is falling in her trap. The driver asks is there any message for Shaurya. She says nothing. Shaurya is shocked knowing this and says Durga, you tell a lot being silent, lets meet at the party. I will tell me I love you Shaurya till morning, its my promise. The party starts. Durga plays the piano. She says come dad, lets start the scene. Dayal smiles. The Goenka’s arrive at the party. Durga looks at them angrily.

Durga thinks of the day in the court looking at the Goenka’s. Payal was blamed in the case and Shaurya was released free. Durga sees Shaurya and says he came, Shaurya Goenka, are you ready. She cries and wipes her tears. Dayal looks at Durga. Dayal welcomes Goenka’s and thanks them for coming. Rajnath says we met Durga. Shaurya looks at Durga. Dayal says I want to shake hands with Sakshi, as you are an angel. Sakshi shakes hand and talks well. Durga acts sweet to Sakshi and calls her aunty. Sakshi smiles and says you can call me Mrs. Goenka, I felt we have some old relation, now I m sure. Dayal says you must be Shaurya….. Shaurya smiles.

Dayal thanks him for saving Durga’s life. Durga says hi to Kangana. Kangana says you look good. Shaurya says she is looking killer tonight. Dayal asks Durga shall we, we have to proceed. Dayal tells everyone that he is happy to come to his city Kolkata, he wants to make Asia’s biggest cancer hospital in Kolkata, he is thankful to Chaudhary, he has given us his experience. Rajnath is shocked. Dayal says the work will start this week. Dayal hugs Chaudhary and Rajnath is annoyed feeling ignored by him. Shaurya eyes Durga. Durga dances with someone and Shaurya pulls her. She gets angry and pushes him. She thinks tonight he won’t be safe, as its a war.

Shaurya is angry and says wrong blames on me. Durga looks on. Shaurya tells his friend that he will win this bet.

Update Credit to:Amena

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