Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara asking jai why don’t you celebrate festivals. jai does not answer her and leaves. Aarvi asks Dhara to make some rotis for her. She says Ketki gave me some work but I will make rotis for you first. She makes the rotis and Nanku says even I m hungry. Dhara says I will give you food later. Aarvi says we will eat together. Dhara says no, we will eat later. Aarvi says Nanku is my friend, I will eat with him and shares her food. Ketki comes to Dhara and sees Nanku eating the roti. She starts scolding Dhara and says you are making Nanku eat food, and you did not do the work I told you. She takes the plate from Nanku and scolds them. She says you both are servants here and servants eat food after their boss.

Dhara says Aarvi was eating food, not Nanku. Everyone comes there and see Ketki blaming Dhara. Aarvi says Dhara is right, I asked her to make rotis and I asked Nanku to eat my rotis. Ketki scolds Aarvi. Ramila says don’t scold Aarvi, why will she lie. Ketki says Aarvi is not lying, Dhara is lying. She speaks against Dhara. She insults Dhara. Nanku is upset. Ketki says Dhara can’t stay in our house. Dhara starts crying and says lets go Nanku. Aarvi stops her. Dhara says I can’t stay here as its someone else’s house. Parul stops Dhara and says you won’t go anywhere.

Ketki is shocked. Parul scolds Ketki and says did you not think before taking rotis from Nanku. Parul says Dhara has did a big thing saving Aarvi and we can’t give her anything for it. She says you have given her a lot for it, but Paritosh has tries to harm her always, because of us. Parul says ite because of us, the goons are looking out for Dhara. Parul says calculate, what did Dhara get saving Aarvi’s life. Dilip apologizes to Dhara on Ketki’s behalf. Dhara says I did not feel bad, she was right, I did not do the work, but don’t punish my Nanku for this. He is a small kid, she took his roti. She tells Parul allow me to go, I can’t stay here.

Dhara leaves with Nanku. Ansubaa stops her. She says I m stopping you beign a member of this family, its my duty to safeguard you. Aarvi tells her don’t let Dhara go, its my mistake, I asked Nanku to have food with me. Aarvi says sorry to Nanku as its because of her, Ketki has scolded her. Ansubaa says its not Aarvi’s mistake, even then she said sorry. She asks Ketki to apologize to Dhara. Ketki is shocked. Everyone looks at her. Ansubaa says again, say sorry. Ketki folds hands and says sorry to Dhara.

Dhara also folds her hands in respect. Ketki cries and leaves. Ansubaa looks at Dhara. Ketki comes to her room crying and thinks how Parul scolded her infront of everyone because of Dhara. She breaks a pot and says Ansubaa has once again insulted me for a maid. She gets angry and says Parul also scolded me because of Dhara. She gets hurt by the broken pot and says its enough, not anything more, I will make Dhara go out of this house.

Nanku packs his bag. Dhara comes and asks him what are you doing. Nanku says I don’t want to stay here, lets go our home. Dhara says oh, so much anger. He says yes, I don’t like Aarvi’s mum. Dhara says she did not do it purposely, she felt bad so she did that. Nanku says even I felt bad. Dhara says Ansubaa asked us to stay here, so how can we go. Dhara brings crackers for him and he is happy to see it. He thanks her. She asks him to burn the fire crackers with Aarvi. Dhara asks him to call someone elder while playing. She says I have to go somewhere. He asks where. She says I m going our home to light diwali’s house and I will be back soon, you don’t tell anyone. Nanku agrees and goes for playing.

Dhara leaves for her home and is shocked to see jai. She thinks what to do now, if he knows I m going my home alone after he said no, then he will be angry. She hides from him. Dhara leaves after jai is gone and comes to her home. Paritosh is drinking wine thinking about Chandrika’s slap and her taunts as he failed to catch Dhara. He says everyone are celebrating diwali but I feel I lost the happiness of my life. He sees Dhara going to her home and says this diwali would be great for me, the Lord has heard me.

Everyone are celebrating diwali at home. Aarvi asks jai to come and light the crackers. She requests him. He lights some crackers and everyone are happy to see him. Nanku says its great fun Aarvi. Parul asks him to call Dhara. Nanku says she is… Aarvi says I will go and call her. Dhara is lighting the diya at her home. Aarvi goes to the kitchen and calls Dhara. Ketki asks what happened. Aarvi asks did you see Dhara. Ketki says I don’t know where she is. Aarvi goes to check in Dhara’s room. Parul says where will she be, she will be in her room. Lily says she is not in her room. jai asks Nanku where did Dhara go. Nanku thinks Dhara asked him not to tell anyone. Parul says maybe she went to her house, jai says she made a mistake, I told her its dangerous for her.

jai says she did not tell us. Nanku asks will anything happen to her. Hasmukh says I think he knows, but he is afraid to tell. Hasmukh asks Nanku where did she go. Nanku says Dhara went to our home to light the diya. jai and everyone are shocked.

Paritosh comes to Dhara. She asks what are you doing here. He says I came to settle the score. Dhara fights with him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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