Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu schizophrenically laughs on her family for not believing her. Mohanto says he has to take a tough decision now. Madhu is dragged to a mental assylum by male nurses.

Doctor informs Mohanto’s family and Samaira that he has shifted Arnav to another ward and they can see him. Samaira thanks doctor. Neeraj is with Arnav. Arnav is still asleep. He says if he would not have been saved, Shikha would not have forgiven herself. Mohanto’s family with Aditya and Samaira reach Arnav’s room. Neeraj disguises as doctor. Mohanto and Samaira asks if Arnav is fine. Neeraj says he is fine and will send sister to check Arnav. Doctor comes and informs Arnav is fine now and they can take him home.

Madhu is dragged into mental assylum and gets afraid seeing other mad patients. She pleads that she is not mad and to leave her. Ward boys say they are mad instead to drag her.

Neeraj reaches Avinash’s house and informs Sudha that Manav is fine now and has been discharged. He informs that Shikha’s plan has succeeded and Madhurima has been sent to mental hospital. Sudha thanks god and says Madhu reached her destiny. She thanks Neeraj for being with Shikha always and goes from there. Mahi asks Neeraj if he wants to tell something else. Neeraj says no and goes from there.

Mohanto and family brings Arnav home. Sunaina asks her family to take rest while she takes care of Arnav. Samaira says she will be with Arnav and asks them to rest. Everyone goes from there while Shikha apologises Manav for her mistake.

Mahi sees Neeraj letter and asks him why did not he give it to Shikha. Neeraj says he does not understand what she is talking about. Mahi says he is always with Shikha and protects her, then why does not he profess his love. Neeraj says Shikha is not a kid and her main goal is to destroy Aditya now. Mahi shows Shikha’s pic in his cupboard and asks him to tell if he loves Shikha or not. Neeraj says yes he loves Shikha. Mahi says that is what she wanted to hear from him.

Jai informs media that Madhu has gone mad. He says Aarya that before dad takes a wrong decision, they should convince him to make him MD and says whatever they thought is happening easily.

Aditya sees Samaira crying and tries to console her. Samaira says they will not involve Arnav in their plan again and because of them Arnav is suffering. Aditya says she is right and praises her for caring Arnav like a mother and even scolded him in hospital. He congratulates her for proving Madhu mad and sending her to mental hospital and says nobody can come in between us now. He tries to kiss then, but Samaira stops him and says we should see Madhu is tortured in mental assylum first.

Madhu is given electric shock. Samaira looks at her and remembers being pushed from a cliff. Madhu gets unconsious after a mental shock. Samaira disguises as Shikha and goes to Madhu’s room and asks her to come and hug her. She then smiles and asks her not to worry as there is no Shikha’s ghost, Shikha did not die at all. Madhu tries to hit her, but cannot reach Shikha as she is handcuffed. Shikha says she herself came to inform her that she is not Samaira but Shikha who made a joke out of her and betrayed her and her whole family. She says she is the same Shikha who came in her life long back as a singer and took her husband away according to her plan. She says now Madhu is in mental assylum because of her and her husband Aditya helped her. She says Aditya thinks she loves him madly and now she will do the same what Aditya did to her. She says she was an innocent girl who believed in love and humanity, but you made me start hating everyone. Madhu says she cannot do anything as she will expose her reality to everyone. Shikha asks her to shout and says even she shouted once and nobody heard her, now nobody will hear Madhu. Madhu shouts she will not let her succeed and shouts while Shikha goes from there.

Precap: Samaira says Madhu is her wife even after she is in mental hospital and she is just her muse, so he has to give Madhu divorce.

Update Credit to: MA

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