Yeh Jawaani 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku decides he won’t get bothered by anything from now. He will be free minded like Kimaya and he will change his life himself. His friend comes running to him and says there is a surprise for him. There’s a treat for him. Cheeku is amazed that no one offered him water until now, and with his new positive approach, he is already getting a treat.

It’s Billu who is waiting for him. He says he did so bad with him and destroyed his garden yesterday. He says Cheeku will give treat today, he has such a big heart. Cheeku says, what? I will give treat? Billu says, not only to him, but to his whole gang.

A girl, Radhika, is sitting in the corridor to write her notes. Dodo sits beside her and thinks she got punishment from a professor. He says bad about the professor. Radhika’s dad comes and scolds her for sitting with Dodo. She leaves. Her dad is discussing Dodo’s report with him, but Dodo is lost in the girl’s thoughts. He says he can’t believe she is his daughter. He tricks him and leaves from there.

Cheeku gets samosa for Billu. Billu asks him whether his dad will get him sauce. Cheeku gets mad and says that’s enough in his mind. In real, he tells Billu he will get it right now. Billu declares that Cheeku is his toy now and it’s his right only to play with him. He ties his hands and they are playing a game with his face. Cheeku says not to hit on his face. Billu throws something and it hits on his eye. He thinks how he will show his face to Kimaya.

Cheeku is video chatting with Kimaya. He has mask on his face. Kimaya asks him to remove it. Cheeku has no choice. She asks what happened. Cheeku tries to give excuses, but she catches his lie. He tells her the truth about Billu. She wishes she could do something for him. Cheeku gets feelings for Kimaya, he asks himself to control. He says it’s enough for him that his friend is with him. Kimaya asks him why he doesn’t talk to his parents about it. Cheeku starts smiling and asks if he shall talk so soon. They just started knowing each other. She asks what to know more? He will talk when Billu throws real bullets at him? Cheeku says, oh Billu? There’s no need for that. She asks if he thinks that he’s a boy and he can’t complain. She asks him to try to share his problem with his parents or brothers. He says he will try. He comes outside to talk to his parents and hear them talking about a surprise gift. He thinks it’s for his birthday. His parents see him and ask him what’s on his face. Cheeku tells his dad about Billu and everything he did. He asks him to talk to Billu, but his dad says when he was in college, he handled 10 Billus and here Cheeku can’t handle 1? He gets a call and leaves. Cheeku says he told Kimaya that his parents won’t listen, but she still asked him to try. He is happy as he at least found out about them doing birthday preparations for him. He thanks Kimaya.

Sid is discussing with Dodo what to do with Devika. He feels Devika is purposely making him jealous. Dodo is thinking about Radhika. Cheeku tries to talk to them. He says there’s a good news. Sid says it better be good as he’s already upset since morning. He says they won’t have to give him gift for his birthday this time, instead they will have to do something for him. His brothers understand that he’s talking about Billu and laugh. Cheeku is surprised that they know everything already, and still? He asks them to save him from Billu. Sid and Dodo tell him first let his birthday come, there is still months time in that. Cheeku says he knew they won’t agree, what’s point of such macho brothers? Sid remembers Devika saying she likes macho men. He stops cheeku and asks if his elder brother can’t joke with him. He asks sid whether he will save him from Cheeku? Sid says he will teach him such a lesson in front of Devika, entire college, that he won’t think about bullying anyone else. Cheeku thanks Kimaya in his mind as he got closer to his brothers.

Dodo is going somewhere. He meets his neighbor and gets surprised knowing she knows everything about him. She says she even knows that Cheeku’s birthday is coming. Dodo realizes that is why he came to them with deal of his birthday gift. He asks the girl how she knows about Cheeku’s birthday. She says she even knows that his dirty mind is getting idea to arrange a birthday party for Cheeku and invite Radhika. Dodo tells her that he had doubt, but not is sure that she’s a psycho. He leaves. The girl laughs.

The brothers discuss their plan lead by Sid. Sid hopes to impress Devika. He tells Dodo to tell Billu that Cheeku challenged him and asks Cheeku to be in corridor from where Devika passes.

In college, Billu comes to Cheeku and asks whether he forgot what he did with him in last 2 days that he challenged him? Sid comes there with boxing gloves and warns Billu to stop bullying Cheeku else it won’t be good for him. Devika is watching everything. Billu and his gang laugh. Someone is beaten up. Looking at Cheeku’s face, it looks like Sid got beaten up by Billu.

Precap: Cheeku is surprised knowing there will be a birthday party for him. Dodo tries to convince his parents saying it will be a very small party.

Update Credit to: Tina

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