Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani informing Karan that she is married to Raghu. Karan is shocked to hear that. Karan asks she was to marry Abhimanyu, then asks sorry for asking personal question. Shivani says it is ok and says lot of things happened in her life and whatever happened is good, she holds Raghu’s hand and says she got a good husband. Karan says even he is happy for her and says Shivani Sahariya is better than her childhood chuimui. Shivanbi asks why did not he marry till now. He says he did not find a girl of his taste. She says he will get a girl of his choice soon. Latha asks Karnan to have food and go. Karan says he had her food once from Raghu’s tiffinbox and goes from there.

Sumitra angrily comes and says Shivani not to call Raghu her husband. Shivani holds her and asks her to sit. She says she saw her face when she held Raghu’s face and she was very angry. She should understand that Raghu is her husband. Sumitra asks till when she will be under this false relationship, soon Raghu wll be her husband and Shivani will be kicked out of house. Shivani says she would have done something a long back, but did not succeed as she tried to lock her on the picnic day, she knows that but does not have proof, so she did not expose her. Shivani says with all her tries, she is getting benifitted, Raghu was with her the whole day and whole night alone because of her. Sumitra angrily tries to slap her, but Shivani holds her hand and asks her to control her hands, if Raghu sees her slapping her, he will kick her out.

Ginni smiles remembering Karan and thinks she will become Ginni Suryavanshi. Latha comes and informs people who were to come to see her are not coming today due to some problem in their house. Ginni says it ok. Latha says her not to worry as she will find a better guy than him. Ginni thinks she has found a better guy and she has to convince him.

Karan remembers Shivani’s words that Raghu is her husband. He thinks he did not know that fate will make them meet like this. He says he has not forgot her and remembers every word. She does not know howmuch he loves her. He went to London hearing that she was marrying Abhimanyu. He is alone even now as he did not get a girl like him. Today, she met him as Raghu’s wife. Dunno what life has for him.

Raghu comes into Karan’s cabin and gives him a file. He asks Karan why is he looking tensed. Karan says his employee who was to give presentation to his client did not come, so he is tensed. Raghu says he will do the presentation. Karan thanks Raghu and says he will arrange his tickets.

Sumitra comes with pooja thali and asks Latha to go to mandir. Latha says people are coming with Ginni’s alliance and has a lot of work to finish. Sumitra asks her not to worry as her elder bahu will help her. She asks her to go to mandir as she will work. Latha agrees and goes to mandir. Shivani watches that and asks Sumitra to let her work. Sumitra says why was she hearing their conversation. She says Latha told her badi bahu to work. Shivani says she is not badi bahu and snatches cleaning cloth from her. Sumitra snatches back and drops the cloth on floor at Shivani’s insistence.

Maya tells Vivek that Ginni is mad behdind Karan after seeing him. Vivek asks Maya not to misguide Ginni. Maya says whatever she is doing is with perfect plan. She says they did not Karan and Shivani were friends and if Karan marries Ginni, they can get some financial help from him. Vivek says not to dream big as dreamt big durning Shvani and Raghu’s marriage and they did not get anything. Maya says Karan is a gentleman and will not stay in their house like Shivani.

Sumitra puts curtains and then says she will go and prepare kachori/samosa. Shivani says she will prepare them as she is elder bahu. Shivani goes and prepares kachori/samosa. Maya asks Sumitra if she has given up her plan. Sumitra says she is making Shivani work and will garner praises herself. She tears Shivani’s curtains.

Guests see torn curtains. Latha asks who put torn curtains. Sumitra says she did all the work and Shivani tore curtains.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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