Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla being annoyed with everyone and not having food. Everyone try to make her eat food. Even Vandana and Prabhunath try to make her eat food. Mangla does not listen to them. Akash is worried thinking Mangla will speel out the truth infront of Poonam and is tensed. Mangla stops Vandana and says yes I m annoyed, but not with you. She says give me the food. Vandana smiles. Mangla eats the food. Akash says great she agreed, I m very happy today. Dadi says it shows how important they are for her. Poonam smiles. Mangla gets a call from Shashikant and he says I will be back after some days, I am going for work and will be out of city. She says come soon. He asks her to take care and ends the call.

Mangla tells this to everyone. Dadi says why were you annoyed and on whom, tell us. Mangla looks at Akash. Mama tells Dadi that Mama went to Lucknow to find out about Poonam’s parents. Poonam is shocked. Mangla says tell me, how cam I not be angry on him. She blames Mama for everything. She scolds Mama and acts infront of everyone. She says I don’t want to know anything about Poonam’s family, I respect them. She taunts Mama. She asks him what did you want to prove and slaps Mama. Everyone are shocked.

She says if you think of his again, think once about this slap. She says they are my relatives, I care about their respect, till they are here, they are part of our family. She acts and everyone blindly believes her words. Mama apologizes to Mangla. Kanno thinks she made him find out and now she is blaming her. She thinks Mangla is after the money. Kanno speaks to Poonam’s parents with respect. She calls them rich. Poonam thinks whats going on. Kanno says I like them. Mangla taunts her and says we don’t care if anyone is rich, we think about their behavior. Mangla says I m proud that Poonam’s parents are good human brings. Poonam smiles.

Mama is annoyed as Mangla slapped him. Mangla comes to talk to him when everyone are gone. She says did I slap you hard. Mama says yes, you slapped me like a real slap. She says sorry, I had to act well. Mama says its fine. Mangla sees Akash coming and again starts scolding Mama. Mama sees Akash and is quiet. Akash comes to Mangla and says I can’t tell you how much proud I m to be your son. He says you thought well about Poonam and her family. You did not tell the truth about them, else they would have been insulted. Mangla says I did what I felt right, I don’t care about their financial status. I only care about lies and cheats.

Akash hugs her. He says thanks a lot, I get inspired by you to do what I feel is right. She blesses him and says I trust you will not do anything wrong. He says I have some important work and I m going out, will be back soon. Mama says I m happy seeing this, as you have showed good acting, you should get an award for it. Mangla says its your turn now to start acting, be ready. Mama asks what. Mangla smiles.

Mama comes to Vandana and Prabhunath’s room at night while they are sleeping. He sees their briefcase and opens it smiling. He makes something fall and wakes them up so that they can see him. Vandana and Prabhunath see him taking something out of the briefcase and close their eyes. Mama takes the money and says its only Rs. 1400, they are so poor. Mama smiles and leaves. Vandana gets up and says what was this, he stole our money, why did you stop me. Prabhunath says try to understand, we are living in their house, it would have been an issue. Vandana says you are right. She says I saved that money but what will we do now. She says we don’t have a penny.

Mama gives the money to Mangla and they laugh on Vandana and Prabhunath. They say they did not have enough money with them. Mangla asks did they see you. Mama says yes. Mangla says you did a good work. She says its just the starting, see what happens next. Mama asks her what will you do. Mangla calls an ashram and talks to them. She says I want to donate some money, will you come tomorrow morning. She says come on time. She tells Mama to wake up early tomorrow morning as she has planned something.

The next morning, the ashram people come to collect money. Mangla calls them inside. Mangla introduces them to Vandana and Prabhunath. She calls everyone in the hall. Mangla says we have been donating since years. Everyone smile. Prabhunath says you are doing a good thing. Mangla calls Mama and Mangla gives them rs 2 lakh cheque. She says give our blessings to the kids. She says even Poonam’s parents are rich as their son is in America. She says Prabhunath was a bank employee and says we are lucky to get related to them. Poonam smiles.

Mangla signs the women to do as she said. The women ask Poonam’s parents for giving them donation as charity. Kanno says why not, they can easily give 2-4 lakh rs. Everyone are shocked. Prabhunath and Vandana gets tensed. Poonam looks at them.

Mangla asks Prabhunath to sit somewhere else on the dining table.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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