Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the introduction scene in Lucknow. The city is shown with a narration…
Two guys are praising a girl and waiting to catch a glimpse of her. They say her qualities. She comes in the balcony. She does puja in the morning. The guys are desperate to see her, but she goes from there. The next scene shows her with pigeons. Her dad calls her, and she says I am here and goes to do Puja infront of her Lord. Her dad is happy to see her.

He says she does the Puja and take belssing from the Lord and him too, he asks why? She says for her he is equivalent to her Lord. She asks him to do Yoga, and he should not miss it a single day. He says he could not sleep with exceeded happiness as he is going to America. He could not believe it. He gets a call from Gautham, but he thinks its Deepak’s call. He tells Gautham that they are leaving for America.

Poonam says her Sir that not to tell about her exams to her dad else he will cancel his America’s plans. Sir asks her to think again. Sir is happy and says she is very good daughter. Poonam also complements him saying every student should get a sir like him who is so much concerned about the students. Gautham says happy journey.

Poonam’s mum calls her. Poonam gifts them clothes. She says she earnsa thousand rupees, and from that shue bought them gifts. Her dad becomes happy. She gives a shawl to her mum and a jacket to her dad. Her mum sees the clock and says we should have breakfast then we have to leave. She says he is getting ready since three days. He says he is doing so because he is going for the first time.

He gets a call from Mishra ji, he says his son has made every arrangement for them. Poonam thanks her brother that he has called them abroad, and he is very happy about it. Her dad says he is going abroad to everyone.

Few girls come and take Poonam with them. Poonam goes to her friend’s house. She says she is going today for 15 days. The girls show Poonam their stitching handwork. Poonam says its good, the girls gets happy. Poonam gives them suggestions to improve.

Suman’s parents have a discussion about Suman’s marriage proposal. Her dad says he is unlucky that he did not have any son, so he is searching for such a son-in-law that be like a son, thats why he is taking so much time to search a perfect son-in-law. Suman’s father regrets that he has only daughters.
Poonam goes from there after meeting Suman. Poonam tells Chachaji not to worry, and she will pray that he gets a son-in-law like a son. Poonam comes home.

She goes to get ready. Her dad says he has sent the luggage. Her mum thinks that she could not believe that their son Deepak is ready to take their responsibilities. They think that their son is very responsible, They feel happy. Her dad talks to every neighbour and leaves.

One of the two guys gives lift to Poonam’s dad. He asks whether they are doing to marry Poonam in America. He says no. He asks what type of guy is he searching, Her dad says he must be educated, have values, should respect others. The scene shows the hero’s entry in the serial. He comes and his bike collides and Poonam’s dad falls. Poonam’s dupattas flies and the hero watches Poonam. Music plays in the background. The dupatta comes on hero’s face.

Poonam also sees him. Poonam goes to him to take her dupatta. He gives her the dupatta and smiles.
She scolds him whether he has some sense or not. He stares at her. She asks Is he understanding her or not. Deepak’s call comes to her dad. He informs them that they left from home.

His bahu talks to him saying you all return home. He is shocked. She says you cannot come to America. Poonam’s dad is very much hurted as Deepak has cancelled their tickets. She says they needed money, so they had to cancel their tickets. Deepak says sorry to his dad and says he can’t keep them with him.
Poonam asks her dad what happened. He says we are not going to America. Poonam and her mum is also shocked.

Few bank officials come to Poonam’s house. Her dad asks them to talk outside the house, as Poonam does not know anything about this matter.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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