Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dolly asking Kanno to go and they will inform Mangla. Mangla comes and they are shocked to see her. Dolly moves back. Mangla asks Kanno where is she going. Kanno gets tensed and says kitchen to make tea. Mangla says fine, make it for me also. Kanno asks her to go to temple. Mangla says I m feeling tired and won’t go today. Dolly asks Mangla to come with her to the temple. Mangla says not today, I m not well. Sarita asks what happened to you and praises her beauty. Mangla smiles and they insist her to come. Kanno tells Mangla that she has some work and has to go. Dolly says yes, you do your work, I will make the tea. Mangla says fine, you can go. Sarita and Dolly are happy.

Kanno comes to the dance classes and gets training. The class ends. Kanno is happy.

Kanno is satisfied and thinks this is happening because of Dolly and Sarita. She is thankful to them. Kiran brings tea for Deepak. Deepak is happy and says our good days are coming back. I met Akash and he needed Rs 5 lakhs for which he is going to give Rs. 50000 for five days, so I gave him the offer. Kiran is happy. Ramesh and Akash come home. Mangla scolds Akash for coming so late and not taking care of his health.

Jai asks Akash what was the work. Akash says i will tell everyone after the work ends. Mangla says I know your work will be good for our family. Ramesh praises Akash and says he can never break your family’s trust. Ramesh says i m tired and leaves. Ramesh laughs in his room and tells everyone that he has trapped Akash. He says them everything. Kamal comes and asks what is going in. Dolly says Ramesh’s plan never flops. Ramesh says Poonam is going to be left alone, then you can do what you do with her. Poonam comes to Akash and brings milk for him.

Akash asks how are you now. She says fine. He says I promise it won’t happen again. Poonam gets a call from her friend Neetu who asks her to come in her birthday. Poonam says I can’t come. Neetu insists. Poonam agrees and ends the call. Akash says I m going for work tomorrow. Poonam tells about her friend’s birthday, shall I go. Akash asks her to go and he will drop her. Poonam smiles and thanks him. Akash and Poonam are on the way. Akash gets a call and he gets angry on the workers. Poonam asks what happened, is there any problem, you look in pressure. Akash says nothing.

Akash drops Poonam and says he will pick her after his work ends. Poonam hugs Neetu and they have a talk. Neetu says our friends are coming, we will go to the restaurant. Akash gets Rs. 25 lakhs from Mr. Kapoor and he is asked to sign papers. Akash gets tensed. Ramesh asks him to sign it as its just formalities. Akash signs the papers. Ramesh smiles. Akash is happy to see Rs. 25 lakhs and says now my dream will be fulfilled of doing a big project. Poonam sees Akash there and is shocked. Mr. Kapoor leaves. Poonam asks Akash what is all this. Ramesh is shocked. Poonam says you did not tell anyone about this event at home, if I did not come here, even I would have not known.

Akash says this event is the beginning. Poonam says why did you not tell Jai. Akash says I will tell him after the event ends. Poonam says no, you have to tell him now. Ramesh says no, its good to tell later. Ramesh says i m helping Akash in this event, see how Akash succeeds. Poonam says its not good to hide this. Poonam requests Akash to tell everyone. Akash agrees. Ramesh thinks now you are caught as you have signed the agreement.

Dolly calls Mangla and tells that Kanno goes to dance classes. Mangla sees Kanno dancing and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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