Ek Hasina Thi 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rajnath seeing Sakshi with his phone. He panics. Sakshi checks the phone and laughs seeing a silly joke. She thinks what a silly thought I got, I felt they are having an affair. Rajnath comes back and flirts to take his phone away. She says don’t talk like this, I get tension. He says fine, be ready for the afternoon. She asks why. He says I m after a painter to make your portrait and he agreed. She gets happy. He says I wanted to give you a surprise, but… She says nothing hides from me. She says don’t think how did I know, I came to know from the secretary.

He says we should have a detective agency. He asks about his phone saying I forgot it. He sees it and says its there. She says yes. He takes his phone and sees Sakshi’s missed call. He says it has your missed call, were you missing me so much. She laughs and says not exactly, I wanted to share it that Shaurya is being responsible, why not to get him married. Rajnath is shocked and laughs. He asks with whom. She says Ganguly’s daughter Sagarika. She says think again. I think she is perfect for him. He says yes, she is perfect. She says Shaurya will forget Durga then. He says we are going in their anniversary party, so lets talk to them there. She leaves.

He says you are very cunning Sakshi and checks Raima’s message. He says I m saved as its only a joke. Sagarika gets a message from her dad asking her to come home soon. Sagarika bumps into a woman who asks her to save her from a man. Sagaarika protects her. The man says I m your wife. The woman says then who is the other woman. He says she is my girlfriend and will always be with me. He holds her hand and Sagarika slaps him.

The man says I will show you when you come home and leaves. The woman says take me with you, I will do work at your home. Sagarika says no, don’t let him beat you, I did not do anything, you taught me something, I was moving back to let go off a man like your husband, but not now, thanks. Akash talks to the man and pays more as he got the slap. The woman says the girl was acting star. Akash gives her money. The woman says no one knew we were shooting, but where were the cameras. Akash says we had hidden cameras, you did well. They leave.

Akash calls Durga and tells her the plan was perfect, it affected Sagarika. Durga says good job Akash and smiles. Durga sees the video of Ganguly’s home. Sagarika comes home and hears Ganguly talking to her mum. He asks her to get ready well as he wants them to look beautiful. He asks did you invite your friends. She says I have only one friend Nandini. He says fine, did you invite her. She says no, I thought you invited her. He says why will I invite her. She says bit she is your mistress right, if you can use her, can’t you invite her. He asks what is this nonsense. She confronts him about the hotel.

Ganguly slaps her and says how dare you. Sagarika shouts how dare you. Her mum comes in between and he takes her to the room to beat her. Sagarika and Durga cry seeing this. Sagarika asks her dad not to beat her mum. Durga shouts stop it, don’t punish them. Ganguly beats his wife.

Dev thinks about Nitya and Payal. He sees their childhood pics. He says where are you Nitya. He gets a call from Sonali and says he says I have all hopes from you, don’t disappoint me. She says I m getting all the documents from court in one hour. Dev gets happy and says meet me soon, I m waiting. Akash hears this and takes Sonali‘s pics. Dev says I will get some info in the documents. Durga thinks about Sagarika’s words and says enough dad, I can’t do this anymore.

She says I can’t ruin other’s lives to take my revenge, I can’t hurt Sagarika, Nandini and Ganguly’s wife. He says when Sagarika asked her, Ganguly slapped her and beaten up his wife. She cries and says this is happening because of me. She says I can’t be so selfish, I have to stop all this here, how to stop it. Dayal consoles her and asks her to see the positive side of this matter. She says if Ganguly is exposed, then Nandini will lose her job, what will she do. Dayal says I will give her a job with double pay and with medical benefits. Durga gets happy.

He says Ganguly slapped his daughter, he is not human but a disease. She says yes you are right. I know how to throw this disease. She gets Akash’s call who tells her that a girl is trying to find out Payal’s case documents, she is getting them now. Durga asks who is she. Akash says I will find it she works for whom. I don’t know her name, but I took her pic, I will send you, maybe you know her. Durga gets the pic and says who is this girl and she works for whom.

She says I m coming there now. Durga comes there . Sonali calls Dev and meets him. She gives him the file. Dev checks the file. Durga sees Sonali and thinks who is that guy with her. She comes towards them to see. Durga thinks why does they need the documents of the rape case. Sonali says we got evefrything in this file.

Shaurya says Ganguly is my mentor and I want to give him a small surprise. Durga too comes in the party. She plays a CD. Sakshi sees her.

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