Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara agreeing to sign the divorce papers. Jiten says I want the marriage to happen grand. Ansubaa says sorry we can’t do this. She says their marriage will be done in the house. Jiten agrees and says after seven days, I will keep a good reception. Dipika and Ketki smile. Ansubaa gets a call from someone and says I m coming now. Ansubaa tells Jiten the panchayat is calling me. Hasmukh says why. Ansubaa says maybe they have to ask me questions. She leaves. Hitesh comes to Avni and says my form did not sell by your family’s name. He says everyone are laughing on this family. Avni asks what happened. He says there is a case filed against Ansubaa.

Ansubaa greets the panchayat. Chandrika smiles and taunts her. She asks about Dhara’s pregnancy. The panchayat says how about doing justice with Dhara. Dipika smiles. Hasmukh asks Ramila how did they know about this. Ramila says don’t know what will Chandrika do now. Chandrika taunts Ansubaa about Jai. Parul says our family is stuck, we can’t tell the truth about Dhara. The panchayat asks Ansubaa what did she think about Dhara. Ansubaa says I have a request to give me some time. Chandrika says Dhara has only 7 days now. What about Dhara, so you have to do justice now itself. Chandrika smiles.

Ansubaa says fine, I want the panchayat to decide. The panchayat says no, you have to decide as you are the sarpanch. People talk about Ansubaa. The panchayat gives one week time to Ansubaa. Everyone comes home. Dhara is upset in her room crying. Jai comes to her and asks what happened. She hugs him and says I can’t bear this now, its happening because of me, everyone are getting insulted because of me. Jai says enough, stop crying and don’t take tension. It can affect the baby. He asks her to sleep. Dipika comes to Jai and says take care of Dhara, she needs you the most. Jai leaves.

Dhara thinks of her dream again and shouts Jai. She thinks what is it which I m not understanding. Dhara talkss to Kishan ji and asks for some way. Ketki asks Ansubaa why did she not tell Chandrika about Dhara. Ansubaa says she is our pride and bahu. Ketki says you can atleast say at home, she should be punished. Hasmukh scolds Ketki and asks her to be quiet. Ansubaa says I m thinking Dhara is here only for few days and after 7 days……. Jiten comes and says after 7 days, Dhara has to leave from this house and Jai’s life. He brings the divorce papers. Everyone are shocked.

Jiten asks Dhara to sign it. Dhara comes to Parul and I will light the diya. Parul stops her and says I can’t believe what you said, my heart says my Dhara can’t do this mistake. Dhara says I did the mistake, I would have not lied. Parul says you told me that you love Jai, then now you are saying you love someone else. Dhara cries. Parul says I can proudly say that you deserve Jai even now. She hugs her and cries. Dipika sees this and is angry. Dipika says Dhara, Ansubaa is calling you, dad came with the lawyer. Dhara asks Parul to come with her. Parul says no, I m weak and can’t see the divorce. Dhara goes to Ansubaa.

Dhara thinks about her stay in the house with Jai. Kyu hai magroor zindagi…………….aye zindagi tu kaisi dharohar hai………..plays…………….. Dipika taunts Dhara. Dipika lies to Dhara that she has got Jai and he will never leave her. She asks Dhara to think about her love and make it her strength. Dhara cries.

Ansubaa asks Dhara to sign on the papers. Jiten says its divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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