Dil Dosti Dance 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th April 2013 Written Update

A fresh day starts with the boys in the atrium.Swayam enters with hoodie on head and has band aid on his cheek.The boys were discussing how it has happened when Swayam moves and sits down.Sharon and Simmi come in and Sharon notices Swayam a bit dull sitting alone.Rey comes in and asks Swayam what has happened.He says its just when Rey tells its not about wound its about him.He looks bit dull.Swayam asks Rey about him going out.Rey tells he didnt want to go but Taani kept on calling him to do so and he had to go.He also says that he knows what has happened.Taani did lie for him but not for team and Rey says he must have been with the team then.He also adds Taani is stubborn and Swayam nods.Rey says that he also knows about the tiff between Taani and Sharon.Rey says it must be solved soon.Swayam replies saying this time it was too much.Rey says they must as they are a team.Swayam says Taani must understand it at first.Rey remains shocked.

Taani is in the home thinking how will she face the gang in college when Tauji comes after his morning exercise.He comes to the kitchen and sees Taani there.She is surprised and ask how is he hear this early.Tauji replies saying it feels good to spend time with kids.Taani asks him if he needs something.Tauji says he was to have tea made by daughter rather than Ramu kaka.Taani moves to make tea when Tauji remember how fast has she grown up.He says she was very small when her mom brought her hear and now big girl.He also says he promised her mom to take care of her.Both get emotional at this.Taani tells tauji that tomorrow is her first assignment.She is excited as well as tensed.Tensed more.Taani tells about NDC when tauji asks its about Dance and Swayam is participating in it.Taani says yes and she has to head the dance team.Tauji asks her when is the time and he will be present.Taani says no.He asks her why she says no one is allowed.Tauji says you need not worry about it I’ll manage that.

Taani comes to college and asks Rey to come and meet her in rehearsal hall.The gang dances on Katii Patang.Taani says something to Rey and Rey gets angry and leaves Taani cries.The gang is about to resume the rehearsals when Vicky goes in search of Rey.Sharon moves towards Swayam and asks her if he is still angry he nods in negative.She asks about Rey.Swayam says more than Rey he is angry at the situation.Vicky comes and says both Rey and Taani are not present in the rehearsal hall.Barath and Amar make fun of this.Swayam says Rey can never miss his rehearsals.

Sharon says anyways lets wrap up as college is about to begin.Nilesh asks the guys to move to locker room as he needs to show something.The boys tease him on what happened.He opens his locker and takes out liberty shoes.Amar says so its done Vicky will gift us all these shoes tomorrow.The boys have fun around in locker room.Taani is in the locker room thinking about what she spoke with Rey where Rey says Dance is my life and I cant leave it.She remembers other convo too.She feels if Rey dances then Tauji will see it and wont allow Her and Rey to be together.

Precap:Sharon asks Swayam if she read Rey’s message.Swayam says Rey is not participating in the atrium.Swayam and Sharon feel that its something big.Vicky says we all know its cause of Taani.The team is in the atrium when Taani reminds about eliminations tomorrow.Vicky asks didn’t you notice Rey not present hear.She says she will ask.Vicky tells her not to act innocent.Taani says they need not speak with her this way.Sharon says we will.Tauji informs Taani not get get shocked if she sees him as a judge.Swayam is about to move and speak to his dad as its all cause of him.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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