Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Poonam solving an old woman’s problem whose son is at a govt hospital. The lady says the doctors are asking for much money to cure her son. Poonam calls the hospital and tries to help the woman. Akash calls and Poonam does not talk to him as she is busy. Poonam talks to the doctor and asks him to treat the patient well and not ask any money from his son. She scolds him and asks him to give the medicines to the patient. Poonam asks the woman not to worry. Akash talks to Mangla and asks her not to worry about Poonam, as he will wait till Poonam comes.

Mangla says I think Poonam is burdening herself with work, tell her to balance work and home. Akash says fine, I will talk to her tonight, you go and sleep. Mangla leaves. Poonam calls Akash and says sorry, she tells about the lady. He asks how will you come alone at night, I will come. She says no, I will come. He says come soon.

Poonam comes home and talks to Mangla. She says I know you worry about me, but I will take care. I m sorry for coming late. Mangla says give the speeches in campaigns, not at home. Mangla asks her to take care of her health. Poonam makes Mangla smile. Everyone laughs. Mangla asks her to work hard for Sitapur, and she is really happy. Poonam’s takes her blessings. Poonam comes to office and thinks she will get the file today. Parul, Ambika and Vidya come to meet her. Poonam is surprised seeing them and hugs her.

Poonam welcomes them. Parul says good wishes from all of us. Vidya says we thought to wish you personally so we came to meet you. They praise her. Poonam thanks them. They see Poonam getting busy. Poonam asks them to have snacks and she will do some work. Poonam says she has to go for some work, she is dealing with a school problem. She says don’t feel bad, I have to go. They ask her to go. Ambika asks shall we also come with you. Poonam smiles and asks them to come thanking them.

Poonam comes to the office to take the file. The man gets scared seeing her. She asks for the file. The peon comes and says the file is missing. Poonam is shocked. He says I did not get the file anywhere. The man says I have given him the work and he did not do. He says don’t worry, leave the file. Poonam says no, I gave you time till morning, your time is over now. She says if you can’t do your work, then I will do it. I will find the file now. The man says you can’t do this, I will find it. Poonam says I don’t expect any help from you. Parul says we will help you and they join hands.

Poonam asks where is the record room. They go and look for the files. The peon gets tensed. Poonam says we have to find it soon, I will not leave from here without the file. The peon gets a call and gets worried. Poonam looks at him and starts doubting. The peon goes out to talk. Ambika says there is something fishy. Poonam says yes, the peon is worried. He is hiding something. The peon says I told you there is no second copy. He says no one will get that file, don’t worry. Poonam and everyone hear him. He is shocked seeing them.

Poonam asks the peon whats going on, where is the file, who called you, tell me. She says lets call the police. The peon says I will tell everything, I was bring threatened to hide the file, if I give you the file, they will kill me and my son. Poonam asks who are they. He says I don’t know, but they know everything happening you, if they know I told you everything, they will kill me. Poonam says don’t worry. He says I kept the file outside and someone took it. Poonam is shocked.

Poonam says I want that file at any cost. She thinks who can do this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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