Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Poonam shocked seeing the school demolished. She talks to the principal and he gets annoyed with her for not being able to stop this. She sees the girls crying and feels bad. She says everything will be fine. She says I brought the court stay orders but…… I promise till I give you a big school, I will not be quiet. Akash talks to Poonam and asks I don’t understand, why did this happen. She says yes, I don’t know, the school was demolished, I don’t know how the people got hurt. Mata Singh calls her and taunts her. He tells her that he did all this, he has sent his goons and beaten the principal. Poonam is shocked.

Mata Singh threatens Poonam and Akash gets angry. He says I will not leave him. Poonam says no, we can’t fall low like him, he did this. Akash says we can’t be quiet. Poonam says yes, but we won’t fight with him, we have to think about school first, we will make a new bigger school, I have decided what to do now.

Next day, Poonam apologizes to the principal and asks him to trust her as she won’t let his hardwork go. He says that school was our dream. She says I called you here to tell that I have arranges a new school for you. Everyone get happy. She brings him to a free space and says this is your new school. He thanks her. She smiles and says I have decided till the govt give us a land to school, but you can teach her on the road, as the atmosphere is peaceful. She says we can make our plea reach the govt, I promise you will get a new school soon. I will talk to the education minister soon.

The girls sit to study. The Education Minister gives an appointment to Poonam though he was very busy. Poonam says I will take a good plan that he has to agree. She works hard. Everyone wait for Poonam at home. Mangla asks why did she not come till now, I m worried. Shashikant asks Akash to call Poonam and ask. Akash calls Poonam but could not talk. Mangla gets worried. Akash says maybe she is stuck in some work, I will go to her office. Poonam comes home.

Akash says I was coming to take you. Poonam says she had much work today and tomorrow she has meeting with education minister. Akash asks her to have food. Poonam says work is more important. Mangla says but food is also important. She says I will send food in room, you eat there. Shashikant says everyone should be proud to get a MLA like Poonam. Mangla smiles.
Poonam comes to meet the education minister and talks to him about new school request. She shows him her plan and gives the file. The minister says we will help you for sure. She thanks him and says we want 1 acre land for the school. He says the govt has given the land to the school 6 years before. She is shocked and says I don’t know about this. He shows her the proof. She says then where did the land go, there is only two room school in Sitapur on forest land. She asks can you give me the details. He says I don’t know, but this is serious matter. She leaves.

Poonam talks to his PA about the land. He says we can’t find about the land now. He says leave this matter now. She says no, we have to change the system, I will make the school. She goes to the govt office to find about the land. The man asks her not to dig old matters. She scolds the man and says I want the land file. He says give me 3 days time. She says I want it tomorrow. He says fine. She leaves. The man says I did not see such dangerous woman till now. He asks his peon to find the file. The peon looks for the file. He gets it.

He gets a call and they ask him not to give the file to anyone, burn it else he will be killed. The man gets tensed and scared. Poonam thinks she will get the file tomorrow. A couple comes to her with their problem. Poonam asks how can she help them. They tell about a renter who is not paying rent and claiming their house, they say police is also not helping them. Poonam takes all the details and calls the concerned police station.

She talks to the SP and tells him that the inspectors are not taking the complaints of common people. She scolds him and asks him to do his duty well. She asks him to take their FIR else she will take charge. The SP says we will help them, I guarantee this. She says fine and ends the call. She asks the couple to make the FIR and tell her if there is any problem. They thank her. She smiles.

Poonam waits for the file. Parul, Ambika and Vidya come to meet her. Poonam is surprised seeing them and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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