Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash trying to convince Prabhunath and Vandana. Shashikant drinks wine and Mangla looks at him and tries to resist, but she fails and drinks wine with him. Her urge makes her break her promise to everyone that she won’t drink wine. Shashikant says you left drinking then… She says yes, but what happened today, I was having head ache so….this will give some peace of mind. He says but you don’t go out after drinking, your sons will show us days which we can’t think of. Mangla says we have to find some solutio n to get rid of these problems. Shashikant says yes, we have to find some way out. Mangla thinks something and drinks more wine.

Poonam is in her room. Akash comes to her and looks at her. She is annoyed with him. He starts playing games on his mobile. Poonam looks at him. They don’t talk and simply wait for each other to start a conversation. Poonam goes to sleep while he continues playing games. He too rests. They are unable to sleep and look at each other. She looks at him and he turns.

The next morning, Akash comes to Mangla and Shashikant and closes the door. He talks to them about his decision. Shashikant tells him that he called him to talk to him about Poonam’s parents. Everyone are gathered in the room. Shashikant says are you fine now, or still thinking the same thing. He says we came to a conclusion. Akash says what and about….? Shashikant says we called the driver, he will drop Poonam’s parents to Lucknow. Akash is shocked. Kanno smiles. Shashikant gives Rs. 50000 and asks Akash to give it to them for help.

Akash looks at the money and does not accept it. He says if they go from this house then I will also leave this house. Everyone are shocked. Mangla says Akash whats this. Shashikant says stop it, it means he wants to leave us and this house for them. He says we are fine with it, leave this house and go from here. Dadi says what are you saying, are you mad Shashi. Mangla asks Akash to be calm and think again. She says you did not say such thing before. Dadi says how can you forget he is your son. Shashikant says he is not out son, he is Prabhunath and Vandana’s son, he does not have to do anything with us. Akash says you know I can’t leave this house, but I can’t leave them alone in this situation.

Akash says they did not come here themselves, I brought them here. He says they will feel insulted if you give them money. Shashikant says shall I keep this house on their name, do you want this. Dadi calms down Shashikant. Mangla asks Akash to leave. Shashikant says what does he think, we will agree to his every silly decision. He gets angry. Dadi stops Shashikant and asks Akash to leave at the moment. Akash leaves. Shashikant says I have to go to office and leaves with jai.

Poonam is taking care of Prabhunath and Vandana. Vandana says we are fine, do your work at home, its your first diwali in this house. Poonam says I did my work and you are my responsibility. Vandana sees Poonam tensed and asks are you waiting for someone’s call. Mangla comes to Poonam and says I was looking out for you. She asks them how are you feeling now. Prabhunath says better. Mangla asks Poonam to take part in cleaning the house. Vandana asks Poonam to leave and work with Mangla. Poonam shows the medicines to Vandana and says call me if you need me. Poonam leaves and bumps into Akash.

Mangla says Poonam, first clean your room, then come to the hall. Mangla leaves. Akash and Poonam are still not talking. Poonam leaves. Akash comes to Prabhunath and Vandana and asks them to come in the hall and sit with his family. Prabhunath says you go, we will come. Mangla asks the servant to work faster. Kanno argues with Mangla and says the work got more as many people are staying here. The servant asks for more money listening this. Mangla asks Kanno to clean the house. Mangla leaves. Kanno gets angry.

Akash asks Mangla where is my phone. Dadi says Poonam took it to call Deepak. Akash thinks if Deepak tells her about the house’s auction then…. He runs to her and takes the phone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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