Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla catching Kanno red handed. She says you did it in my presence, I will expose you infront of everyone. Dadi comes and asks what did Kanno do today. Shashikant, jai and Akash also come there and asks what happened. Mangla shows her saree and shows Kanno stole it and said Poonam did it. Shashikant looks at Kanno. Mangla tells them everything. jai is ashamed. Mangla says I caught her else she wouls have blamed Poonam. She taunts Kanno. Kanno gets tensed. Mangla says you are selfish and you can burn anything, why did you do this. Kanno accepts her mistake and shouts yes I did it. Everyone are shocked. Kanno says ask yourself why I did it. She taunts back Mangla saying you should have given this saree to me, how can you forget I m your bahu. Mangla says I won’t give you answers. Kanno and Mangla argue on this matter.

Kanno says I won’t bear injustice, I will do like this only. Akash scolds Kanno for misbehaving with his mum. She says you don’t have any right to talk between us. Kanno and Akash have an argument, Kanno blames akash for creating nuisance in the house. Poonam is worried. Mangla says we all are here and see how you raising your voice. Mangla reminds her of her duties. Poonam cries thinking this is happening because of me. Prathna says no, don’t worry, its not your mistake.

Kanno argues with Mangla. She takes the saree and tears the saree as Mangla wanted to give the saree to Poonam. She says we both have the right on this saree, so I have divided the saree into two halfs. Shashikant says enough, are you in your senses, what did you do. You tore the saree, why did you do like this, he scolds her. He says if you do like this again, then your family has to answer us. He asks jai to explain Kanno. Kanno starts crying to gain sympathy. Poonam stops her and says its my mistake, I apologize to you for that. Kanno says what else. Poonam says I did not wish to hurt you, I m here only for few days, then why do you think I m taking your place, this is your house, and you are the bahu, this saree was yours, I don’t have any right here, I m here for only six months. Kanno scolds her saying you should go from here only itself. I know your plans. Poonam says what are you saying. Kanno says everyone will be shocked when you will know that Akash and Poonam will be having a baby. Then no one will let Poonam go from here. Akash scolds Kanno and says think before you speak. Akash scolds Poonam too for apologizing to Kanno. Kanno leaves in anger.

Prathna comes to Poonam and asks her to have food. Poonam thanks her. Prathna says everyone had food, only we were left. Poonam says we used to eat together in our house, but today its because of me, that you all are eating in rooms. Prathna says its not because of you, we don’t have time to eat together. Poonam says I m not hungry and I m not in the mood to have food. Prathna insists. Poonam says it was my mistake, I should have requested Mangla and asked her to give the saree to Kanno. Prathna says Kanno is like this only, she always makes an issue. Poonam says I did not feel she was wrong, she had the right on this saree, she is the bahu of this house, who am I, no one. I m a guest here, and so much problems are created because of me. Poonam says this saree got into two halves because of me. Poonam gets sad. Prathna says lets have food now. Poonam says she cannot eat. Prathna says I will tell Akash about this. Mangla overhears this and comes to her room. Mangla is having headache. She drinks wine closing the door.
Akash says Poonam is sad because of Kanno. Prathna says Poonam is not seeing Kanno’s mistake. Akash is angry on Kanno. He says why is Kanno after Poonam, she is always doing some dramas. He says I won’t bear this injustice against Poonam. Akash says I will talk to mum about this and leaves. Mangla is in her room smiling. As she hears Akash is coming to her, she starts crying. Akash says what happened, why are you crying. He goes from the room. She eats something. She hides the food as Akash comes back and starts crying again. akash brings Prathna and Poonam with her. Poonam says I m responsible for all this, why are you hurting yourself. Mangla says why are you blaming yourself, you wore the saree because I told you, how can we explain this to Kanno. I’m helpless, so I felt like crying, I always said Kanno is my bahu, but she did not think of this house as hers. Mangla asks Akash did I ask anything from her or anyone, I want happiness from everyone. Am I wrong. Can’t Kanno do this for us. Poonam says you are right. Mangla says Kanno does not think like this. Kanno likes to hurt us, what she did today is so shameful. She did not think before tearing the saree. She says Poonam got insulted in my presence, I will regret.

Kanno and Mangla are having an argument again. Poonam hears them. Kanno says ask Poonam to be this house’s bahu for one say. Mangla asks Poonam will you be able to take this responsibility. Poonam thinks about it.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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